Install ZiniTevi iOS 15 – 15.1.1 / 14 / 13 / 12 NO Computer NO Jailbreak iPhone iPad iPod Touch


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  1. TheLeekyFeeder より:

    I deleted it like you said but I now cannot download it again. The option to download is not there. Anyone got any help with this?

  2. Hawaii Gamers より:

    Dang revoked already 😞

  3. Braxton R. より:

    Certificate already gone

  4. Christian Lopez より:

    The download tab doesn’t appear why could that be I use to have the previous zinitevi thru testflight

  5. Oshaine Brown より:

    Bro mine was working yesterday and today it’s stopped smh this is sad

  6. black out より:

    This don’t work smh

  7. lucifer 696 より:

    It wont let me download it again

  8. lucifer 696 より:

    I try to reinstall it again but it wont let me what do I do

  9. lucifer 696 より:

    How come when I delete it and try to download it again it wont let me the download button is not there

  10. Johnny G より:

    the certificate is down :/

  11. Hamilton Dennison より:

    Does work anaymore

  12. chris gonzalez より:

    My app already crashes and I’ve had it for less than a day. And the link doesn’t seem to work for me. It might be my connection. not sure

  13. Jonathan Lalois より:

    The step after clicking the apple download black button isn’t there anymore or is it just me ?

  14. Noxis より:

    When i Press “this link” it just does nothing

  15. Zenix より:

    think i’m too late they removed the certificate

  16. Michael Baca より:

    Hi Dino , l followed your instructions for the 1st link but it won’t let you download it anymore , they removed the certificate any ideas ?

  17. Grogu ‘Baby Yoda’ より:

    the certification got removed?

  18. Danidk9945 より:

    The certificate name for Zintevi for this method got removed

  19. Chibi より:

    What do I do if it says “app integrity cannot be verified”

  20. steve cooke より:

    Hey Dino, I tried to install it using the first link and it says it couldn’t install because it’s integrity could not be verified, what does that mean?

  21. хаиах より:

    everytime i open safari my unc0ver says verify app do you know a fix on it

  22. hamza abbas より:

    its not showing profile and device manegment

  23. Millennials Cash flow より:

    Bro you’re literally the only one who put links in the description

  24. Certified_Bottom より:

    Every time I try to download the app, the app completely disappears from my device. Weird.

  25. Npc I'm knot より:

    it got blocked:(

  26. Martin Curic より:

    bro i go in settings and trust but it says its not trusted

  27. Mohsan Ali より:

    But when its coming in test flight

  28. Mohsan Ali より:

    Finally here😮‍💨🔥🔥

  29. Lisa Moore より:

    Thanks as always Dino you really are a legend and we appreciate you so much… you have saved the day again so tonight I finally have a date with Mr Bond

  30. Jesus Jimenez より:

    Thanks bro!

  31. steven diaz より:

    Tying buddy omg about time I hope last Long

  32. Robert Mugabe より:

    ahhhhhhh my ZiniTivi not working now ,it haven’t even been 24hrs

  33. Roberto Parada より:

    App disappears when downloaded

  34. Nathan Adshead より:

    Even when I trust the app it still won’t let me access. Any ideas?

  35. krazyman c より:

    thanks dino your the best

  36. Adde より:


  37. Acryn_W0lf より:


  38. CGTHEGAMER より:

    Preciate ya boss💪🏾

  39. sid ford より:

    Thank you as always top

  40. Kristen Villa より:

    Yesssssss!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  41. Hype !! ! より:

    So what happens if I forget to delete the app in the 72 hour countdown and it gets blacklisted am I able to download it again ?

  42. TeamAVP より:

    how did I even loose my test flight slot in the first place?

  43. Legend KB より:

    Thanks dino you always come into clutch 😁

  44. bigtreefoot より:

    Thanks for the video on ZiniTevi but when I follow your instructions ZiniTevi tries to install on my iPhone 12 Pro Max running the latest software but then just disappears can’t get ZiniTevi

  45. phil macey より:

    YES Dino. Top man. Nice one

  46. ChrisRyanVlogs より:

    Is there any updates on Jailbreak for IOS 14.7.1 of knowing anything about it or no? Or do you recommend for me to do anything?

  47. Bryan Thomas より:


  48. Phantom Faith より:


  49. Casino Employee より:

    How do you all deal with poor quality? Would downloading them instead fix this?

  50. E1 より:

    With omega can you get apks ?

  51. Nod Zee より:


  52. Rain Drop より:

    I installed today and now am trying to open it but it got revoked darn it 😭😭😭

  53. NorCal_KC_ross より:

    Thank you bro I was waiting for this!

  54. Brandi Woodske より:

    It worked. Thanks Dino appreciate you🤗

  55. Behzey より:

    I’m still on the last certificate… man i love Zini and Dino.

  56. Christina Douglas より:

    Can this work on apple tv?

  57. Q より:

    Thank are the GOAT

  58. Mucka Ch より:

    With all the new and good FREE movie websites I stopped downloading movie apps LoOong ago.
    Fed up revokes
    But thank u 🙏

  59. NYR144 より:

    Wish I knew about the delete at the end of the day. I hit the black list wall

  60. Bruno Barroso より:

    Your the best been waiting for this again

  61. OTB Lano2x より:

    Is there a AltStore version

  62. APPLE4YOU より:

    Finally thank you Dino your best

  63. Chris T より:

    @dino, I keep getting the unable to verify app. What else can I do?

  64. chris chiola より:

    Thank you broooooo!

  65. Carlos Miranda より:


  66. bonjourtag より:

    Mine just says internet required….. must bo online……😢😢

  67. Aboo911 より:

    After the black download, the second download Certificate doesn’t show, help

  68. Connor McClelland より:

    No computer link was removed

  69. PollitoFuego 710 より:

    dino u are the best thank u so much

  70. David O より:

    Do you recommend using with VPN.?

  71. Kaf より:

    When I download it, the icon disappears can’t find it anyway 😞

  72. Samueljellyfam より:

    If I buy the no revoke version that means Apple can’t revoke it?

  73. Damien Kinder より:

    Thank you Dino for your hard work‼️ 🙌🏾❤️😀

  74. Java より:

    Will it be revoked after 1week?

  75. thegamewin100 より:

    Thank you so much man your the best ever when it comes to iPhone related content

  76. symphonia girl より:

    Thank you soo much!

  77. HunchoReal より:

    This wht we all been waiting for

  78. StephsHandle より:

    Thanks bro

  79. Anthony Perez より:

    My app installs and instantly gets deleted. Any help?

  80. brovancouver より:

    I had it working yesterday. Stopped working this morning. Now when I try to reinstall this way, it flashes then I get the home screen again. Even tried to reboot and nothing.

  81. Andy Sharples より:

    Thanks Dino

  82. Huddi より:

    Your are a legend!!! Thanks

  83. youneskh より:

    Thanks !!

  84. Prince Ali より:

    Thanks a lot

  85. Gl9ckKay より:


  86. Zynor Z より:

    Sucks ZiniTevi doesn’t work for me anymore 😔😔

  87. Cesar DeDios より:

    I paid the membership thing and the apps down rn

  88. King Devour より:

    Hey guys is anyone else having the issue when installing the app it just disappears from the home screen but when I go to profiles and device management it asks me to trust the app but the app is nowhere to be found any ideas on how to fix this.

  89. Louis Smith より:

    Thanks so much for the info!!!

  90. Uthman T より:


  91. Luis Doran より:

    Nice one, Dino. Appreciate the update for Zini TV. 👊🏾

  92. Zan Hamizan より:

    Yessss! Finally

  93. Jamil A より:

    Finally thank you so much 😁😁😁😁

  94. Luoay Abadi より:

    can you do how to download popcorn time pls

  95. Nigel O'Garro より:

    At long last. Nice one mate. Keep up the good work.

  96. zaher ismail より:


  97. Saucepaoi より:


  98. Josh Ephraim より:

    Wait Dino I’m a bit confused about the auto blacklist. I understand the 50-72hr it’s auto blacklist. But let’s say I forgot to delete and go to use ZiniTevi and it says no internet connection. I just can’t delete it and follow the video again? Or that certificate would be done for good on my phone.

    Basically if I follow the method delete every day it shouldn’t get blacklist?

    I know nothings is guarantee but that method should help for a while. Thanks for everything Dino. True MVP

  99. Alvin Robinson より:

    Come on testflight!! 🤦🏾‍♂️

  100. bay444t より:

    Thanks dude 👍

  101. Selfmade より:

    Thank you Sir.

  102. Fernando Pinon より:

    So when I uninstall it I will have to redo all the steps to install zinitv back ?

  103. Red 3430 より:

    You are the best

  104. Jayson Johnson より:

    So we should delete the app every 50 hours?

  105. Sam Stuika より:

    Thanks ur the best 👍

  106. Strike より:

    Thanks for this video. Hopefully a new movie app will be released

  107. Karukatote Arikalukashi より:

    Thank you so much

  108. Gintoki Kintoki より:


  109. shadow60907 より:

    Thank you!! Always looking forward to your channel!

  110. Hammy より:

    so is it safe to assume testflights are done for good or is still just gonna be a wait it out kind of deal

  111. child of God Lord Jesus より:


  112. Fernando Barrios より:

    Anyone know How can I change the icons of my apps like he has then ?

  113. Iron Blaze より:

    We’ve asked, and he’s delivered. Even though I’ve got the jailbreak version of ZiniTevi, I thank you for doing this!

  114. PdoubleEWdoubleE より:

    Thank you. Been bored without zeni

  115. Ernesto Rodriguez より:

    I wish there was a TestFlight version but this helps as well. Thanks again!

  116. AnnoyingMeloon より:

    you are the GOAT

  117. J D より:

    The goat back at it🙌🏾🙌🏾

  118. Jason Choste より:

    Love the videos

  119. Josh Ephraim より:

    Yessir!!! So happy. Thanks again Dino. Happy holidays

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  122. Kaleb Murillo より:

    I’ve never been this early what’s up D7

  123. Raheem Khan より:

    My man! I’ve been waiting for this.

  124. Dead Eye より:

    Clicked so fats

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    first comment 🔥

  127. Free #22 #9 より:

    let’s gooooooooooo!

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  132. DinoZambas2 より:

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