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  1. ObiBong Kenobi より:

    Always appreciate the time you put into these videos Ryan. You don’t pull your punches and the colored commentary is funny af

  2. quietpebble より:

    Feels nice to see Chansey with a frown, you’ve caused me too much pain you big egg

  3. Paul P より:

    I’m sorry Swagman, but NOTHING will EVER make me feel bad about anyone using chansey in PvP :]

  4. Kurosakidude より:

    Considering how small the market is for ppl who use elite tms and spend half a million stardust for one pvp pokemon they would actually make more money by doing a policy like ur mcdonalds example because ppl wouldn’t have to worry so much about the risk of wasting their investment in the future and would actually reroll more elite tms for more pokemon. Too bad niantic will never ever think about that cuz its benefitting the players too not just themselves.

  5. Andrew Wong より:

    I remember in one of the early seasons, I powered up a giratina O for ultra league – unlocked second move and played a few sets… literally the next day… Ominous wind nerf… at least they are more predictable to change things at the beginning of seasons now

  6. Andrew Wong より:

    At least those XL chanseys can defend some gyms?

  7. WhosJohnGill より:

    Also all my Chansey XL candy goes into a hundo Blissey because I keep saying they’ll one day give me something in gym defense to love again. BRB. Gotta go watch my level 48 hundo blissey lose to a level 22 player using recommended battle parties.

  8. WhosJohnGill より:

    I wonder how many people disliked this video that were also strongly disagreeing with you on Twitter about your ending with pinion and discussion. 🤔 Thanks YouTube I’ll never know now. 😂

    Either way I would love there to be a kick back for nerds but it’s sounds like an impossible task beyond just giving stuff to everyone because the next angry mob would say stop awarding spoofers and defit abusers if they were also recieving the kickbacks with legit players. I know that would upset me anyway 😆

  9. yugiohmbm より:

    I agree with you on the kickback for nerfs. Unfortunately, that won’t happen. If Niantic was naming specific Pokemon that get nerfed, then it would be easy and understandable for them to do that. But because the focus is on the moves, even if it is because of one Pokemon with said move, they don’t have to do anything about it. Since Pokemon have move pools, Niantic could make the argument that “you can still use the Pokemon, just choose a different move.” The other argument is that the rewards we get in gbl are meant to circumvent the potential nerfs that occur. Either way, there is no way Niantic will add a pity system.

  10. Jose Morales より:

    Liked Commented, subscribed

  11. Jeremy Velez より:

    if you are going to walk your Pokémon to level 50 you might as well buy one of those egg hatching phone shakers, throw a poffin on that thing while you go to sleep and hopefully wake up with a bunch of XL candy LOL

  12. Jeremy Velez より:


    now that you get guaranteed XL candy for trading just try to horde any Pokémon you need XL candy of and find someone to trade with! I honestly get so much XL candy from trading. Especially if it’s a legendary or some thing I would much rather be able to get one XL candy a day from trading one legendary than getting one XL candy every couple days from trying to walk it you know? that spotlight hour for sableye would’ve been perfect to grab a bunch to trade that’s probably 50 XL candy minimum just a thought!

  13. NeonDarkness より:

    This is sad…. people still pushing this trash game.🤣😂💩💩💩

  14. Andrew Miller より:

    Noctowl is soooo good

  15. Moor Wurmple より:

    pokemon go to the polls

  16. M より:

    Hey swag man can you showcase some of your MAJESTIC gameplay

  17. John Annand より:

    No completely legit player has an xl chancey. I just can’t see it.

  18. AlfiesMullet より:

    Octillery can get to gunk shot pretty quick now.. good for beating azu

  19. Andrew Diles より:

    Modern game design involves repeated “balance patches” which are often designed to change the meta and keep the experience feeling different.

    Niantic consistently displays a disregard for the massive time investments required for many mons to be competitive.

    As a result, I would advise all players to exercise caution when investing large amounts of dust (and obviously xl candy) into any mon that isn’t forecasted to be the best of in raids.

  20. Lavoid Gaskins より:

    I swear by pidgeot, GL n UL🤷🏾‍♂️

  21. llpk より:

    Nerfs that squander hard work is a great issue you bring up here. I agree with you on the issue , just as I did with the disgusting mega implementation. P.s. I hope you still haven’t mega evolved your Beedrill. Sadly I have, but it’s the 1 and only until something radical happens.

  22. Jakob SP より:

    F chansey. That’s all.
    OP? No. Annoying? Yes.

  23. Singing Physics より:

    Who is WormaDAM? I used to enjoy you talking about WormADam 😉

  24. Singing Physics より:

    I’ve always said they would announce nerfs one season in advance

  25. BigJake6foot5 より:

    The Mcchicken analogy is on point 👌

  26. Grün より:

    Make rock tomb 50 energy at least and at least it will have some use if something has it maybe even regular sandslash could be a meme I mean mud shot rock tomb (50) and earthquake (65) isn’t so bad maybe it could have some ultra league play everything takes a hit there and the debuff helps it out to tank stuff although it could be a mid between excadrill oomph with earthquake and semi speed with debuff to pretend to have stunfisk-G bulk while also semi countering them just a thought tho

  27. thegreatgambeeno より:

    Guaranteed XL’s from trading is the real winner

  28. DavidKyokushin より:

    I’ve been working on my XL Wobbuffet for the past year and if they nerfed him I would quit. I walked so many KMs with it. It would crush my soul if it was for nothing

  29. Data Sneb より:

    Last video I came to get mocked for my rank 1 Noctowl. This video for my XL Chansey.

  30. ToonMasterJ より:

    Here are my 10c on the working hard just to see it going to waste topic… The system that we are using right now is broken in 2 parts 1. youtubers showing off, inspiring viewers to get, am powerup those mons ( am making money about it). 2. spoofers surpasses the number of good honest players; also PvP is what is threating right now, until Niantic decides to Stop the Raid Bosses Recycle that they have going on; am just bringing new mons once in a blue event for just a week! i dont see a solution.
    P.S.: that reduction on chansey was just targeting the spoofers all otters are just collateral damage! My Opinion!!

  31. Wibble Bibble より: Octillery has Gunk shot.

  32. COLDSIDE34 より:

    Lol i ha e a 0-15-15 magcargo

  33. Ericcssonn より:

    I built the XL Politoed.. It was Rank 2, so pretty much maximum XL.. Luckily, it was a shadow, so the Weatherball nerf didn’t hit me super hard, but shadow also requires more XL and dust for powering up. Guess I’m dealing the damage the non shadow dealt roundabout now.. I still love it, but shadow Surf has come to mind recently instead of Weatherball.
    Nerfed shadow weatherball is still enough to really screw up Talonflame, Typhlosion and Charizard though. I did not go for Earthquake, which is alright. I wanted Blizzard for Giratina and Venusaur. Had I spent that Elite Charge TM I’d be pretty mad.
    Politoed isn’t Chansey though.. Getting the XL for that is way tougher without wildcatches and GBL rewards. I’d be really salty, if I had wrapped up an XL Chansey.. Sweet gym defender is all that’s left to those players now..

  34. Quicksy より:

    And there I was, walking my Chansey for XL. Good to know I can stop 🙂

  35. DuckSquidBat より:

    Eh, chancey is still the best gym defender once evolved so you can miss me with that compensation

  36. Esteban Pineda Sanchez より:

    Ronald McDonald, if you are watching this, please consider seriously sponsor our Swagman

  37. DuckSquidBat より:

    Chancey getting nerfed when g-Fisk top meta in every league and is far more annoying…

    Someone really likes g-Fisk in niantic

  38. angry scorpion gamer より:

    When it comes to fire types in remix cup Ninetales beats magargo because it can counter water types in the zero shield with solar beam like polywrath or polietod

  39. Tijmen90C より:

    There is definitely a problem of wasted effort when Pokémon that need the less available things like legacy moves and XL candy get nerfed, but IMHO it does mostly sound like just one more strand of problems that came out of the introduction of the XL system. It’s been ruining the game for me from the moment it’s been introduced. XL candy demand way too much effort.

  40. Abisheik G より:

    Most of the pokemon which got move pool updates are Johto pokemon who’s shinies are unreleased in game 😅 probably their way to make the shinies valuable for the Johto event.

  41. MrBahki より:

    Don’t feel bad yet…. save it for Chansey community day.

    But yeah, refunds on Pokémon would be nice especially with the XL changes last year.

  42. Naomi SeaDragon より:

    Me who spent their elite fast TM from last season on gust pidgeot: well shoot.

  43. Zombiebrainstew より:


  44. SwagTips より:

    What spice has been pulling you ahead in Season 10?