Level 50 Machop Chops Everything in Go Battle Great League in Pokemon GO


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  1. ivie belle より:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again; Brandon can you pleeease make a Pokédex Tour video??💕

    also where did you get your ball blast from?

  2. Youngwoo Cho より:

    10:30 he should have sac swapped his trevenant

  3. Master Sashimi より:

    Brandontan91: “Pours hours and hours into level 50 Hundo Machop*

    Niantic: “Good job lol, also-” *Puts him against a triple fairy team*

  4. Youngwoo Cho より:

    But machamp has karate chop too…


    Hi Brandon, I hope you’re having a lovely day!
    I just want to know what you do when you aren’t talking, thinking about or playing Pgo?
    Is there any time in your life that you are not doing something Pokémon?

  6. PPim Draw より:

    Get ticked brandon pls(verified)
    Awesome reactions btw

  7. JustJohn85 より:

    Triple charmer. I’m not mad I’m just disappointed.

  8. Hierarch Artanis より:

    The double charm killed me there, poor little machop 😄

  9. ernest z より:

    its 4yrs today when i started, tnx 4 videos, you allways inspired me!!! 🙂

  10. 2137xd より:


  11. Jordan Utub より:

    Looking perky today Brandon I like seeing you enthusiastic and enjoying the game bro! It’s half of the reason I play the game!

  12. Bhavin kharade Art's より:

    One time while playing go battle my trevenent with two shields and and opponent having umbreon with zero shield left but I still won using seed boms

  13. M P より:

    If you didn’t explain to us why the items were coming in, we might think you were replaced by a doppelganger. 🤣🤣

  14. Arthur Gettler より:

    10:41 Dang Brandon gets 3-0’d the opponent didn’t even have a single Pokémon fainted.

  15. Dallas214 より:

    Bruh, that last battle was brutal! Triple Charmer… Idc what you say, this game KNOWS what your team comp is and pairs you up to lose. Change my mind!

  16. kaneki より:

    Day 2 of asking Brandon to trade a max legendary

  17. Christophalypse より:

    Why no purified machop? 🤣 Didn’t want to commit an utter abomination?

  18. BishonoRaziel より:

    You should have used a purified one for the coverage but i guess you plan on evolving it later


    love your PVP videos keep making more

  20. Harsh Verma より:

    Use pokemon with fastest charged moves

  21. patrickyooo より:

    0:35 what item is that?

  22. Big Chungus より:

    Hey Brandon, what is the thing on your pokeball plus?

  23. Noah Bradly より:

    Your videos make my day, I love your enthusiasm and watching another Pokémon lover ❤️

  24. Skanda Samarth.M より:

    I would love to battle against the last opponent with my triple poison team😅😅

  25. Kruiden Mix より:

    Got a hundo machop recently, should I build a max machop or should I get it to level 40 for master premier cup?

  26. Josiah Lindsey より:

    Can you please make a video on how to get stardust and candy for legendary pokemon!

  27. Pro_ Jam より:

    Me: Wow i have 1500 cp machoke it will be good machamp

  28. starscream7755 より:

    I got a hundo Machop yesterday!

  29. Jotse OFICJALNIE より:

    Brandon stop act like 10 years old

  30. Constantinos Dinos より:

    Love Brandon… but he can be cringe at times 😂

  31. Erick Hebert より:

    Only Brandon would power up a machop 😂

  32. Suraj Vibhute より:

    It was a funny video plz make video on sinnoh cup.

  33. alecdgreat より:

    triple charm cornball user

  34. PRO GAMERS より:

    Hello bradon

  35. Aegirwoo より:

    Brandontan91 pay attention 15:21

  36. Aegirwoo より:

    Wow Machop is my favorite but where’s Machamp?

  37. Aegirwoo より:

    Are you ok brandontan91? Hit yourself 7:08

  38. JonkusPKMN より:

    First using Double Normal with Chansey and Blissey and now chopping your way with machop… I see… someone clearly tried to influence the meta

  39. The Evolution より:

    Last battle 🤣

  40. monkey magic より:

    You got algorithmed son.

  41. Saptarshi Banerjee より:

    Triple Charm team – A9, Shadow Gardevoir, Shadow Granbull. Bro, you should have top left. Rage quit

  42. Raghav Gupta より:

    Last Match in this video Brandon tan Be Like :-
    I defeat the Alolan-Ninetales So machop can Chop the way out of the last match
    Opponent Be :- After i see a Lvl 50 Machop in yesterday’s Brandon tan Let Run A Triple Fairy team to hard counter him
    Brandon Tan :- ………… Why ? Triple Fairy team

  43. Edwards’s Estrada より:

    Thank you Mr.Chop tan

  44. Jacky Cheoh より:

    Brandon show us his Go plus every single video to avoid someone thought he was hacking

  45. Kevin Daniel より:

    this is a fun video to bad my phone is broken so I can’t play pokemon go rn

  46. Daan Houben より:

    Hey Brandon, it would be very interesting if you make a video showing and talking about all your statistics and medals in pokemon go!

  47. kathir kumaran s より:

    I hit ace today first time thank you for your great content

  48. David Koh より:


  49. citric gaming より:

    don’t say h7nddo ronddo

  50. TBEandmore_ YT より:


  51. TM AllBest より:


  52. Cruel Tank より:

    Just a question why in every video you keep receiving items?

  53. Varad より:

    Lets chop them fry them and eat them😁😂

  54. VenesChin Hui Fun より:

    Congratulations Brandon
    Your Machop is cool and don’t forget you made a video about your stardust.
    Last time I see your see your stardust is
    70,000,000 And good luck

  55. amv's daily より:

    machop chop machoke choke machamp cham

  56. Bey addicts より:


  57. Gaming x より:

    Bro no one can defeat you

  58. The Egg Incident より:

    I don’t have enough XLs for my shadow as well as other oney but i can’t wait to use my purified machop with that return!

  59. Pritam Mystic04 より:

    Very good PvP battle nice Brandon!!

  60. Qdung Cao より:

    I love brandon 91

  61. deadlysnipez578 twitch より:

    Level50 machop??? Odd

  62. M.R.K__GAMING より:

    First comment

  63. Leafeon より:

    Chop it up!