Best iSpoofer Settings 2019 – Pokemon Go – Spoofing


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  1. rezzifn より:

    My joystick keeps moving around Idk how to fix it

  2. Bigtuss 26 より:

    Thanks u deserve a sub

  3. Oscar _YT より:

    Is it safe to have on any iPhone like does it have virus

  4. Thepajyo より:

    I brought the activated version but it hasn’t come up in my email how do I get it?!

  5. Adamator24 より:

    Thanks, but i have a question. The excelent throw option is too op isnt that getting detected by any AI?

  6. Felipe Benedetto より:

    even in Raids this always excellent throw gonna work? Just count the points or also make easier to catch because its excellent? Thanks

  7. Lil indian より:

    How can make the game stop crashing?

  8. Antonis Mpiros より:

    Hi bro.. how can we get unlimited coins??

  9. K s より:


  10. smokin too much より:

    I disagree about your thoughts on the Fast Catch. That is actually one of my favorite features on the pro version. I have never gotten a softban using fast catch. Its no different than using a Gotcha or any third party device like legits use.

  11. Spiri2 より:

    You don’t need to reinstall the spoofer when it says unable to verify. Follow these instructions and you’ll save yourself a headache every time:

    1) Turn on airplane mode
    2) clear safari history (make sure WiFi is off before doing this)
    3) OPEN Pokémon Go
    4) The moment Pokémon go starts loading up you can TURN OFF airplane mode.

    Pokémon go should work

    I also suggest Exporting your custom settings to your notes app if you do have to reinstall ispoofer.

  12. Darian White より:

    Mine isn’t working 🙁 all links are down I think

  13. Kevin より:

    Do you ever have to reinstall ispoofer?

  14. get ripped or die mirin より:

    virus proof?

  15. Nicholas Mun より:

    does this work on ios 13?

  16. Don Pablo より:

    Why can you add a pokemon and I cant on my full version

  17. MrSahlulwa より:

    Why does mine look different ???

  18. Mitch Rogers より: