I Used The Top 3 Best Ranked Pokemon in Go Battle League in Pokemon GO


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  1. IAmCristian より:

    Always love Brandon doing pvp videos

  2. RyKaiYin より:

    That was huge.

  3. Cheater 0p , より:

    Add me on Pokémon go 4335 8627 0378

  4. Yaboymello より:

    Brandon: thats what she said
    Yt: we can confirm that Brandon tan 19 is not a family friendly content creator

  5. King Leo より:

    Hey how do I get my talon flame to 2500 cp? Mine caps at like 2180

  6. Pradeep Sarola より:

    Definitely u stole this talonflame from Ash when he fought moltres

  7. Shanth Hastir より:

    Video recap
    Great League: Clutch and Thats what she said joke
    Ultra league: Talonflame goes solo mode
    Master league: Brandon refuses to use shields properly

  8. Ferry Tangon より:

    8:14, BOOOOOMMM!!., you don’t say it!?

  9. Yashoneel Vairagi より:

    When decidueye (evolved form of rowlet, the grass type alolan starter) comes to the game, and get its community day move as spirit shackle (its signature move), trevenant will be a budget user, cause decidueye is also a ghost/grass pokemon and spirit shackle is a powerful move (according to the series)

  10. Michael E より:

    5:04 I CANT LOL

  11. siddu vendra より:

    Iam a big fan for you and your talemflam is so 😎🆒

  12. Sidharth 0075 より:

    That” that’s what she said ”
    Came out of nowhere 😂✨

  13. Charizard より:

    Umbreon is the king

  14. Mcthekai より:

    ‘’ That was huge that’s what she said” pg 13 Brandon activated

  15. SethEverman より:

    *_that was huge…. that’s what she said_*
    i’m dead

  16. Dragkillerz22 より:

    The camera is so bright✨

  17. Allan Mark より:

    Omg, I never expected BrandonTan to drop a ‘thats what she said’ joke lol

  18. ncode03 より:

    Brandon, do you know where/how do pvpoke rank the Pokémon? By stat? Or Winrate % in GBL?

  19. PokeWorld より:

    I think you should make go battle shorts🤔

  20. Lugia Lover より:

    Lugia the guardian of the sea is my favorite

  21. Thomas E より:

    Talonflame – the god of the birds. Absolutely a tank

  22. Asseyez-vous より:

    When I do play GBL, I use a melmetal in all 3 leagues: I have 2 100% and a 98% that I use. I tend to find that rock slide will do a lot of damage to metagross (if not take it out altogether). I do prefer to play ultra league though. I never seem to do very well in great league and lose a lot despite having Melmetal in my team.

  23. ARZ- TOXIC より:


  24. Casual Coops より:

    Omg that talonflame 😂😂🔥🔥💪🏻💪🏻

  25. A Donut Boi より:

    Didn’t know the team I’ve been using for great league was actually one of the best, that’s cool

  26. NIKTILE より:

    teponflame is really insane😶

  27. dobbly より:

    5:00 🤨 📸

  28. Wavelet Hertz より:

    Woah..Talonflame sniped all 3 of opponents pokemons…it so cool..Brave Bird 💥💥Boom

  29. Daddy KidnapAutisticKids より:

    He didn’t say boom when he one shot the other talonflame😔

  30. Mohd Abdullah より:

    Please give your trainer code

  31. JonkusPKMN より:

    Haha I like that idea 😀 next time the 3 lowest rated Pokémon Kappa

  32. DV Gaming より:

    That was huge , that was huge.. that’s what she said – BT91 LOL

  33. Ax Paynes より:

    Spoofers have more than 500 rank 1 shinies

  34. FighterEver より:

    That’s a play for someone who doesn’t know about PvP. When you create a team you need synergie, bulk, anc coverage. You can have a great team with good synergy that counters META (and the pokemon doesn’t have to in the top 10)

  35. Charan Reddy より:

    “Guuuuuuyssssss” is my favourite part

  36. PokéKy より:

    “That was huge. That was huge That’s what she said. That was huge.” – BrandonTan91


  37. Kage より:

    Brandon basically has all the top 500 pokemons

  38. Midhun-OV より:

    Talonflame on fire my favorite pokemon in ultra league

  39. Joe Bruza より:

    How’re you today Brandon?

  40. Cliff Chiong より:

    Is it very hard to get a hundo Meltan/Melmetal?

  41. Rafat Hassan より:

    Thats what she said… Lmao 😭😭😭

  42. Varad より:

    Let’s see if I can get pinned? BTW op

  43. Aryan Shahapure より:

    Brandon can u make a video on “how to transfer pokemon go data from one mobile to other”. And u will be having a problem that I am having android phone.

  44. Snorlax is a beast より:

    Nice video

  45. GAMER ALONE ☆♡ より:

    Hey brother 😁

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    Good video 👍🏻😊

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