【視聴数 2175】

【チャンネル名 JonkusPKMN】

【タグ PvP,Jonkus,JonkusPKMN,GBL,GO Battle League,Premier Cup,Rank 1,Global Rank 1,Master League,Ultra League,Pokèmon,Pokemon,GO,Pokemon Go,Pokémon GO,Great League,Season 9,Season 9 GBL,Legend,Rank 24,How to get Legend,Remix Cup,Ultra League Remix Cup,classic cup,premier classic,premier classic cup,ultra League Premier Classic,Master League Premier Classic,Dedenne,Dedenne Great League,Trevenant,Diggersby,hyper beam】


  1. ShiftyWolf117 より:

    I’m around the same elo and I’ve run into dedenne a few times. I was very surprised. I didn’t see it at all yesterday and today I run into it most games.

  2. The BitBot より:

    Dedenne is a cute small monster lol

  3. Rattanjit Singhjaj より:

    You must have diggerby with earthquake

  4. 진진 より:

    I achieved a legend tier and used this deck.
    I’m deliberately lowering my score to prevent others from achieving the legend rating.
    The effect was incredible!
    The opponent is embarrassed and dies without using a shield.

  5. poquer より:

    I allways liked a lot the normal type move slash, in the main series, it could be nice to have on pogo.
    Idk a surf clone ? 40 energy 65 damage, and since slash has a high crit ratio, in pogo it could have 12,5% chance to boost atk by 1 stage ? Just ideas…

  6. MrBlaze より:

    I climed 300 elo with trevenant,dedenne,stunfisk

  7. Jason Robinson より:

    The team worked out well cause you’re a 3500 ELO tier player playing in the 2600s lol

  8. SOUMADIP より:

    Actually virizion also uses quick attack

  9. AJ Suhas より:

    Yo where are Gfisks?? Suddenly out of equation

  10. Manisha Das より:

    Is dragon breath better than fire spin on charizard ?

  11. sraavan k より:

    GBL season 10 is very bad because some people does not play master League and master classic due to the excessive investment of Stardust so I think they should have any other alternate Cup going on in there is the three x stardust . Isnt it rite

  12. DarkGaming625 より: