Triple Debuff Team in Retro Cup GO Battle League for Pokemon GO // Dewgong, Goodra & Galvantula


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【チャンネル名 Poké AK】

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  1. Umarani JTO TP より:

    I have sent you my friend code in twitter

  2. FORMAL 91 より:

    Please express your opinion on the GBL algorithm

  3. Kino より:

    I tried using a triple legacy Dewgong…Aqua Tail is not worth it usually 😂

  4. yabg douglas より:

    Hey Poke! I battled against you running this line (I led Dusclops) – GGs:))

  5. Mario Medel より:

    My team went 10-0 in the retro. Even against charm users.

  6. Jonny Collazo より:

    good idea dude.. i swapped goodra for drifblim tho cuz i don’t have that thing. but i feel really annoying with all the de buffs and panic swaps. oh well…

  7. Tamzid Ahmed より:

    Found a very spicy team. Just finished 5-0 4-1 4-1 4-1 4-1 with the team

  8. Compus Gan より:

    nice ending BGM!!!!!


    Let’s get it!!!

  10. Carry より:

    Use galvantula,politoad,talonflame

  11. HITESH Bawankule より:

    Altaria, medicham and swampert is the spicy team. By this team I got my win strick 13-2 in 3 sets

  12. Shawn John より:

    Triple debuff? So dirty haha

  13. Japan Grief より:

    What did he mean when he had that 100iv dewgong and he said it pasnt good iv?

  14. Mar より:

    For a second I thought this was in the ultra league

  15. BullakeMan より:

    Great video AK, love seeing Goodra, I’m currently using Dragonair, alolan marowak, and shadow Snorlax

  16. Wheeler より:

    You should use bibarel in the retro cup. It’s a really fun spice pick that beats a surprising amount of Pokémon in the meta.

  17. Kyle Dillard より:

    Draco Meteor is such a nice nuke of a charge move.

  18. Celestino Osorio より:

    Tried this a jellicent, galvantula, and shadow articuno

  19. mestirio one より:

    easy team to use : altaria lead, muchlax safe and froslass closer.

  20. PERVEZ AHMED より:


  21. The Watcher より:

    Glad I made it to the video

  22. Tsar Hyrantine より:

    7 views 20 comments, lets go, never been this early

  23. jacob 0626 より:

    Hey poke! Try using dragalge, snorlax, and hypno, it’s🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. John Rico より:

    I ran a similar team. Went 17-8 today.

  25. lozixy より:


  26. Benjamin Houchens より:

    Welcome back trainers let’s go 💪

  27. The Chicken That Left ChickfilA より:


  28. Hi how are you より:

    What is the retro cup

  29. Aswin Dilu より:

    Retro cup is going fantastic for me

  30. K Sricharan より:

    welcome back trainersss!!!

  31. PokeJu より:


  32. Blaze kick gamin' より:

    Just your previous vid and this!? Nice man!

  33. Win It Training より:


  34. Skid より:


  35. Lewyyypoohh より:

    What do u think if this team I’m using frosslass zangoose altaria might change altaria tho