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  1. konsti_papa より:

    Spiral Tower event: my guess is that we get black/white kyurem – would go well with the 3 legendaries and the new form change mechanic

  2. Mum I'm Sick より:

    I’m sitting in my car at the local park! Only 1 hour and 45mins until the new raids appear!!!!!!!!!!!! 🥳

  3. Blizzard The Lone Wolf より:

    trust me on this, this is not clickbait, arceus is coming in the season of heritage, why do i say this you may ask? well its because on the mysterious door professer willow found on the blog post you can make out dialga and palkia on the sides in the rock, dialga and palkia are part of the origion trio made by arceus. so im being logical and saying arceus will be releasing in this season

  4. Jonah Koo より:

    No way. No cap i actually predicted these exact raids

  5. Hingle McCringleberry より:

    I wonder how soon will we know Ditto’s disguises for December because I still can’t find one smh lol

  6. Tim McCullough より:

    I don’t think the outro is family friendly 😂

  7. nicholas Bàte06 より:

    People in the southern hemisphere: ahhh yes, so many lovely ice types spawning in summer

  8. Atiksh Balaji より:

    I truly was waiting for this video

  9. DancingDragons より:

    After months of baroness, Pokemon Go is bringing some heat!!!
    Kinda wish the shinies for Zekrom and Reshiram were just the base colors swapped..

  10. sieglien ellis より:

    Rayquaza or ho-oh would be an amazing suprise

  11. milan-hoi より:

    Hell yeah, swinub day. Been waiting for that!

  12. Nomore Wanted より:

    i’m farming all my passes on reshiram, zekrom and kyrem, that was my fav gen, and maybe like a couple steelix raids since i dont have any good onixs to evolvee

  13. White Midas より:

    Already an improvement to what November was

  14. arbor より:

    What Pokémon is Giovanni gonna get in December?

  15. Agnimitra Sutradhar より:

    Dragonspiral tower is for Reshiram & Zekrom in main games

  16. Liam Camenzuli より:

    POV u don’t have pokedaxi u be like 🤨???

  17. Bené Naidoo より:

    You had me on Deino

  18. Donny Words より:

    Finally some decent raids

  19. randomeman3 より:

    Hopefully with this upcoming event we get druddigon

  20. Malik Taylor より:

    Finally no more cressalia

  21. Sean Acree より:

    I’m so hyped for the Johto Tour Event and it’s a two-day event which is awesome!

  22. Aishwary Awasthi より:

    Man your PoGo videos are latest.

  23. Parzival より:

    thats cool. need more ice to complete the badges

  24. Seb Vials より:

    Reshiram and zekrom will my mosy raided pokemom

  25. iLuckie より:

    Dragon descent sounds like rayquaza signature move from main series game

  26. Ve より:


  27. LizWiz より:

    Dragonspiral Tower, I think you can find Druddigon there.

  28. Literally Reshiram より:

    oh my god im hyped af, i love reshiram…. ill definitely play all december!

  29. Joseph Hill より:

    Hope we get alola in the new year

  30. ATV🌀 より:

    I was so eagerly waiting for details to be announced. Love you Daxi ❤️👍 for providing Info as fast as possible ❤️

  31. The Alex Reyes より:

    So stoked to be a returning player

  32. Gabriel Rice より:


  33. BG Gamer BMGO より:

    Is it from 10 am or just from 10 – 11 am ??

  34. Leeroy Xavier より:

    The Dragonspiral Descent event will probably drop Druddigon, you uncultured swin

  35. PokeDrake より:

    December is gonna be lit in Pokémon Go 🔥🔥🔥

  36. Kerros Plays より:

    Has anyone actually listened to the outro song’s lyrics lmao

  37. No, No And No より:

    December looking really really good! Legendaries are good, events are looking exciting and for the first time in many months we’re finally getting something good in the research breakthrough! Will make sure to play as much as possible.

  38. Joni 24 より:

    I was expecting something like another Drive Genesect with no shiny Chance. But they gave us really the Tao Trio with Shiny release.
    I guess getting the 50 gym coins everyday will be my first priority till the 16th December.

  39. The Alex Reyes より:

    Wow we early

  40. Davidoo05 _ より:

    Hopefully we can fuse kyurem in this season

  41. Roblox gamer tv より:

    I’m so HYPED for this as soon as I heard the name ‘rayquaza might have something to do with this’ my eyes popped out my sockets. Cant wait for raids and cday! Love the tips!

  42. Ashley より:

    I’m the most hype for the Snover and Chubchoo spotlight hours 😂

  43. Paul Holmes より:

    Got a shiny Sableye from the recent spotlight hour… thought of you immediately! Great content as always 👏

  44. Lime Green より:

    Dragonspiral tower is where you get zekrom or reshiram I believe. I’m sure it will just have pokemon that spawn in that tower.

  45. No One より:


  46. Man Garciga より:

    yooo swinub community day

  47. Amit より:

    Is he Berry Allen?
    Cuz he is the fastest man alive. Video dropped as soon as blog dropped. 🤣

  48. NinjaMaster3702 より:

    Nice Shiny Reshiram, Shiny Zekrom and Kyruem coming back 😁😁^_^

  49. 3lias blue より:

    Season of heratige will be great

  50. Michael Chalkitis より:

    Everyone is getting hyped for the legendaries, i am getting hyped for all the cute pokemon such as deino and cubchoo

  51. SS90 より:

    Is the shiny rate boosted on raid hours?

  52. Anton Friberg より:

    So hyped for Shiny Unova legendary dragons!

  53. Niranjan -P より:

    I have exams so I cant even Play The Com Day BRO!!! What a Luck

  54. Rishit Anilkumar より:

    The best dragon types!!

  55. mega vaayurai より:

    Thanks bro

  56. DX より:


  57. Liam Camenzuli より:

    Thanks pokedaxi

  58. Alberto Saraiva より:


  59. Thomas H より:

    School sucks

  60. Swati Pinge より:


  61. Shekinah より:


  62. Kittiebear 77 より:

    Excited about this season.

  63. Jay Animationz より:


  64. Ghost Wolf より:

    😱 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙌
    These raids are LIT

  65. BlahThe_Noob より:


  66. Rissk Snipes より:

    Bro October and December for Pokemon GO have to be the best months for updates.

  67. LPS sloth より:


  68. Cool Doge より:

    I am super hyped for december, how about you guys?

  69. Subhasis Biswas より:

    Waiting for your video. Thanks for the video

  70. Beert Wijs より:


  71. coochie pig より:

    Yo add me

  72. Go-Jesse より:

    Let’s go been waiting for this vid🔥🔥

  73. Ben T より:

    Good lord I get a notification from pokemon go and daxi is posting a minute later. Your my favorite YouTube channel, love your no bs content

  74. SneakzLol より:


  75. Mayhem より:

    Whats the best counters for zekrom and reshiram ?

  76. TreFKennedy より:

    Shiny Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyruem along with 600 XL candy for all 3 of em 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🎉🎉🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🎉🙏🏽

  77. Jul Graaf より:

    First good vid already

  78. Javier Murillo より:


  79. ViX͜͡eN gaming より:

    Can i get a ❤️

  80. MattDoesStuff より:


  81. Flyingphantom903 より:


  82. Coded Pupy より:


  83. Liam Camenzuli より:

    Yes finally

  84. Lewis cool kid TV より:

    Hi Pokédaxi I’m first

  85. ShinyGallade より:


  86. Anderson429 より:


  87. Fabian Sustaita より:


  88. CD_thXnD3r より:


  89. SavageXX より:


  90. Jeremythenotsofunnyperson より:


  91. Simon Sawyer より:


  92. Jul Graaf より:

    First good vid

  93. POKS-SELF より:


  94. Nathan Tedros より: