My BEST Teams with PRIMEAPE for Retro Cup in Pokémon GO Battle League!


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ポケモンGO Tips & Tricks


  1. Marco Subero より:

    Bro I love this series idea! Keep up the great work 👍

  2. matt r より:

    Doesn’t shadow marowak have to have frustration right now?

  3. MiD より:

    i dont like the visuals of the site….maybe use the mons and their sprites….video is all about visuals

  4. elbe00 より:

    Found a rank 2 Oranguru will definitely try the first team 😀

  5. Freddy Hutapea より:

    Ape together? Stronk!!!

  6. PokEcuador86 より:

    I love Primeape BUT it needs Ashs hat 😀

  7. Dr__Marmalade より:

    What do you think of legacy cross chop on primeape? Don’t really want to tm it away

  8. Giwrgos Deris より:

    What do you think about zangoose?

  9. Dillon Beverly より:


  10. Brett Jones より:

    Im running medicham shadow zapdos and probably haunter the 3rd slot is open to change

  11. Cory Reid より:

    Thanks for the content! Butterfree is my favorite, and I’d love to see it get a little play. How can you build a team around such a weak pokemon? Which league would it perform best in?

  12. Akshay Bhagwat より:

    I forgot to evolve a mankey to get the legacy move.. oops

  13. KaiXiang Kai より:

    would love to see lycanroc!

  14. Boartank より:

    I have been having a hard time building around Araquanid. I tried Araquanid Deoxys GFisk/Digersby/Walrein/Scrafty, the teams work but I don’t vibe with it. It lacks the special sauce

  15. Black joker より:

    Zyoink please cover shadow mewtwo. I have a very good pvp iv shadow mewtwo for pvp 2/15/15. So my request to you.

  16. 𝕤𝕒𝕚𝕪𝕒𝕟 𝕘𝕠𝕕 より:

    Shadow Snorlax
    Fast Move = Lick
    Charged attack = 1.Body slam
    2. Heavy slam

  17. Jesus Elizondo より:

    I’m more excited that Fossil Cup is almost over.

  18. Lion Letda より:


  19. Joe D より:

    Any thoughts on walrus lickatu and medi ?

  20. Srikanth より:

    Make a vedio on ultra league team with altered giratina please😅

  21. Jack Harwood より:

    Wait did I miss a Team Rocket event? When were we able to TM frustration off Awak?

  22. Champion Raj より:

    Nice teams 🔥🔥

  23. Hal Forsid より:

    I’m ready with triple poison meme theme

  24. Luís Fernandes より:

    I’m gonna try running some spice with purified Machoke with Karate Shop, Return and Cross Shop/ Dynamic Punch.

  25. ZyoniK より:

    What other Pokemon would you like me to cover in this team building video format?


    Thanks for the information bro and i was worried about the combo thx a lo bro

  27. Burning Blazer .09 より:

    I have a rank 1 Primape I didn’t think of using it but now I think It might be worth to power up and use

  28. Sam Jackson より:

    Try hitmonchan with ice punch and thunder punch it destroys

  29. darkAmv より:
  30. Donnelle Raeburn より:

    Nice team I saw this way before.

  31. GG _K より:


  32. Rap Garados III より: