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  1. Fe4rSn1peR より:


  2. Shaheen Hossain より:

    I have a 1 13 15 shadow myself which I recently powered up for the glacial cup in silph. With bulk and a spammy moveset I guess it has a lot of play overall

  3. Jieyao Wong より:

    The sealeo is so spamy that i hate it. Going go get a double spam cheese sandwich now.

  4. Jorge Hernandez より:

    I’ve been using Sealeo for 2 seasons now, so good!

  5. Eric Sirignano より:

    I just made my shadow sealeo when great league came back too very fun to use

  6. Jonny Mauser より:

    sometimes it would be more clean if you go for waterpuls instead of double bodyslam when shields are down and they have a ground type like nido

  7. Xenogenesis 963 より:

    Running Mandibuzz, Jellicent and Skuntank (yes, non-shadow) in GL right now and Dewgong is one of the things I really don’t want to see. Guess I have another nemesis now. Thanks HomeSlice, really appreciate the heads up.


    This has to be one of the most legendary video in the community

  9. Trevor Abson より:

    That powder snow damage is ridiculous, I love it

  10. Nahuelucho26 より:

    I LOVE sealeo, such a great and underrated pkm

  11. espitiag84 より:

    I have a 100% Spheal just waiting for Community Day

  12. LordAnasterian より:

    I have a rank 35 I’ve been holding on to. May battle with him soon then. ^_^

  13. Penn Whipple より:

    Today I got a rank 1 doduo. Should I use it in the great league?

  14. Poke Go Tips より:

    whyyy?its a bad investment

  15. Jesus Elizondo より:

    I just need to know what first jam you got in the background.

  16. SynysterEskimo より:

    Double seal beating double steel, love to see it. 😎

  17. It's Riehouan より:

    Gotta love them THICK Rank 1 Shadow Pokémon. 🔥

  18. 林摸摸 より:

    I have the same pokemon ❤️

  19. Vishesh Tiwari より:

    Imagine Galarian rapidash with sealeo 😆

  20. Agni Bharath より:

    Any team recommendation for final legend push bro

  21. Giant Hamster より:

    Much better investment than my rank 409 shadow cloyster

  22. MotionGaming より:

    Nice work. I’ve got the rank 12 great league shadow sealeo but have never used it.

  23. John Abraham より:

    I have a 0 15 15 shadow sealeo. It’s been amazing! It’s also a rank 1 shadow walrein in ultra league so I have it ready to go if it ever gets a community day

  24. Hector Cuello より:

    i also have the rank 1 shadow sealeo, its very expensive so i didnt build one yet, but after this battles man, i need one

  25. Brandon Callis より:

    Crazy you’re showcasing this because I got a rank 2 forever ago and have used it ever since! It’s so amazing and spammy!

  26. Ericcssonn より:

    Of course one isn’t enough for Henry, we gotta double seal! XD It’s kinda nice to debuff to compensate the shadow defence though. Sweet combo.. Debuff and slamspam.
    The spheal grunt is my least favourite. I might have to rethink that..

  27. Dominique より:

    I have a Rank 1 normal and a Rank 2 Crypto without frustration. I’d love t play it, but it’s to expensive.

  28. IznoGCAG より:

    Shadow Sealeo has been in my projects for a very long time but man it costs 360k dust.

  29. Jose Rios より:

    I love shadow sealeos spaminess

  30. Jason Shah より:


  31. Wyatt Wight より:

    Welcome to the Rank 1 Shadow Sealeo club lol

  32. TheBest Ever より:

    Im the prosess of powering it up

  33. SLICK TRICK より:

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  34. Elpasto より:

    yooo i’d love a good sealeo

  35. Łukasz Szcześniak より:

    When the nightmare of Body Slam spam becomes reality

    you love to see it but you don’t want to experience it against yourself XD

  36. Cat Fracker より:

    Currently making a push for expert but the 1-2 punch of com day and constant crecelia encounters are holding me back

  37. William Darío Valenzuela S より:

    I have always wonder why dewgong is floating in the air?

  38. XDe1ay より:

    Nice! i also have R1 shadow sealeo

  39. Gabissol Channel より:

    1 million body slam in this video

  40. Jay M より:

    Hey! With the inevitable upcoming holiday cup can sealer co exist on a team with say snow castform?

    I mean would a team of goon/shadow sealio/ snowy castform make sense?

  41. DS より:

    I had a rank 4 shadow sealeo and I accidentally purified it 😭

  42. JAY❤️🔥 より:

    Sealeao looks amazing just ripping apart with body slam spam

  43. Jose Saenz より:

    I literally just built one 🤣 thought it’d be a good investment

  44. Black Lightning Gaming より:

    Home slice Henry use seleo
    me 😮
    Best to know that my shadow speal will come to some use

  45. Marcio Marques より:

    “Not recommended for that final push”. Copy that 😅😅 LOL

  46. Shawn John より:

    Can’t wait to run mine at the start of next season 😎 mine is rank 5

  47. ki boy より:

    can u plz use spicey shadow manectric for funny one shots use empoleon lead to get shields scrafty safe swap and shadow manectric closer it is a really solid team

  48. Zachary Solomon より:

    That’s so funny you have a shadow sealeo because I literally just made one today

  49. Wibble Bibble より:

    Beans for the algorithm!

  50. IkeTheBot より:

    Now build armaldo

  51. JCL より:

    Body slam spice is true and U went 13-2 with goon lappy gira. Abit of modify from your team, but its still good right

  52. Aishik gamerz より:


  53. BOYGOS より:


  54. Flygonnagetyou より:

    Spheal commday should be happening next year, so what move should walrein get? And will you be willing to get a shadow?

  55. Ra'ees Izaac より:


  56. Scare Ollie より:

    First comment
    I’m excited to see Sealo