*THE GAME HAS CHANGED* GO Battle League Season 10 for Pokemon GO // Rise of the Rock Types?


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  1. aQuaDuDe1212 より:

    hopefully they give more new movesets for middle stage evolution pokemon like lairon…

  2. nostradavor2 より:

    are these attacks going to be elite tm or normal?

  3. Szymon Pohrebny より:

    Bro tf are u talking about this pose is 🔥

  4. Michel CLARY より:

    I was half hoping and half afraid the made a Cyntha-themed season, because I would not be able to hit legend, but I really love her style (especially her Umbreon-like hairslide).

  5. En20dra YT より:

    i have a 01-14-14 donphan that i will finally be able to move but what moves should i use, counter body slam and …

  6. #justadityabist より:

    same i like yanmega too

  7. SuperHovik より:

    octazooka gonna learn lock on lololololol

  8. Saphirx より:

    Heck yeah thanks for brining us the breakdown! Good luck on season 10 Poke, and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family 🦃

  9. ducestat06 savage より:

    Yaaay no charizard ban now I can try wing attack on it

  10. Cesar より:

    Venomoth is one of my favorite spice picks in GL so I’m excited about this buff (especially in Kanto cup) Bug buzz almost one shots hypno from full so I hope after this buff it can fully take it out. 🙂

  11. JaviiierEscoBarZ より:

    Noibat was a beast for little cup lol

  12. David Fantia より:

    Who doesnt love dragonflies? Coolest insects in the world

  13. Vinko U より:

    What a bad update they did

  14. Jacob Halliday より:

    Nice I love it when a new season emerges because of the upgrades to the chosen pokemon taking place every time.

  15. GBLNuclearNinjas より:

    And you all laughed at me when I built a Best Buddy Level 50 Sudowoodo

  16. PapaPepper7 より:

    DONPHAN BODY SLAM😳! Counter vs Charm for the fast move though. Gonna be interesting next season!

  17. dayta Davis より:

    Johto cup = Umbreon cup 🤣

  18. Travis Knott より:

    i have a rank 1 Macgargo and 3/10/15 noctowl for great league, pumped to see what they can do for s10

  19. Natural Harmonia Gropius より:

    All I want is a Lock-On Magneton and Magnezone and call it a day

  20. Natural Harmonia Gropius より:

    If Runerigus getd Shadow Claw, It can utilize this Rock Tomb, really.

  21. lxr より:

    6:30 dude eagle-sized dragon flies sounds trippy af 🤣

  22. PhantomlordGiratina より:

    Wormadam trash cloak is gonna be more dangerous in great league with that bug buzz buff. Kinda dumb that only three Pokemon are getting it buffed

  23. Hentie Artist より:

    If the pose isn’t animated they’re just missing it

  24. Santana 89 より:

    7:55 “basically”. Thats a nice catch bro.. i collect those myself.. i have i think ten 000 ivs.. a trubbish.. its literally trash hahaha

  25. OREDUS MASCK より:

    I’m so mad I won’t get the pose from this season. I can’t get past 2.200 and it’s infuriating

  26. Stone Tha Profit より:

    I’ve always been a lowkey fan of yanmega funny to see you had so many 😆 respect

  27. Alex より:

    Shadow ball on Noctowl is clutch! Even when it gets walled hard it can threaten

  28. Ephrem Okouta より:

    I can’t wait for the new season!!! Great vid as always!

    I guess all the remoraids I caught to try and get ditto can be put to use now lol.

  29. Robert Downey Mildew より:

    Yanmega gets its name from the prehistoric dragonfly, Meganeura, with a two and half foot wingspan. Basically the same as an American crow. Looking forward to the hopeful rise of the other Don this season!

  30. M. HaFiz より:

    Hoping it Macargo’s time to shine

  31. Mr. Dink より:

    For taking so long, I think they need to do more. Can’t kill the meta with nerfs and buffs but they should really just add a ton more moves. It would make more things viable and not hurt your investments.

  32. George Kenny より:

    The pose is ehhh to me. Wish it was as epic as this season so I have a reason to push legend

  33. Trey Bern より:

    Happy Thanksgiving pimp daddy

  34. Leo Rivera より:

    Need an azumarill lmao

  35. Shaun B より:

    Poke thank you for always being on point with everything 👍

  36. Magic J Karp より:

    Niantic went cheap on the goose jacket

  37. Ben. より:

    Been waiting for your video on this update. So excited to see your videos next season

  38. Ash Raito より:

    claydols 10th move.

  39. AlfiesMullet より:

    Chansey wasn’t really hard to beat, just made the battle long and boring.. happy it got nerfed but I still think people are gunna be lame and use it anyways in the cups where it’s available

  40. Gnarly より:

    I wish Pokémon go would do different cp cups (1000,1800,3000 etc) I feel like there’s so many cool Pokémon that can shine in those cups based on their max cp at 40/50

  41. Ivan Gonzalez より:

    Well……. Time to catch elephants 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. Phill L. より:

    I have a 0/10/13 Noctowl ive been waiting to level up😩💯💯

  43. Lord X より:

    His name is pronounced Lie-Zander, only reason I know is cuz I watched XY, also your one of the first to FINALLY make a video on season 10 so thank you

  44. derrick dema より:

    I was wondering if they were ever gonna do a johto cup

  45. Great-White-Lynx より:

    6:22 and they ate frogs lol

  46. Roberto Guzman より:

    Dat mf magcargo tho nobody’s talking about that Gary the Snail o.o and noctowl fat buff w shadow ball

  47. Rupert Pupkin より:

    Im lucky enough to have XL Octilery so I won’t need to build it! Homeslice Henry was kind enough too showcase a battle I did in a short during Ultra League a while back. It was called the “Seafood Team”. Dragalge lead XL Alolamola & Octilery in the back. It is still squish even when it gets the debuff however lock on will help it generate energy faster. Mudshot is still fine though for it. I wish Metal Claw would have gotten a buff. Sooo many Zacians in Master league Cobalion needs more play
    I think Megcargo is going to the one that benefits the most considering it now gets incinerate (Unreal) plus shadow Sandshrew also has rock tomb which is also nice!!

    P.S pose looks mehhh. Not really feeling it.

  48. Luís Fernandes より:

    I actually have a rank 1 great league octillery for spice leagues prepared with mud shot, gunk shot and actazooka. Lock on is an interesting buff.

  49. Gardner Hoey より:

    Rock tomb is still gonna be bad. It’s 60 energy 70 dmg so it’s expensive to use and it’s DPE is terrible, it’s not like it’s gonna be a clone of icy wind or lunge. Rock Slide is still superior so Sudowoodo isn’t really benefitting at all.

  50. Wheeler より:

    I’m so hyped for the sinnoh cup

  51. PhantomlordGiratina より:

    Aggron got a huge buff imo. Macargo will be…. interesting. Great league remix…happy with all the bans but my girl Nidoqueen…

  52. toasterpunch より:

    Appreciate you bro, hope you have a happy Thanksgiving. Definitely will be doing some poke video catchup over this long weekend.

  53. Hector Cuello より:

    the hype started today

  54. The one Known as M より:


  55. AbsolTrainBest GBL より:

    The new avatar items are pretty good though

  56. Dilo より:

    Incinerate Macargo gonna be fun af tho

  57. Kyle Hough より:

    It’s normal not steel in holiday

  58. Mrplushpoke より:

    Mega steelix has a lot of defense

  59. Optimus Prime より:

    Hello bro I forgot to mention that I got a shiny Zubat and oshawatt during the event

  60. wayne burbrink より:

    I’ve noticed