An Important Lesson: Don’t Let This Happen To You | Mobile Legends


【視聴数 134321】

【チャンネル名 Betosky】

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  1. The ONE より:

    Legends days that all great players has low battery lol

  2. Muslim Alhamdulillah より:

    U r best man )

  3. BODEE より:


  4. Yume Play より:

    7:00 That sayounara was perfect!

  5. Dead storm( MLBB) より:

    Hello beautiful people out there please support me as I’m doing free give away of diamonds every weeks to 5 winner after 1k subscribers.. so common guys help me n help yourself

  6. carpovici felicia より:

    Can u play brody again i really need tips

  7. Alien Creative より:

    a Karina game??????????? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  8. The Eye より:

    “there are too many heroes i want to play next, what should i do” ? simply pick velentina and u can play 6 heroes in a match

  9. Roslan Bin S Omar より:

    Use edith in your next video

  10. Dapat Berlie より:

    Play Beatrix

  11. Giorno Giovanna より:

    what a golden experience

  12. Ratu Pats Lauban より:

    kudos to that bane! 😎

  13. KAIWIDNSJ より:

    I miss ur natalia gameplay:(

  14. Manousos より:

    Beto play Tigreal

  15. Chika R より:

    Request Beto to play Minotaur!
    Merry Christmas!

  16. Jason Christopher より:

    Beto can you play Freya? Im a Freya main but i literally lost most of my skills because i spammed Chou lol

  17. Jibril Altaf より:

    Day 1 : request to play kimmy

  18. GAMER GUY より:

    Betosky’s video ( voiceover ) . Gives me ASMR feeling 😌 so, satisfying

  19. Rogie Bacuranay より:

    Pls use edith/phylax shes a new hero 🙂

  20. Diamond King より:


  21. kevin ali より:

    Day 82 for requesting Betosky to play Gatotkaca

  22. Harpuneet 6122 6 A より:

    This happened to me today and we won the match

  23. brayson abagat より:

    Did i hear s+_-k m+ d, “k

  24. Rekt NoLimit より:

    the moment that enemy team forgot to clear the mid wave minions LOL and forgot that bane have arrival spell simple logic. always pay attention in your base no more tower to defend with only the big one

  25. univxrse より:

    hey betosky fun fact: use karinas 1st skill for faster farm!

  26. Pa Hruaia より:

    Betosky karina never going down.. he has about 4 eyes in the map 👍👍

  27. Skills Gaming より:

    Show your kill in start of game

  28. clarabearr より:

    Trash Natalia

  29. Watchdog Wizzy より:

    As a karina main, when he showed his teammate karina gameplay going in first, my eyes started bleeding 😅

  30. ماهر より:

    مشترك جديد 😉❤️

  31. David Tlau より:

    And oh..,karina is like good on supportive team fight

  32. David Tlau より:

    I hate when my team had no common sense at all like this,can’t let jungler jungle peacefully😡😁

  33. Chris Jiji より:

    Requesting betosky to play with lylia

  34. h2gkmo より:

    Can you play Gusion Soul Revelation and Lunox Dawn Relevation?

  35. Sanspai より:

    Good video as always Beto. Also I was wondering if you could make an updated Build/Gameplay for Belerick since I want to main him but the last one you did was 9 months ago🤔

  36. ʜɪᴛᴍᴀɴ ʙᴀɴɢ's ʙᴀɴɢs より: 1 of asking betosky to use kimmy..

  37. joshua morales より:

    Many heroes you want to play? Maybe place a poll here with some options and we help you pick🙋‍♂️💯

  38. Arwend Lynn Gracia より:


  39. Viqi より:

    Beto, stop palying, Charge your phone

  40. SWEET & SOUR より:

    I just played karina today :)))

  41. ✿|ʟσυ уɪツ より:

    Beto, please charge your phone lol

  42. Loki the Cat Gaming より:

    I’m inspired to play Assasin’s now

  43. ✿|ʟσυ уɪツ より:

    6:16 beto play selena 😉

  44. ✿|ʟσυ уɪツ より:

    Day 1 of asking beto to play Selena♡

  45. ✿|ʟσυ уɪツ より:

    Day 2 of asking beto to play lou yi♡

  46. Quin Alexxis Perez より:


  47. Jamesonawsome _ より:


  48. Jamesonawsome _ より:

    Play lace plz

  49. Muhamad Syafiq より:

    17:21 we can see odette are to blame for the enemy team as she was clearing the middle lane but then going to join kill esme (probably) and not clearing the bot lane.

  50. Aerial Ace より:

    Legend 1 5star then lose then win again and again
    I really respect you for solo ranking bro

  51. Gussssion ML より:

    Play alucard starwars skin please 🥺

  52. InternalDark01 より:

    day 4 of asking betosky to play martis

  53. Choulox より:

    Chou pls

  54. 7B64 Jadhav Rudraj より:

    plzz lesley she is gonna be buffed plzzz lesley

  55. MrGrapHiDz より:

    Plis play Badang next masta 😬

  56. dark より:

    I don’t understand why Karina isn’t higher up on the must use or must pick, she has insane burst damage and her passive just helps her do even more damage. All I can think of is that Athena Shield counters her, but with Divine Glaive she should still be able to do good damage.

  57. victor smith より:

    I always get on teams where everyone focuses on getting kills only and it sucks

  58. 0̷ ᴘ ʀ ɪ ᴍ ᴏ ɢ ᴇ ᴍ ꜱ より:

    these are the teammates that I want instead of those that just 1v5 and feeds all the time without taking objectives.

  59. ONLY TRUE より:

    Betosky acting like pro nub betosky

  60. Crowned Jester より:

    Just checked Mobile legends now has 1.4 rating in playstore, from 4.5 three days ago to 3.6 then to 2.8 and now to 1.4 lol

  61. geicolphie より:

    bro. I will tank for you all day <3

  62. Merry Christmas より:

    Play guin literally I managed to pull a 1v3 by her and got a savage and 1 maniac and i literally dominated in rank

  63. Latif Atip より:

    bane can backdoor if someone bait the enemy into fight.. even if kamikaze…

  64. Aditya Tamang より:


  65. Memaxzy より:

    Pls play fanny

  66. Yellowish より:

    Requesting BEstoky play Ling

  67. Emily Blue より:

    The problem with 17:30 actually isn’t because they didn’t see him, but rather each of them thought that their teammates should’ve recalled and cleared the lane while they secure the kill. Odette was definitely at fault for not clearing the minions

  68. Nathaniel Manlapaz より:

    Hey Betosky is Yu Zhong still good at carrying the team?

  69. Eduard Justine Molina より:

    Terizla gameplay again my dear betosky!!! Feature his new skin too

  70. Zackie より:

    Day 1 play gatot

  71. Angelo Joshric Madet より:

    Day 82 of asking Beto to play atlas 🐙

  72. Mark Dave Pabunan より:

    Use gusion now beto he has new skin

  73. Hydro Smoket より:

    Day 1 : of asking betosky to play jungled ceilion

  74. Eloisa Galad より:

    His battery is low again. Geez

  75. joshua vela より:

    Play martis next you are not using him anymore

  76. Madoka より:

    Tbh can’t stand karina’s voice in japanese. Her voice in english is just mesmerizing.

  77. CurveyGrass༎ຶ‿༎ຶ より:

    Day 13: asking Beto to play Selena for her new skin

  78. Alex Saldivar より:

    Use alpha

  79. Laphoi official より:


  80. Chapin Mlbb より:

    Day 92: Request betosky to use Gusion

  81. Henryquevhls より:

    Play Guinevere 🤨

  82. KRATOZ より:

    plzz beto play gusion :):):):)🤷‍♂️

  83. Buyn Nemekh より:

    did u ever used badang boi before?

  84. Andi より:

    “Do not let this happen to you” he was talking about his low battery percentage when playing a game

  85. Tyler Edwards より:

    Is it possible for u to play Silvanna?

  86. Rupom Gaming より:

    Play bane it kinda makes the game more intresting . Playing tigreal is very normal and obvious.

  87. Syahmi Aizat より:

    play fanny my idol😍

  88. Wood swordOP より:

    Normal People when they getting owned in late game:Ah we lose
    Meanwhile betotsky
    *Now the game is a lot more interesting~*

  89. 123abc より:

    Betosky : There are so many heroes I wanna play next. What should I do?

    Me: I wanna play you. I mean, I wanna play with you 😈

  90. Kiarash Ghajar より:

    Play selena..she’s somehow fun and she can escape easy 2

  91. Mr Nibiru より:

    Lmao Thid bane indeed

  92. Martins Gavrilovs より:

    Day one of asking berosky to play selena

  93. sleepy mate より:

    Day 18 of asking beto to play gusion soul revelation

  94. Yudi Das より:

    Next hero req is for dyrotth 🤧🤧

  95. Fernando J. Cruz より:

    “there are too many heroes i want to play next, what should i do?”
    play fanny *cough cough*

  96. Pratiksha より:

    Love how Esmeralda was distracting the whole enemy team so beto could end the game

  97. S Temjen Jamir より:

    Hey Betosky can you play jungler Kimmy?

  98. Syukri Aiman より:

    beto pls try using other heroes as well like the non meta ones

  99. Play4Savage より:

    Betosky: this one is the most painfun way to lose a game
    Other player: that one is the most funny way to win the game :))

  100. Kingkazma より:

    Pls play thamuz, u never do a video for him and i need it!

  101. Dee Jay より:

    I missed playing Karina man. Just played my last game this season a while ago (yeah probably my last). The enemy pick Hanabi and claude as the core. I immediately locked Karina😆

  102. Sh0cky より:

    play bane he has high hopes

  103. Charley Oldenburger より:

    Day 1 of suggesting him to play harith

  104. gub gub より:

    Let’s start now. Day 1 of asking for roger

  105. tina uwu より:

    Betosky please play as Lolita 😭

  106. Farhain Rosli より:

    Beto battery always make me uneasy 😂

  107. Sakun Tharuka より:

    I always use Clock of Destiny. Even for Gusion 😅

  108. Isran Ahmed より:

    a very few numbers of players plays badang now bruh,can you pease make a video on this hero?

  109. Chou より:

    *In Kungfu, Speed Defines The Winner.*

  110. rahul kazama より:

    Banetosky soon

  111. Gantulga Shihihutag より:

    Beto id?

  112. NO MERCY より:

    hey beto, i saw your emblem for karina and i was wondering if its ok if i just go for magic power instead of movement speed. Just a quick question since im planning of becoming a karina main

  113. Warren Mark より:

    Look how big your device is you have a great view

  114. Royal matador より:

    Pls play lancelot betosky

  115. Nanas より:

    Yes beto play tigreal next

  116. MeepMorp より:

    Next Vid is gonna be Selena, right? Since you already did Karina, it has to be the other twin next

  117. byun han より:

    Thank for gameplay Karina, & i’m already subscribe

  118. Ray Maxmillian より:

    play kimmy

  119. Christian Eberlei より:

    Beto Challange Silvana Jungle with 3 attack items 2 def 😃👍 be a pain in there a… 😉

  120. Yhprum's Law より:

    I don’t know what hero to play too, but I am just bad af and don’t know how to positioning. Could you make some videos how to find your hero or how to learn good positioning and when to invade?

  121. kamasutra Manlegro より:

    This is the reason I dont play Karina that much, coz Karina’s Damage is so good that secures kill most of the time, in the meantime it makes teammates feel the victory is in the bag and go careless and throw the game hard. :/

  122. 1o1 z より:

    Bruh play aldous bruh aldous is one of the fighter in game

  123. Gangster CJ より:

    That arrival spell by bane is op

  124. Wan Haziq より:

    Beto can i get a skin?

  125. Suryabhanu Jit より:

  126. raveen rahj より:

    Bro play play using kadita in next video👍👍
    Pls bro

  127. Nero より:

    I use clock of destiny and genius wand for karina

  128. Johannes Ojenal より:

    I love how esmeralda can still sustain much despite having low hp and still manage to buy time for your team

  129. wathan htat より:

    Finally someone played karina with mage build… Respect bruh

  130. Autumn's WRLD より:

    I’m still waiting for a fanny gameplay

  131. Nino♥ より:

    I am amazed not only his skill but also his tablet’s battery as well.what a pretty red color.

  132. Super Battle Droid より:

    Day 23 of asking Betosky to play thamuz.

  133. OwO より:

    Dedicated Lane Pushers: never quit trying because this game isn’t about the kills it is about destroying the base

  134. Commander Slayers より:

    Honestly I hate players that don’t fully commit and that’s one of the pains dealing in solo. These types of people deserves a special place in hell

  135. Kent Ruata より:

    Please play ling please please please please please please please please please please please please please please 🥺 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  136. Ууганбаяр Б'🐺 より:

    day 1: Requesting Betosky to play Fanny

  137. Karim El Khatib より:

    If there are to many heroes that u want to play then just grab a wheel put all of the heroes that u want to use next in it and spin da wheel and what comes out you’ll play

  138. agustinus cahyo より:

    Ios no work

  139. Destroya9745 - Games より:

    I give up trying to make betosky play masha

  140. Ohi Stephen より:

    Am I the only one who saw bane’s damage against Lolita??

  141. 21 VII H Vedant Sethia より:

    To be honest, he didn’t playy well…..
    1) he wasted a lot of time in roaming and didn’t jungle at the starting.
    2) he wasted a lot of time killing Lolita but not kimmy
    3) in bot lane when all were super varied he shoulda have killed the approaching core
    4) he didn’t manage to take any turtles….

  142. ジングル〜 より:

    He probably almost ran out of battery when he won the match,
    *What a Legend.*

  143. 21 VII H Vedant Sethia より:

    Tigreal is making godly setups. I’m inspired
    Bane got a kill even tho it was 2v1. I’m inspired

    Kimmy be like:

  144. Team Tiger より:

    YOOOO at 4:38 he admits his mistakes!
    NOOOOOOOO what happend to the character develpment? at 12:53 🙁

  145. Muan thatsing vaiphei より:

    U should have get vision on bane how he end unfortunate it is what it is lol

  146. Xeu1nox より:

    Bro i used Turnip before. That shit is laggy asf

  147. Kdz Killaz より:

    “This godly mage can carry the game gold lane” new vid title idea

  148. 做好准备'Kelsius より:

    Day 139: Asking Betosky to play Fanny

  149. BlueberryPi より:

    “Doing the same f-ing thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity”
    – Einstein or what ever

  150. L より:

    17:21 lmao odette is blind

  151. Aldi Hidayat より:

    I missed Betosky old Bgm…

  152. controlrom phe より:

    betosky: so many heroes i want to play next, what should i do
    how bout play a hero you dont want to play.. like…… fanny

  153. That Guy より:

    Having quite a few flashbacks here, I see…

  154. nami より:

    To be honest, I can’t complain about teammates that tried to secure objectives, i’m happy and glad to have teammates that constantly push instead of constantly fight but feeding

  155. Beru より:

    Days 35 of begging betosky to play minsitthar

  156. 3rocket77 より:

    Oh the battle of tanks 🔥….

  157. Dislike button より:

    If the new skin of fanny release sure he will use fanny

  158. avi tabashi より:

    I not play mlbb anymore but i still watch your videos keep up the good work and cant wait to see more videos

  159. Red Agasa より:

    I thought beto had a dead battery situation and return to mlbb to find out they lost.

  160. Alvin James Sardeniola より:

    Day 78 of asking: Play MIYA next

  161. Jawkhlan より:

    Beto stop the double subtitles

  162. Iwan Syahrul より:

    Betosky do u mind make a video for Masha cuz u never make one for her :]

  163. ok Ok より:

    What is with MLBB YouTubers having no battery charge yo dang phones!!

  164. Faiz Asyraf より:

    That bane must be the master of Sun using arrival

  165. Axelator より:

    Play alucard

  166. da pii より:

    I always let this happened

  167. LAZ💤 より:

    Betosky!!! Play Selena !!! I dare you 😂

  168. Walking Animepedia より:

    Play Obi Wan Alucard

  169. Peachy_san より:

    use odet pls

  170. Naito より:

    Betosky ling plz

  171. 寒刺 EOD より:

    Betosky is gonna to play alucard next video since alucard star wars skin is out

  172. HAN AUNG より:

    Ask beto for play lylia (day 32)

  173. Zai Aquino より:

    Is shadow twin blades are useless item for any magic assasins?

  174. Lonely より:

    Beto can u use saber as sidelaner?

  175. Bacon master より:

    that bane want some of the turret’s nuts

  176. Kurt Cedrick より:

    I rarely have junglers like Betosky,I always get junglers that are :AFK,Lagging, and Doesnt know how to play as the jungler

  177. Ïźræł Corbadura より:

    How about the new hero phylax/Edith

  178. Fatema Folath より:

    You should make Christmas skin videos like you did in Valentine 🙃👍

  179. RRH00d より:

    Use fanny next time, it will be absolutely interesting 🙂

  180. Mahabur より:

    *Day 65 of asking Betosky sensei for his autograph 🙂*

  181. Dolphin Gaming 🐬 より:

    Faramis or thamuz ?

  182. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧Your neighbourhood Θτคku より:

    His battery 😀😀😀😀

  183. Flow Tho より:

    Pen boots on a hero that deals true dmg is an oof tho. Don’t watch Beto for itemization

  184. Stitch 👽 より:

    Day 82 of asking Betosky to play Lylia

  185. KIR A より:

    When Betosky is showing mini map , I only see the battery THE BATTERY!!! I thought it would shut down bc I’ve never used till the red .

  186. Gin JustGin より:

    Karina’s abs are not just for show

  187. より:

    That skin looks soooooo cooooolllll mann I want it badly

  188. より:

    Turnip lookin kinda sus

  189. Bruno より:

    Day 2 of sking Betosky to play Belerick.

  190. Kyoraizen より:

    Hopefully Betosky will play Kimmy next 😁

  191. Ihab Jsp より:

    Play masha !

  192. KoLoKosTa より:

    Bane : never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna feed around and lose the game

  193. Im_Uriziel より:

    Day 1 Asking betosky to play Guinevere

  194. Ramil Gamponia より:

    Wny does beto keep matching with Filipino’s?

  195. John Chawngthu より:

    Rather than Bane, im more worried about ur battery🤣

  196. VZ LuckyCat より:

    day 64 of asking betosky to use harith

  197. Hlutea より:

    Hey i never see Betosky playing natan🤔

  198. Andel Jinson より:

    It surely is one of the painful method to lose, Betosky
    Zilong is more annoying if he does that lol….

  199. Hiiro Ozora より:

    Betosky: So many heroes I want to play next, what should I do?

    Valentina: Yes 😉

  200. lightttt より:

    Play sele

  201. Villasanta Cousins より:

    Beto should be thanking bane he was trying to save he’s god damn battery for dear life

  202. RAVI VISEN より:

    Play alu

  203. ToFFy より:

    hi can you play martis pls cause he recently got a buff

  204. subhas moirangthem より:

    Play moskov

  205. cutie yan より:

    “Never quit trying”

    My team : nah i am surrendering

  206. crusader of peace より:

    Which hero should you play next? Play Masha

  207. Yhun Senpai より:

    You can play me 🤭

  208. Julius Ceasar Benito より:

    Please play uranus

  209. Ebi Tha' Genius より:

    Ask your viewers who they think you should play next I say Natalia

  210. Thangpong Lam より:

    I think betosky is the best ML player 😉

  211. Benjezril Baja より:

    Can you play minsitar as a tank or support next , need some useful tip for my main hero

  212. Jahid Alam より:

    Play layla next

  213. GaME RaGE より:

    17:36 it indeed is 🥲
    sun, argus, zilong, bane, masha should rot in hell for doing this to their enemies every time

  214. Aisy Eday より:

    As a Bane main, I think he’s not using the correct Davey Jones build

  215. Black ricw より:

    Yup there was just one time o had to wait on the right with the mage late game as Mia. Waited for enemies back and forth until they over extended just enough for us to just all jump out with our ults for a wipe out 😂

  216. Ken Ray より:

    Hey betosky if you are struggling what hero to choose i suggest 2 in 1 🙂

  217. Potato Sauce より:

    Bane plays vergil theme : I am reclaimer of my name.

  218. Johnica より:

    “what is he doing?!”

    *_”He’s beginning to believe”_*

  219. husam ali より:

    play luo yi next

  220. Michael Ng より:

    If at first you don’t succeed, respawn.

  221. JezukeLeo. より:

    Alright I wanna stream use turnip then 🙂

  222. Thatoneboxerguy より:

    Played as tigreal a game before watching this and man I had the dumbest jungler.. Alu fighting sideline instead of target the jungle. I was providing vision setting il ambush and even with that there was so much I could do 😏 gave up on them.. only needed one win for legend… this video gave me hope that I can still turn it around.

  223. selena-chan より:

    please play selena ●.●

  224. Iqbal Hakim より:

    Betosky pls play gusion new lunox new skin😫…

  225. Fydore より:

    … waiting for Mr Beto to play Selena… Lady Vengeance :3

  226. Kide Gashnga より:

    Pls play miya or layla next beto

  227. ryan rodriguez より:

    Day2: request play grock tank or jungle

  228. Travis James S. Ramoso より:

    Beto I see that your battery is getting low

  229. LIU ZHEN HIBO より:

    Pls betosky play carmilla

  230. daniel より:

    Day 88: request betosky to play masha

  231. Monstar Undaloc より:

    Play heroes that you don’t wanna play we want to see you suffer

  232. Mr.TurooBoy より:


  233. Archibald Paragon より:

    Beto, do you mind sharing your background music playlist? I find them intriguing.

  234. Richelle Draws より:

    Me:*worrying that they will comeback us*
    Beto: 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨~

  235. Delos Reyes Francis Racky M. より:

    Hey beto what about playing fanny

  236. milk and cookies より:

    The fact that betosky mostly records on low battery is absolutely nutty

  237. LσWƙEყ より:

    @Beto 1Q why u neva show ur rank? If u see/saw this please reply I’m big supporter👍

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    Estes is UBE and UBE is estes.
    It gave birth to the notorious gameplay of blacklist which was called ULTIMATE BONDING EXPERIENCE where they group up to set up ganks and objectives. The heart of that gameplay is ESTES. The very main idea of that formation revovles around estes set of skills.e
    Estes is also a very good hero and deseving to have an M3 SKIN. It also time to have Supports a spotlight.

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