Polygon# VS PGSharp | Best Spoofing App 2021 | Which is better? Comparison


【視聴数 358】

【チャンネル名 VICIOU5】

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  1. Flick より:

    after 3 weeks of trying i relized my trash phone couldnt root

  2. junglemutt より:

    Took some time to learn the ins and outs but pgsharp is a literal game changer and money saver love it.

  3. Remo Brother より:

    Im not able to download the new polygon…I used to play pgsharp and polygon enhancer combined…but now when the new version came..im not able to download…any help??

  4. agus agus より:


  5. GooseBlox より:

    Im using pgsharp for like insane legendary events

  6. GooseBlox より:

    Im just gonna use it to raid all 4 coming legendaries and delete it

  7. Gabe p より:

    New android spoofer here. Has either polygon or pg sharp been hit with warnings or ban waves that you know of?

  8. Gabe p より: