Stone Edge Shadow Machamp Master League Team in Pokémon GO Battle League!


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【チャンネル名 ZyoniK】

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  1. Sleeping Troubles より:

    I wanna see the cursed set of bullet punch + heavy slam now

  2. Tavis Mountford より:

    Not sure why you kept saying level 50 stuff lol this is clearly MLPC

  3. Kartik Saraf より:

    Is this really open Master League? Where are all the Mewtwo, Dialga and Melmetals. I think it is the premier classic one

  4. Z Hinx より:

    Not open bruhh..

  5. shivam mattoo より:

    I don’t know why the opponents don’t shield They keep taking a lot of damage and have like a shield left in the end

  6. Mitchel Moller より:

    I’ve been running my Nidoqueen with stone edge in GL and boy does it land almost 100% of the time on all the flyers that safe swap into the battle lmao.

  7. Walk3r7 より:

    Dear ZyoniK, thank you for sharing this video. Just to note that this doesn’t seem to be from the Open ML. I’m pretty sure its from the ML Premier Classic. If you noticed the Gyarados, Machamp, and Magnezone CPs are all at L40 (Gyarados is L41 best buddy boost). And also other factors like, we see a lot of Gyarados and Metagross – these are not common in the Open ML. The opponent’s Pokemon CP are not L50 as well. For example a L50 Togekiss CP would be in the 37++ … here we are only seeing CP around 33++ … Hope that clarifies. Peace!

  8. Audai より:

    10:34 makes no sense why togekiss didnt shield when machamp was at 7 anyway, regardless of counter or karate chop, togekiss should’ve known.

  9. aabbergy より:

    Hey Zy, I’ve got some great ML sets I’d love to submit. How do I get them to you?

  10. Aditya Jhunjhunwala より:

    He missed the gyarados BOOM 🙁 at 12:49

  11. Miguel Soeiro より:

    Gyarados is not lvl 50…

  12. Karthik Shankar より:

    got clowned today in pok go in open UL , went 2-3 twice and 0-5 once , full hard countered .
    but managed to win two sets tho desp hard countr, 4-1 and 3-2

  13. UL GO MASTERS より:

    Sorry to say but it was double legacy it had karate chop as well

  14. OnlyTheFinest より:

    This looks like its premier classic, there werent any legendaries and no level 50s 😅

  15. CricTune HD より:

    This is Master league Premier Classic not open ML

  16. Leocrash91 より:

    Hi Z great videos! How can i submit you my battles? i’m ranking with my team and got some very good booms for you

  17. Universe Supervisor より:

    looks like a karate chop not a counter

  18. Justin Parker より:

    This is not level 50. There’s no legendaries.

  19. Seven Bolt より:

    Haven’t you played Pokemon Unite already? it’s an awesome game too. I drew and animated some twitch/youtube loading screens if you want to check them out.

  20. SurajFT より:

    6:15 I was thinking if they saw a groudon , better option is just to top left

  21. Robert L Alexander より:

    The spice is real with Karate Chop Machamp. Read a lot of back and forth on the viability of Karate Chop vs Counter. All agree Counter is great, but there is disagreement as to using Karate Chop. The main argument i’ve seen for karate chop is very fast energy generation. Great vid as always Zyonik.

    P.S. I was inspired by your Focus Blast Mew the other day, so I pulled out my Focus Blast shiny Hypno for a few battles. Focus Blasting a Bastiodon never gets old.

  22. Adam Schneider より:

    12:49 for those who NEED to hear this:


  23. Vaci より:

    These arent level 50 mons though?

  24. Be like Kenn より:

    Love the content, but bro these aren’t lvl 50, look at the cp’s lolll

  25. Tommy Coombs より:

    This is master league premier Lol

  26. FOOD IS BUSSIN より:

    I think the machamp’s running karate chop, in the first few clips, not counter

  27. jacob 0626 より:

    I don’t think any of his pokemon are xl….Spicy 🌶️🌶️🌶️💥💥💥

  28. chuck Meister より:

    No wonder everyone runs machamp he has a thousand legacy moves

  29. Gardner Hoey より:

    Hey man, love the videos! Thank you for everything you do for myself and the rest of the PoGo community by producing content! I think I can speak for almost everyone when I say you’re appreciated.

  30. Samita Dey より:

    It’s not counter it’s submission attack on machamp

  31. AnguineChip On YT より:

    Interresting team this is for open master

  32. jack yu より:

    Zyonik this looks like battles from MLPC. I was wondering why am I not seeing a single legendary 😅😅

  33. Oscar Montesinos Wong より:

    12:49 you missed the BOOOOOOOMM

  34. Judge Morris より:

    Shadow Machamp with Stone Edge really rocks! I don’t think it could be any bolder (boulder)!

  35. Adam Janvars より:

    zyonik thanks for the video but it wasn´t open masters but MLPC

  36. Dhanvant K より:

    another great video!
    please play empoleon in great league plz

  37. VAMPIRE OP より:

    Pinn it please

  38. Ra'ees Izaac より:

    I didnt even know machamp had stone edge and it it legacy also didnt know karate chop was legacy

  39. ki boy より:

    pls use shadow manectric in great league so many oneshot booms

  40. Subhadip Das より:

    Bro can you make a tip video like how to use low health Pokemons like Magnazone
    Because I can’t manage to use this type of Pokemons

  41. King Cuber より:

    Amazing video

  42. Anthonyvideogame より:

    What if PvP didn’t have shields like in the main series games

  43. PA Daily より:

    6:18 I was not ready for that😂

  44. BAJ 2018 より:

    The Edge of any Stone should be Super Effective for the Champ!

  45. Ruby Carbuncle より:

    I have a 98 IV Machamp back from 2016 with stone edge 😁😁

  46. La YOutube Nub より:

    Who else is here early?

  47. Jandhyala Krishna Sandilya より:

    Love u bro. Within 10 sec here

  48. Suresh Nabajya より:

    Yooo yoo

  49. lmao より:

    Thank you for always inspiring me, i will always look up to you! Keep up the amazing videos! ❤️


    First comment& Expecting heart

  51. lmao より:

    You never fail to entertain us! ❤️

  52. DC GAMER より: