Only one way to win… | GO Battle League


【視聴数 518】

【チャンネル名 PogoKieng】

【タグ Pokemon Go,Go Battle League】


  1. BrijSheeeesh より:

    The reverse 2 shield flex tho 😎

  2. Raphaël D より:

    That Cloyster really pump-ed the team 🥳

  3. Angelo Legusa より:

    you played really well, i am like totally shit mood like the bugs and lags are off man, today in gbl my mew lost cmp with dendenne i mean whtt

  4. Ale Lagarda より:

    Awesome ice beam catch, takes guts to use glassy shadows- and win!

  5. Samuraj より:

    what a original non meta team from opponent side

  6. Wheeler より:

    Now that is a spicy team!