Full Pikachu Family Team in Go Battle League in Pokemon GO


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  1. puszczalskyy より:

    6:33 made my day haha

  2. jason kenney より:

    Kinda dumb that I get the same rewards as Brandon and I barely hit level 20.

  3. Pranil Dudhkawale より:

    6:45 you scared me Brandon Lol😭😂😂😂

  4. Thomas E より:

    Dont even have Pachirisu. Hope it comes to the northern region.

  5. AP3X VI5I0N より:

    6:45 LMAOOOO

  6. Pranil Dudhkawale より:

    I think it’s Dey-Dey-ney

  7. AstroPC 96 より:

    brooo, this was so awesome!🔥

  8. ACIDBYT より:

    9:35 how tf did swampert get to hydro cannon in3 mudshots

  9. ACIDBYT より:

    7:30 omg gosh my brain is cursed

  10. White Midas より:

    Brandon losing his mind over the Emolga is what I needed to start my day. Thank you sir

  11. stedelerine より:

    never underestimate the power of the Pikachu family 😀

  12. Anirban Bera より:

    6:43 it was at that moment

  13. keron yu より:

    can you use a full of eevee family pls!

  14. TheGamingCat より:

    Also just a friendly tip: I think dedenne is pronounced “duh-den-A”

  15. Dedhia Sidhanth より:

    Pika pika

  16. Sebastian より:

    I wish you live stream 🥺 would be so much fun

  17. TheGamingCat より:

    This channel is under rated

  18. 2SlowBroo より:

    Why don’t u use it in the remix?

  19. Rachele Weng より:

    I look forward to watching brandon’s videos everday they’re amazingg

  20. Kachi Kikou より:


  21. Hwee Teng Lee より:

    De De Neh

  22. JCL より:

    Maybe if you had powered up a libre pika, rock star pika some wins might be yours brandon

  23. Saad Khan より:

    Amazing 🤩😀

  24. Rafat Hassan より:

    15:10 it’s thunder 😐 😂😂

  25. Anmol Sandhu より:

    stardust earned that shows in go battle league records how do someone get that?

  26. 097 ganesh narayanan D より:

    explain about season of heritage
    and upcoming raids and event

  27. Purna Sardar より:

    Help poke stop create

  28. Lisa Ilysm😵‍💫 より:

    1:25 almost all the gyms were yellow lol

  29. Uchiha BEAN より:

    6:49 Rip headphones 🥲

  30. Mayank Sharma より:

    Finally something unique gbl battles loved it bro😍😍

  31. Hambir Baghel より:

    6:45 that laugh was hilarious. And Scary man
    Literally unexpected

  32. JonkusPKMN より:

    WTFis this even ahha nice creative idea especially in the early GBL days 😀 You should start working on that Pachirisu XL it is actually very good maxed out

  33. Martin ONeal より:

    So…Pikachu does have value!

  34. Bhavesh Mehta より:

    Spoofers have 50 shundo Pikachu with different hats

  35. Venom 0902 より:

    6:45 😂😂😂

  36. Varad より:

    Pikachu op😏 with family

  37. Killer 7R7 より:

    Op video

  38. The Savior Blader より:


  39. Zaidan Faraby より:

    Brandon is great

  40. common fan より:

    Hey there Brandon how are you

  41. ChromHunter より:


  42. Aishik gamerz より:

    Brandon Brandon bradon full Brandon family

  43. Frederick Hmingthansanga Frederick より:

    Ooo never gets old

  44. Ike_910 より:

    Love your vids

  45. John Chatzi より:


  46. Uchiha BEAN より:

    First 🥇

  47. Nadim khan より:


  48. Zuko Gamer より:

    First yayyyy

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