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  1. Sandeep Geddam より:

    How to counter nidoqueen it is so frustrating opponent keeps on spamming poison fang whatever team I take

  2. NoNameDude より:

    Jonkus what do you think of Trevanent, Azu n Registeel?

  3. Ro Tem より:

    What can the second team do if you lose lead, switch and they bring a shadow Machamp on you

  4. Joseph Mangano より:

    Open Great League—meh. I’ll be playing GL Remix exclusively, I imagine. The cups/leagues with “restricted” metas are a lot more interesting to me.

    As far as the video goes, though, solid feature on some of the top teams therein. I don’t imagine Donphan, Magcargo and Noctowl will have too much play even with the move changes/buffs, but that we’re even talking about them is a fun development.

  5. En20dra YT より:

    i faced a bastsiodon, medicham and ariados team it destroyed my skarmony vigoroth and scrafty team

  6. Ethan Olvera より:

    Could the seventh team work with trevenant and obstagoon instead of sableye and scrafty?

  7. Lenoif111 より:

    I love triple counter, and when players goes altaria into vigorth and I every time win a switch

  8. Justin Daniels より:

    The dedenne team was amazing. I went 19-1 with it. No one shielded on dedenne because it was an uncommon mon and when they did, diggersby destroyed everything else. Trevnant actually did the least amount of work except for one game

  9. C- esco より:

    PvPoke says Azumarill and Noctowl are a verry good Core but i dont know the 3rd Pokémon to try with it…?

  10. Kevin Sheu より:

    Anyone have the showcase of 5 ,6, 7?

  11. Connor Black より:

    ngl, dedenne sucks. i ran a double counter team, and beat dedenne with my scrafty going straight power up punch, and two sheilding.

  12. Montmito より:

    One could definitely pull a Magcargo double Grass

  13. Shadow ℍ𝕪𝕡𝕟𝕠 Gaming より:

    Big big fan of u 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  14. PikaGamerz121 より:

    Hello bro wassup reply me 😀😀

  15. Kjinu 651 より:

    i always missing one pokemon per team 😂

  16. Ivan Nikolov より:

    Do you think your legend team from season 7 medi/lickitung/bastiodon is still that good?

  17. Mr.RanDIOm より:

    hey jonkus will this team be good jellicent, g stunfisk and registeel?

  18. Prick Astley より:

    Only play cups lol

  19. Samita Dey より:

    Best moveset of macargo with incinerate?

  20. OPSouvik007 より:

    Literally first view comment like ❤️