The BEST Lanturn Remix Cup Team! Great League in Pokémon GO Battle League!


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【チャンネル名 ZyoniK】

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  1. Nimorius より:

    what are you doing against ice and electric?
    first game against alolan raichu lead… wasnt able to do anything.

  2. Hai Tran より:

    So funny to see zyonik holding in his frustration from notifications 😂

  3. Partho Ghosh より:

    Lantern and a.ninelates are the two best investment for me..they win me numerous unwinnable games

  4. yung goon より:

    damn i need a pelipper

  5. PassyPass より:

    God I am so bad at Go battle league. Trying to remember all the counters and counts. Lol

  6. Shaheen Hossain より:

    Frenzy plant really needs a debuff. It does 30% even to a normal flying type 😣

  7. Fab Pa より:

    Very weak to trevenant and stunfisk :/

  8. Dyereah より:

    I just rocked this team in GBL with alolan graveler(VS RB TB) hypno (CON TB FP) and articuno (IS IW HUR).

  9. iLuckie より:

    I really like lanturn and blastoise but they both have the same issue. If they got aqua tail, or lanturn got discharge, they would both be even greater

  10. Karlo Blažek より:

    Btw, Electrode is super good for this meta

  11. Albert Ji より:

    Hey Zyonik,

    Thanks very much for the showcase!! Really appreciate your time here on the shoutcast, it was super entertaining to hear and watch (big fan of the channel and the battle catz podcast). And apologies for all of the notifications at the beginning!!

    Glad you enjoyed the battles and hope everyone else does too!



  12. Shashwat Majge より:

    I’m waiting for druddigon event….it’s moveset looks promising so yeah it might be a good dragon 👀

  13. Abhirup Chandra より:

    This whole team is weak to stunfisk😅😅😅

  14. Sangita Ch より:

    Sparky dolphin is back! 🐬🐬

  15. 잼민이 より:

    I already use this team and abb always right

  16. Rimsha Khatun より:


  17. BAJ 2018 より:

    You definitely enjoy showcasing Lanturn☺️

  18. Black joker より:

    Bro have you reached rank 20 in Gbl.

  19. 1001DrAyush より:

    Hi zyonik, Love from India 🇮🇳.

  20. Black joker より:

    This team is very strong but the back line is very weak to electric types. So I am a little concerned about it.

  21. Ultimate x gaming より:

    1 st ❤️ after watching this video I comment pine please 😭

  22. GOVIND SINGH より:


  23. Judge Morris より:

    I wish shiny lanturn was green. I’d really like a Green Lantern on my team.

  24. Bitasta Bera より:

    Notifications 🤣🤣🤣

  25. 💜Jungkookie💜 より:

    3rd bro😄
    You are amazing👍

  26. Punk Pillow より:

    Bruh fairy types??

  27. queno Dorst より:

    2e love this youtuber

  28. Jandhyala Krishna Sandilya より:

    Love u. 1st