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  1. plinplinplon butwhole より:

    Nick: hopefully it’ll start vining soon
    The plant 1 week later: *gets into tik tok instead*

    I’m sorry for the kids who didn’t get this joke. I just can’t resist telling it the moment Nick says “vining” lol

  2. James Threatt より:

    I really hope you didn’t actually drive with those boards in decapitation mode!!!

  3. Mr.E より:

    Nick looking more and more like a hippy each day. Lovin the trailer vids

  4. mark paxton より:

    One tip for Trainer Tips Gardening, dont hit your head on any nearby gardening equipment

  5. Anamistica A より:

    There is not much Pancham raids in my area, don’t know why.

  6. TehSymbiote より:

    Shiny dratini looks a lot less suggestive when it isnt pixilated

  7. worldsboss より:

    Did he just call that thing a weed whacker??? Is that a US thing? In the UK I’d call that a strimmer.

  8. Blake Berge より:

    Great video as always Nick. I look forward for your travel POGO vlogs to resume.

  9. Frosty Colors より:

    When u said it’s such a good shiny I was no it’s not but then u said until it gets to draginite and was like ahh yee.

  10. Mark J. Bianchini, Jr. より:

    Trailer is going to look awesome! Be not afraid of moving slowly, be afraid of standing still.

  11. lIl-FATBOY-IlI より:

    Lol I got 4 shiny maril and a hundo

  12. warmfuzzydeath より:

    hope you went to titos tacos

  13. Jeff Smith より:

    WRONG……NICK……. you can catch that new pink deer with yellow flower on its head, easily found in wild (WI here)….. I got my 32 in 2 days from insence and lures……….. have a great weekend…….. keep up great content!!!!!!!

  14. helton より:

    i love when I come home from work and there’s a new vid of you. thanks for keeping us update! huge hug from brazil ❤️

  15. Chase Carlson より:

    11:15 me still stuck at the stage 3 of the shiny ditto research😂 curse that darn trade requirement!😂

  16. Johnny Quid より:

    Shiny dratini is nice but you know what’s better? Shiny trubbish lol

  17. RealTimePogo より:

    I can’t evolve spritzee, incense didn’t work

  18. Rhea Hinshaw より:

    Mayve you could put a bug ion Niantic’s ear about the lack of shinies during spotlight hours. I caught 97 Dratini/Dragonair during spotlight hour and never saw even 1 shiny. This a huge disappointment for many players. Niantic relly needs to fix this issue. Thanks for listening to my rant.

  19. Raebees より:

    Rank 23 shiny for Dragonite in the ultra league or rank 30 for a great league Dragonair

  20. PKMN Trainer Diode より:

    Seeing that shiny Dratini really boiled me up. It has been in so many different events, it even had a Spotlight Hour yesterday. I have played every single event thus far, except for the Safari Zones and I haven’t gotten a shiny Dratini yet.

  21. Das Pukas より:

    came here for the pokemon’s stayed for the gardening

  22. meteosmaster より:

    traditional comment to denounce the youtube algorithm – marbozir gang

  23. Marco より:

    I Got a shiny Galarian Ponyta from an AR scan task 🙂

  24. Javier Mattos より:

    Will he ever hit 1million? Found in the next episode of… XD

  25. Benjamin Grieco より:

    Now it’s a Nick Wacker

  26. bel13veintheprom15e より:

    manged to get two shiny Galarian Ponytas from AR mapping tasks!

  27. Rafaela Ortega より:

    But for damn sure and of course the way your uncle works is better than yours, especially in something like this, your way is a waste of resources and time and can increase the cost of the final product by a lot

  28. Mirro Ma より:

    You should rename this channel into Trailer Tips

  29. Josias Bahena より:

    Weed wacker 1- nick 0

  30. A. Cow より:

    😭😭 I’m still searching for my shiny dratini…

  31. jlnfrl より:

    27 7/8 divided by 2?? just use metric!

  32. Jamkillerz より:

    I haven’t seen any Pancham or Ponyta raids since they announced Pancham was around

  33. tumekemuch より:

    Can’t waiting till your caravan is on the road chur those amazing adventure

  34. PhunThyme より:

    Yoo, I just thought about your gym battles and its music. I miss it.

  35. Arkham Knight より:

    Got my shiny ponyta and pancham but it’s soo annoying evolve him

  36. WinchesterMJ aka DK より:

    Finally the content we are here for <3 Trailer love <3

  37. La Flame より:

    That blurred out shiny dratini in the thumb nail looking like a…

  38. TheFunkytownGotcha より:

    shiny dratini has escaped me in every way. been playing since day 1 and still have never caught one. got 4 hundo’s and rank 1 shadow nite for gl and ul… but can’t get a shiny.. not even in the spotlight hour yesterday. ughhh.

  39. Jerry _ より:

    i got a 100% pancham on my first raid

  40. Icy WiND より:

    No lie nick when u said shiny a shiny ralts popped up 🤣🤣❤❤ thank u for the luck

  41. Dawid Zieliński より:

    This is fun! I started two things during the COVID pandemic and the associated limitations (not only, but mostly due to the afore-mentioned factors):
    1. Playing Pokemon Go.
    2. Woodworking, as an amateur hobby… although my “shop” is under 100 sq ft, including a gas heater mounted on a wall and a lot of post-renovation materials that I’m slowly trying to get rid of. Nothing as impressive as your shop, although again, looking at some pros, I know you’d prefer a nicer premise (I guess that never ends :P).

    And guess what – your channel has the best of both worlds. How lucky is that? 🙂

    And as far as luck may be concerned – good luck on your journeys of either kind!

  42. Hewadewage Vidula より:

    Wow I also got 3 shiny maril and 1 hundo maril 🤔🤔

  43. Jordan B より:

    “Nick buys pot”

  44. Stephen Adams より:

    Already have a good Iv one 14,14,14

  45. Michael D より:

    I have yet to get my first shiny dratini…rip

  46. Cheech P より:

    When TT stop being about pogo the same week i started playing again since 2016 😕. Its good to see nick all grown up. had some awesome memories of your early vids. I miss you man!

  47. Herman Potgieter より:

    Seeing the struggle with math because you still use the stupid measurement system and I realise there is no hope for America. Y’all are too stubborn

  48. Captain Britten より:

    I heard this is a non vlog sole Pokémon go channel. Looking forward to the boring and repetitive news source. Thank you for being this free advertiser for Niantic.

  49. Christina V より:

    Fun content. Love your laid back vibe. It’s a lot more relaxing than the other Pokémon vids. Your uncle seems so sweet.

  50. yanagiko6 より:

    Love the trailer updates

  51. Briana Follett より:

    For the Marill Limited Research my first two Marill checks ended up being shiny. I only evolved one of them. I kept the other as a Marill.

  52. Nikki McCann より:

    Love getting to see bits of your life outside of the game in your vids! Have a great day everyone

  53. Wesley Santos より:

    I think mystic 7 beat you in level 50

  54. ashish chauhan より:

    is goomy rare or something, they are flooded here

  55. SilentMonk13 より:

    I got 5 shiny marill and 2 hundos from the research and I definitely thought something was boosted more than usual.

  56. TheTrueMorse64 より:

    3:29 I literally didn’t get a shiny dratini until the Kanto event this year… and then I got a second one during this event!

  57. JJ's Youtube より:

    At least the dark type Rocket Grunt is really common. But I will just wait until the Luminous Legends Event. I would forget to switch my buddy into Pancham before those battles anyway most times.

  58. Rohan より:

    Just got a shiny G. Ponyta

  59. Jonathan Ventura より:

    I still don’t have a shiny dratini

  60. BrickSpin Productions より:

    Yo mystic7 just hit 50 it’s lit

  61. Jeff Smalarz より:

    I am starting to wonder if this is a pokemon channel or a trailer channel

  62. XxRed wolfXx より:

    When he said “Are you okay?” That was jus the best ❤️🤣🖐️

  63. Garf412 より:

    Caravan is looking better and better. I was super lucky, got a hundo pachamp on my first 🙂 now I need candy… got a Hundo marill has well from the research, and two shinies. also a 90% Goomy.. best luck Ive had ever in PoGo! 🙂

  64. Iron Fan より:

    Hit head on WEEDwacker, weed… pot.. Nick is a pothead. 🤔🙄

  65. fabian より:

    ive caught over 500 dratini’s, and no shiny yet

  66. DanOttawa POGO より:

    I really hate all these evolve ‘features’ for these pokemon.

  67. Bo Zhang より:


  68. DreamTCG より:

    dayum that shiny dratini tho!! personally like the shiny dnite haha

  69. Dan Vernor より:

    Hit that like 👍 button if you want a FFWD “montage-style” trailer build video at the end, when it is all done…it is fascinating to me because I have personally always wished I was more talented with building things, fixing things, etc.

  70. Jacqueline Fabrizio より:

    Love your work!

  71. Gym Leader Matt より:

    The hardest Pokémon to evolve if you catch it and rush the evolution for a video rather than waiting less than a week for the dark type event.

  72. William より:

    if you had to break on the highway that plywood would become a deadly huge projectile

  73. Cedric Gant より:

    I got 3 shiny Dratini’s during Spotlight hour. 2nd & 3rd were almost back2back.

  74. Adam G より:

    That’s crazy I caught 6 shinys and my wife didn’t get one shiny but she did get a hundo so 40k stardust later she unlocked it for her pokedex

  75. Hiccup_ 1711 より:

    Got like 7 goomy’s, all 0 star IV’s 😐

  76. Edward Sanchez Productions より:

    Nick you are the best

  77. Edward Sanchez Productions より:

    good luck on the trailer

  78. KiritoBloodfist より:

    I’ve caught about 20 goomy, I actually got a hundo and an 88% one!

  79. saurav sunny より:

    I hatched 18 7 km egg but not a single gible. I hate this

  80. Jake Berry より:

    I have no relevant information or fun fact to add to this video today, so I’m just commenting to help the algorithm 🙃

  81. Matt L より:

    Culver City! Welcome to my hood Nick!

  82. gizanked より:

    Your propagation stream is what finally convinced me to propagate my pothos. I should send some update pics on Twitter.

  83. Santeri Vidal より:

    The pocket calculator 😀 use centimetres already!

  84. marcos jimenez より:

    Dreamstate all about Trance 🙏

  85. Jim Hamilton より:

    never been this early

  86. Michael Hendrickson より:

    Glad you have been uploading more videos lately. I really enjoy your content and i don’t have time to catch your stream. Thank you

  87. ツchrisツ より:

    Im 10th i know no one cares but so far i got 5 shinys this week

  88. Brennan Beyer より:

    Hi Nick! Hope you are doing well!

  89. Cedric Gant より:

    Just got a 96% Pancham! 🐼

  90. carson garnett より:

    Half a stack of dark types…

  91. Rudar Gajjar より:


  92. Amy Cooper より:

    Whenever Nick says “pinap berry” all I can think of is “come here little squirrel” 😂 liking the trailer clips 🙂

  93. Simon Hylander より:

    Why is it hard?

  94. xxDark919xx より:


  95. Kiwo 12 より:

    Love ur vidsssss

  96. Dashing star Light より:

    Nyaa cool

  97. Jatin Punjabi より:

    Got 💯 iv pancham on 1st try 💕

  98. Phantom yt より:

    U are the best

  99. MR MONK より:


  100. Joshua Morales より:

    Big fan

  101. Andrew Atwood より:

    Always here as soon as they drop!

  102. Santiago Castle より:


  103. Kevin Lydon より:


  104. Markus Antonio Pacquing-Dimayuga より: