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  1. MutenRoscher より:


  2. Pinaki Chatterjee より:

    Yeah, Zap gonna get nerfed

  3. Queen x Blake より:

    Hey Jonkus. Falls du mal ein Tectass Team im Retro Cup versuchen willst: A. Geowaz mit Walzer, Steinkante,Stromstoß. Aranestro mit üblichem Moveset und Tectass mit Kaskade,Kreuzschere und Aero Ass. Finde das Team ist mal was zum probieren hab damit schon ein paar 5-0 Sets hingelegt.

  4. Kajetan Kwiatkowski より:

    on gb day i got rank 2 shiny primeape for great leaugue 😊

  5. Sus but replace sus With sus より:

    Should have used triple legacy😅

  6. michael pariseau より:

    Super excited to see some move updates and balance changes. Like i love spicy teams but the game will be so much better with some balance changes particularly in the fast move department . I hope most for claydoll and dunsparce. But a complete rebalance to shake the meta hard would be amazing.

  7. Michael Kellas より:

    Hi everyone… great content once again from our boy jonkus…
    I have one issue in the past days… after some wins in gbl the game takes out of the battle right when it ends and gives me an L despite winning..
    Has anyone else faced this?
    It happenned like 5 6 times and its fruatrating…

  8. Ethan YaBoy より:

    1:28 cool to see another pvp YouTuber

  9. Joshua Bates より:

    What’s a substitute for licky?

  10. Jessy T より:

    The last battle was nuts! GG

  11. Slowseason より:

    10:22 that’s me!!! Gg!

  12. Dennis Dunker より:

    I hit ace today w triple ghost on 1st day of retro cup. I built a couple other good things to run the next few days instead, hoping to reach veteran (expert?) Whichever is next for the first time. I’m not amazing at pvp just been learning slowly really hoping to be able to get that next rank up!

  13. Jesse James より:

    I completely forgot to evolve a mankey for a legacy cross chop primape lmao. I wanted to get one as well!

  14. Emmanuel Espino より:

    Does a lucky traded lickitung work?

  15. Dennis Dunker より:

    So sad I don’t have my lickitung ready yet 😭 probably won’t be ready til next season ughh lickys just don’t spawn in my area

  16. Dennis Dunker より:

    Haha I didn’t run into I don’t believe but I also ran triple ghost team!! I went 5-0 3-2 and 2-3 lmao

  17. Simone Cordazzo より:

    1:55 dude u are Jonkus, one of the best battler in the world for both team building and mechanics knowledge(and execution), of course battles where close 😶 great video as allways, been watching u for a while now 👍

  18. PokEcuador86 より:

    A very nice team

  19. l ICE C0LD l より:

    I’ve been running magcargo leads which take care of the walrein altaria and froslass users

  20. AJ Gross より:

    I noticed I ran into someone using a karate chop shiny primeape. I just checked and we did battle (although it looks like I didn’t make the video). Good game and the following set I hit veteran!

  21. Purple Kyogre より:

    GGs bro!!

  22. fitri jaafar より:

    wow battle against Zyonik

  23. DDDStroyer より:

    Spiciest monkey ever! Love this thank you Jonkus

  24. Phill L. より:

    Galvantula has been a Niche pick that really destroys a lot of the meta especailly with sheilds. Flyers, water types, fighting types, psychic types, all get destroyed. Ive been pairing it with oranguru and frosslass with crunch.

  25. Julian Adam より:

    Last battle was sick bro tffff

  26. Pheesh Eggs より:

    No sound?

  27. Cory より: