When you forget to Power Up your Pokemon… | GO BATTLE LEAGUE


【視聴数 2702】

【チャンネル名 PogoKieng】

【タグ Pokemon Go,Go Battle League】


  1. Michael Howell より:

    I loved this moment in the video. So glad I seen it before this short

  2. AwolFire Storm より:

    Every time I see this I die because I know what’s coming

  3. Bmaxt より:

    it actually was a good sac lol

  4. Sylvaria Tzaka より:

    “I sacked it” COPIUM

  5. Leo Yoon より:

    All part of the plan

  6. Chad Mabe より:

    But did you atleast win that game

  7. Aaron Shorts より:

    Yeah to be fair, powering up the shark would’ve yielded a similar result 😅

  8. BROKZROME より:


  9. Speedy より:


  10. Jason Pool より:

    Probably would have killed a powered up Sharpedo too haha

  11. POGO CLIPS より:


  12. Diego Andres Ibarra Lopez より:

    Nice sac no one saw that coming jajaja