Hoopa Unbound form change in Pokemon GO // Costume Pokemon form change please


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  1. KENNAPI より:

    Beldum spotlight 💀💀 i am IN !!! Lesh goooo

  2. Gellyzer0 より:

    Most likely not doing nothing with that 12 10 12 hoopa I got… nope still ace 1990s

  3. Saphirx より:

    Coolio. Thanks for brining us the breakdown like always Poke. Stellar vid

  4. Dark Horse より:

    RIP if Hoopa done ya dirty on IVs 🙁

  5. Django84 より:

    Every day we have a spotlighthour? 26,27,28,29 Nov?or Dezember?i am confused

  6. Randel Siglos より:

    I’m lucky to get a 15-15-13 Hoopa. Definitely going to try to max it out for Master League

  7. Rahul Behera より:

    I have a hundo hoopa and i am excited to get the unbound by changing the form probably gonna max it out lvl50

  8. Papi Choku より:

    Same old boring Legendary raid Pokémon’s recycled. Why I no longer interested in pogo and don’t spend money on it anymore,

  9. Alan Robinson より:

    Thanks for the info Poke, but for me this event is an overhyped fail, Hoopa Unbound probably sucks in ML anyway – Dialga Togekiss & Giratina will eat him for lunch!


    Spotlight hours on 26, 27, 28 and 29 Nov? Don’t they happen on weekly basis?

  11. FazeRossy 7 より:

    man I hate how they put beldum on a Monday. A lot of people have school or work

  12. Tomáš Mészáros より:

    Spotlight hour on monday 12pm. Niantic has got to be kidding..

  13. no thanks より:

    i’m hyped for beldum and heatran

  14. Sour Feet より:

    Just want a better iv one.

  15. Zayne Brown より:

    I believe this form change mechanic is how theyre going to introduce Arceus. I know that its not the cool plates. But at least its not raiding for each type

  16. Chris Hamilton より:

    Hell yes! That beldum spotlight hour is on point! I maxed my shadow shiny to 50, but after kinda wished I would’ve maxed my hundo.. but ya know.. shadow metagross is OP!

  17. James Saint より:


  18. Sage Six Parties より:

    I never hit Legend Rank

  19. Xenivious より:

    hold on I’m an idiot those spotlight hours are for this month? (A genuine question because idk how this works too well)

  20. Sizzle PoGo より:

    I am sad about the fact we are stuck on IVs. Mine gave me a fat middle finger and I feel the same toward it. It is 10/14/10.

  21. JOEL GEORGE より:

    poke make a video for random pokemon teams

  22. Richard Adams より:

    1am? I think it’s 10am, sorry to correct you.

  23. Lord X より:

    why spotlight hour at 12 pm to 1 pm, what happened to school!?!

  24. Kuvik 666 より:

    Thanks for the info Poké. I’m excited to be able to form change my 4* hoopa and not have to get an unbound one with different stats. As always love the vids man.

  25. Vinnie Doublet より:

    Agree need to change hat Pokémon I have a shundo hat nidoran haha

  26. E-Mann Gaming より:

    Hopefully we can remove costumes soon, I really need a good PvP piplup, but I only have a 0-15-15 dawn hat

  27. Rampaged Giratina より:

    Giratina is angry.

    *Form change*

  28. sahadat anan より:

    IV is the main problem in this case why pokemon go don’t do something about that😟😟😟

  29. Vegan King より:

    Beldum spotlight 🤩🤤🤤

  30. raw la より:

    Happy that I can finish my GL sableye xl

  31. FireLord Zuko より:

    Hype !! For Hoopa Unbound 🔥🔥

  32. Cesar DLC より:

    Either form change button or, crazy idea, they can design the evolutions to keep the costumes. It would actually help them because we would try harder for the costume pokemon, since they would be a cool flex

  33. Instinctiveking Comte より:

    Sableye for that dust 🥰🥰

  34. Dao Vy Luan Brody より:

    Can you make a video about Luxray in ultra league( I team it up with palkia and tangrowth and I get a 16-2)

  35. pokemon go lovers より:

    I am your big fan love ❤

  36. PoGoFan より:

    Venu in ML was a sick vid man

  37. Pokemon Andrew より:

    Hey poke

  38. Abhi crafts より:

    Omg cool

  39. Optimus Prime より:

    Hey bro got shiny cresselia in go battle league

  40. Pixely より:

    Hi poke ak I am still watching venussur video 🤗

  41. 10th B , 2 AKSHAY P RAJ より:


  42. Swayam's Abhi より:

    Welcome back Trainer’s

  43. TheyCallMeTurbo より:


  44. wayne burbrink より:

    Can’t wait !