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  1. Kylie Ash より:

    My Legendary Dogs got shafted for that weekend. Why didn’t they do Suicune, Entei and Raikou instead of Heatran?

  2. Mario より:

    Heck yeah hundo hoopa for me

  3. BtC MikeGOplay より:

    The “re re community day” hahahahaha. And I bought a trailer tips pin, too 🔥

  4. Jio より:

    Got back into the game. Good old Nick’s video like back in the days

  5. Aidyn C より:

    I swear I came up with trailer tips lol

  6. Jonny Bravo より:

    I got a bad IV hoopa so this is another thing that’s screwed me. Thanks Niantic lol

  7. tumekemuch より:

    Love that intro and the new Trailer Tip look can’t wait till you do that Trainer Trip you planned on doing lol chur keep up the great work

  8. Tim Deroche より:

    Happy birthday! Hope all was good.

    As soon as you said squirtle squad shades I was like pause, load up pogo, take pic, catch. Not sure which song is playing but it does have a catchy up beat tempo lol.

  9. Marquise Thomas より:

    Happy birthday double T !

  10. Christine Wannamaka より:

    Happy birthday Nick 🎂

  11. Bearer of Bad News より:

    Bought my Trailer Tips mug and pin. Thanks for all you do Nick.

  12. Derek Herpin より:

    Happy late B Day my duuuuude

  13. Aaron Koeppe より:

    What niantic should have done was make 2018 and 2019 for the 18th, 2020 and 2021 for the 19th

  14. B Ob Bob より:

    Ed Sheeran lol

  15. shay stern より:

    the theme may be “gotta spend mo” moolah”

  16. AussieAnnie62 より:

    I always suggested to you a trainer tips cup with black handle and interior. Ended up having one made myself (which I have now accidentally broken) . I love the Trailer tips cup with the blue.

  17. ralleyragnarok より:

    Happy, happy birthday Nic!

  18. Michel De Acha より:

    the sableeye spotlight hour will be clutch for finishing my misunderstoof mischief, i still need to catch ghost types (also to finish the halloween reasearch that got reset for some reason)

  19. Tina Henderson より:

    Happy birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉

  20. Caitlin より:

    That mug is everything. The trailer renovation was my favorite content

  21. Poote TheRanja より:

    so once again Niantic screws some of its player base (the rural players) as i’m in a weak pokemon populated area and stuck on misunderstood mischief 11/16 needing 18 ghost, and 14 dark types, which also blocked me from saving Shadow Lugia. GG’s

  22. Izzat Othman より:

    Not the best cuz everyone can have it. Honestly im about quit pokemon go , we grind so hard, yet so little joy. QUIT

  23. Jeff Smith より:

    DANG……… holly was a HOTTIE back in the day, wonder what happened…… and as for you Nick who cares if your sharing the information “late”….. you share it the BEST to help us in pogo community to help us play the game better…….HAPPY THANKSGIVING NICK👋

  24. Jeremy Gernhaelder より:

    Love this channel…always learn something watching your work Nick…thanks for posting 😁👍

  25. Jason Krzyzewski より:

    Happy belated birthday Nick 🎂

  26. John Snow より:

    Yes, but is it too legit to quit??????

  27. Garett Turbett Music より:

    Why are some mythicals in raids, but others are only the one that you can get?

  28. Garett Turbett Music より:

    My hoopa is garbage 😭😭😭

  29. davidboy より:

    “Hopefully you got good hoopa IVs…” : me with 10/10/10…

  30. Enrique Medina より:

    What happened with the level 50 grind? 🙁

  31. BaybayKay より:

    Happy belated birthday

  32. Gilbert Silvas より:

    Already have my Hoopa as a best friend and a third move unlocked, I-Am-Ready!!!

  33. AmandaTheStampede より:

    does anyone have a recommendation for a pokemon that will beat both giovanni’s rhyperior and shadow lugia? I can get lugia really close to fainting but not quite.

    also that squirtle comminity day was great. I was at kings island, a theme park. i didn’t ride anything during the event, just focused on catching and research. I got a hundo sunglasses squirtle 🙂 then after it was over I bought an auntie anne’s pretzel. good day all around

  34. Sieren Tokiio より:

    Happy belated birthday

  35. Kenny Romeo より:

    I’m very excited knowing the other form is very strong since I have a lvl 40 hundo hoopa! so I’m pretty stoked!!!

  36. Iron Fan より:

    Blessings to you, Nikki boy! 😀

  37. Jamie 0xJxxMx0 より:

    My Hoopa is 2* – 10, 11 12 IVs lolol.

  38. Anamistica A より:

    Stop looking at me 😂😂

  39. Doctors_TARDIS より:

    The mystery that awaits us next is “Where the F is Keckleon”

  40. Iron Fan より:

    0:00 … BAMBOOZLED!

  41. Zeke 16 より:

    Happy brithday

  42. Toby Curtis より:

    i commented on one of your videos a while back with just two words: “trailer tips”. might i be the one who coined the phrase?? or was that already a thing.

  43. Asher Aries より:

    Will the HOOPA be transferable to Pokemon Home finally?

  44. Brett R より:

    I’ve just checked and my hoopa is 100iv .. didn’t even know

  45. DoubleComplex より:

    Nick : Hoopa candy isn’t accessible.
    Everyone else : Imma walk DeFit outta that
    🙄… cheaters 🙄

  46. adamy323 より:

    Happy birthday 🎈

  47. Andrew Kyllonen より:

    So basically for us that got a shitty iv one were stuck with it. No new one

  48. Jeff Smalarz より:

    Where I play, there is 30ish stops and I got 10 stops giving the complete 7 tasks quest. I can’t even complete them.

  49. JohnJohn W より:

    Happy birthday!

  50. MrQuester1 より:

    Happy birthday to me! (todays is mine, 23rd) I’ve always wanted the glass squirtle! this is awesome!

  51. Thomas Hognestad より:

    Have 2 shundos, one of them is a blastoise with sunglasses from community day

  52. Eric Abbott より:

    Happy Birthday Late!!! Hope it was fun!

  53. Blue Dolphin より:

    that hoopa shirt reminds me of turtonator

  54. Miriam より:

    Happy Birthday Nick 🎈

  55. Benji Funk より:

    You have to pay aniway to play pokemon go wen you have a car you pay gaz

  56. Will Sobecki より:

    Will last year’s CD mons that are in raids and eggs have the same boosted shiny rate? That’d be crazy if so

  57. Benji Funk より:

    You are mode H in rs whit is fake mugs hahahaha

  58. William より:


  59. Honeybe36 より:

    Happy birthday 🎂 🥳

  60. Prohodaction より:

    very interestingg 😲

  61. Hyperion より:

    That merch looks fantastic! Love the designs 🙂

  62. FdR NGM より:

    When you change hoopa’s form, you change its typing from ghost to dark

  63. TogaTig より:

    I don’t know why niantic decided an Ed Sheeran collaboration was necessary… words

  64. jesper1029384756 より:

    Im excited for hoopa ^^ already put rare candy in it to max… Any ideas how bad iv can be before its not worth maxing? Or is he still miles above no.3 as a psychic attacker, when 10/10/10?

  65. Jake Berry より:

    Also with the CD research. If its anything like last Decemebers it’ll be the one that’s worth buying as you get some elite TMs with it.

    I always buy mine with Google play rewards anyway, but just in case anyone wants some elite tms haha

  66. Blitz09 より:

    I paused the video when you mentioned the screenshot with buddy option. I swear my very first squirtle was a shiny just now. Finally, the rng gods notice me.

  67. Poké Daxi より:

    That mug 😍 My gf would probably love that!

  68. supper gaming ut より:

    Hello sir how are you

  69. Mark McFadden より:

    I hope Mewtwo is coming to raids soon since I’m a newer player.

  70. Nubfairy より:

    This december community day really emphasizes how boring most com days were. I am still excited for more gible though.

  71. Curtiss Spriggs より:

    Happy belated bday, Nick!

  72. Parth Bhatia より:

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel that Niantic did this form change wrong for Hoopa. The current form is usable in great league PvP and I don’t want to power mine beyond 1500 CP. But on the other hand, the new form is great in PvE and I’d love to have that at level 40/50 in the future. Anyone else struggling with this delima?

  73. Samasarus99 より:

    You had me cracking up during this whole video I don’t know why but I thoroughly enjoyed today’s video XD

  74. Matthew Bray より:

    Hoopa accesabilty arguement falls apart when you take into acount of deoxys, genesect and darkrai which are mythical pokemon that have had raids. Unless it is treated like mew, jirachi, celibi, victini

  75. Cedric Gant より:

    We should be getting Kecleon next season.

  76. Anthony Perrone より:

    Just the tip…

  77. Love Gaming Presents....... Elite4Stephan より:

    So sad Pogo is dying…… Niantic has ruined things

  78. Jake Berry より:

    Just waiting for the season 10 GBL info and what’s coming next month. Hopefully tomorrow niantic 🤞

  79. Jordan Shook より:

    The smile he had when saying “Trailer Tips is coming soon” made me happy. I hope a Trailer Tips channel is coming.

  80. TheAverageChelios より:

    It feels interiesting, Squirtle Squad i Do think should be one of the things Left out of the game the most.. let the people who have them have the respect to find the right trade for them.. there Was enough time to get some trades out of its first release, but Squitrle is so personal to people I believe the squirtle squad should be left out as much as possible.. I am kinda okay with it because of the time between now and the first release, although I do believe it should be way more rare

  81. Aaron Rothe より:

    Well i wont have the unbound form because i hace something wrong in my feet that hurts when i walk for over 5 year so like catching ghost right now is very difficult

  82. Gellyzer0 より:

    The glasses looks goofy asf to me I wish it was the anime glasses oh and the price ooooooh it’s worst than what pokebank and home is doing

  83. Edward Sanchez Productions より:

    I really like the mug

  84. skarijony より:

    I did not play PoGO when Sunglass Squirtle came out, I was so happy that they anounced it was coming back, but…. I LOST MY MIND YESTURDAY, I GOT A SHUNDO SUNGLASS SQUIRTLE!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY

  85. Cedric Gant より:

    Looks like I’m buying a TT pin.

  86. Murray Nelson より:

    The hype was real during that community day. I remember someone found a pokestop that gave a guaranteed Shiny Squirtle off the task, the entire park emptied and headed to the stop.

  87. BoltxJynx より:

    A meme. In the thumb nail 10/10

  88. Marie Blomberg より:

    When are you gonna change the channel name from “Trainer Tips” to “Trainer/Trailer Tips”?

  89. Mr.E より:

    I still have a million sunglasses squirtles. Quite a few shinies too

  90. Daniel Estreicher より:

    ayee here early

  91. WritingIsHard より:

    Changing my Christmas list from “hoodies” to “trailer tips hoodie” immediately

  92. Crumpet3000 より:

    Bonjour, Hi

  93. Sunshine Gonzalez より:

    Ordered the pin!

  94. Bizzaz Walters より:

    Is that your other channel trailer tips

  95. wallst-Ag より:

    Nicks almost at 1M Subs! long time comming!

  96. Aurelio Sanchez より:

    Omg wow 🤩 i wantthat mug

  97. Ethan Block より:

    Early Crew!

  98. paul perez より:


  99. Poulton Pawtrol より:

    Loving the trailer tips mug! Can’t wait to see the video ❤️

  100. paul perez より:


  101. Raúl Romero より:

    I thought were were not using that meme anymore?

  102. EMUI THEMES より:


  103. Patrick Reis より:


  104. BoltxJynx より:

    Ahhh first

  105. welkin より:


  106. Mr Dew より: