Will Psychic Fangs Luxray work in Ultra GO Battle League for Pokemon GO


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  1. Vishesh5812 より:

    Test it when holiday cup will be live

  2. NathanButGame より:

    I always win more when I check you out.

  3. AlfiesMullet より:

    Imagine they introduce nature’s and abilities and a pokemon you got to level 50 gets a bad one

  4. AlfiesMullet より:

    Was really hoping pokemon like greedent espeon, steelix would be getting psychic fangs this season

  5. mahntheknee より:

    Heyyyyy pokeAK we battled yesterday. You had the same team. I had sandslash, scrafty and giratina. Would you please give me our battle clip I want to show my friends I battled pokeAK 😋

  6. Saphirx より:

    Very nice matches that was fun to watch

  7. Kevin 11207 より:

    Title: Will Luxray work in BGL?

    It better, I caught a rank 4 Shinx and my friend caught a rank 1.

  8. Moises Garcia より:

    Love the vids my guy, I’m gassed up. Luxray kinda reminds me of arcanine inna way both spicy but glassy

  9. Omar Shahid より:

    Could I use milotic as a replacement for Lapras?

  10. ducestat06 savage より:

    See even poke knows it luxary is a panther

  11. casper daghost より:

    Love the content. Thanks for the vids. I think I only pvp because I watch ur videos and enjoy watching u play. I know it’s trash (pogo PvP) but u do make it seem like fun. Thanks for all the cool team comps. U really made meta Pokemon teams and they r hard to counter lol

  12. 007NTG より:

    Well “Wrap” in the main series allowed you to basically immobilize your Opponent. I know it went through many changes throughout the generations but it was a neat yet annoying move lol.

  13. Everardo Torres より:

    What good big homie killing it like always drop a like my pep 👊😎🔥🔥🔥

  14. Mukasa Dulex より:

    Great video. Hi early birds and late comers🙃

  15. Vegan King より:

    You might talk to yourself, but we are all here listening to you 😁👌
    When’s the album dropping? Hahaha and the move is mean look that forces a pokemon to stay in the battle 😊

  16. HeyThereVader より:

    Why not go for Snarl on Luxray? I been preforming very well with him.

  17. Ephrem Okouta より:

    I already tried it and it’s not too bad. It has its moments here and there and great battles as always by the way!

  18. crimson7tew より:

    So is snarl not quicker and better coverage

  19. Kuvik 666 より:

    Thanks for the recommendation on the team for luxray, I was at a loss thinking of the ones to pair with it. As always thanks poké.

  20. Pokemon Go より:

    Hello pokeak

  21. Pixely より:

    Luxray will be putting in dat work

  22. JOEL GEORGE より:

    pls unblock me in twitter poke
    it would be really appreciated

  23. Pratham Madan より:

    Finally the Luxray’s back!!😍

  24. Optimus Prime より:

    I also did a trade with both accounts I have. I traded a natu and oshawatt and I got it lucky not guaranteed and Got a 98 percent oshawatt with 15/15/14 I think we’re the ivs

  25. whisper of the worm より:

    Edit:I think
    Edit#2: never mind I’m second

  26. Kian Kurt Jabadan より:

    First! 🎖️✨