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  1. Arrow Games より:

    I need help with my special research

  2. Stelowyd より:

    Wait it cost money the event ??

  3. RaddDaddBodd より:

    It is a travesty that Hoopa Unbound is a simple form change and not a raid boss. What was Niantic thinking?

  4. Gil より:

    The problem is you have to stay current with the challenge. I’m stuck now because catching a furfrou is one of the tasks. Page 7 I think. So I have to pay regardless I guess

  5. Lisa Mills より:

    Why would they put spotlight hours during work hours for the greater majority of the world?

  6. Onni Ossi より:

    6:20 Are the raids from 12Am to 1 Pm? If it is i am at school and i can only play for 15 minutes.

  7. HGalactic より:

    hoopa news is so disappointing. all of my limited mythical has shitty IV. I hope its like deoxys, darkrai and genesect

  8. Onni Ossi より:

    I need to catch 5 ghost type pokemon and batle grunts and leaders and giovanni. I think i can do the reseaech in time

  9. CamDaManEpicGamer より:


  10. Brian Wolf より:

    I don’t want to unbound my Hoopa. I want another Hoopa so I can unbound that one and have one of each.

  11. Vansh Bir より:

    im selling some pokemons…. anyone down… pls reply

  12. Delete より:

    I did 122 raids for shiny Virizion, so Im glad it comes back lol, I just hope other people are down to do it.

  13. Professor Poke より:

    I am just hoping to get a shiny beldum. ✨



  15. Rahul Behera より:

    I am so hyped for the hoopa since I hv the hundo and these raids like articuno & beldum spotlight hours

  16. Yesterday より:

    I’m so hyped to finally get my self the team birds!!!

  17. Varis Liepins より:

    This event sounds crazy. I love the birds (Moltres and Zapdos)!
    Also spotlight hours are great for those that want to grind Platinum badges- Tiny rattata, pikachu fan boy and of course great Sableye (boosted stardust pokemon) and Beldum.

  18. byNico より:

    Wow thanks that i have to change the form of my 10 11 11 trash iv hoopa 😡

  19. jim olthof より:

    Do you have to buy the special reaserge for hoopa? (im not english so my english is not very well)🤣

  20. Shauvik Bhakta より:

    I am at stage 15

  21. JJ's Youtube より:

    2022 5-Star Raids: 18 weeks of different Arceus Forms, 18 weeks of all forms with special move and then 18 weeks with Shiny!

  22. Legendary Kapaw より:

    LOL… No one even play this game in California . only hackers / Spoofing nation active vs Legit.
    You make them give more advice than legit players…
    #Pogo Dead

  23. Kiernan_PlayzYT より:

    The spotlight hour times are trash! Im going to be in school from 12 to 1. Why couldn’t they make it 6-7 like the past!?

  24. Marcin Marczewski より:

    2310 5687 7441

  25. Nobody112739 より:

    For the raid hours, I need all of thr legendaries except for the swords of justice. Can I get them from gbl

  26. Anaconda より:

    No free raid passes?

  27. Anaconda より:

    Beldum at a Montag on 12pm???? What is this?? Almost everyone is busy at that time with work.

  28. Elias Patocka より:

    Can you get the legendary pokemons from the go battel leuge or is it gona be cresselia?

  29. tcWxlf より:

    damn i have school during beldum spotlight hour☹️

  30. Binto Sheris より:

    I didn’t finish the research task 😞

  31. Ashley C より:

    wherever you’re filming, it’s beautiful! 😍

  32. Seto Kaiba より:

    I am SO ready for Mega Metagross… I gots a lucky shiny!!!


    well done……NINATIC AND BILLY

  34. your weak より:

    yahoo rattata!

  35. Stephanie C. より:

    I get so much more info from this channel than the actual game lol.

  36. Phillip Burke より:

    Just caught a shiny Cresselia a few days ago.

  37. pogo android18 より:

    6237 8908 1550

  38. Nita Farmer より:

    Thank you. I had forgotten that Furfrou could change. 🙂

  39. Zedeth より:

    Hehehe Billy said Dodo. 🤪

  40. Forgotten Guardians より:

    50 candy’s is crazy do you how long it will takedowns get 50 I’m not happy with this at all 😡

  41. anon より:

    I like this from thing I hope they do same with ash greninja and not like mega raids

  42. Jeremias Rivera より:

    My hoopa is not that great 😢

  43. idk より:

    i am curious on how the unbound form will perform in pvp

  44. FIR Fan より:

    Thanks for the great video

  45. Richard Smith より:

    Does that mean I can only unbind my nundo Hoopa?

  46. D Rew より:

    There are countless people who post for pokemon go but idk what it is but YOU seem to be only one i find worth watching.. Idk man maybe run for president or something

  47. Krish Patel より:

    Fin events

  48. Stacy Hodgkiss より:

    I can’t beat Giovanni to complete the mission

  49. SS4 より:

    Gross, my Hoopa’s IV sucks…

  50. alexpaly より:

    I have school when Beldum spotlight hour takes place.. RIP

  51. Vikas Anand より:

    Is the hoopla unbound research limited time?
    Love ur vids man keep it up!

  52. Joseph Stafford より:

    I had the 1k like!!!

  53. Pikachu より:

    Spotlight Hour on 27 November is going to be great. Bonus stardust + Candy XL grind for GL meta is insane.

  54. gildrop より:

    awesome, i won’t be able to get ANY of the legends. They need to take people who actually work into consideration when they do this.

  55. Giga SIMP より:

    Daily spotlight hours!!!

  56. Eric より:

    I just wanna say first raid I did this morning was a Miltank and I recieved a shiny & first sunglass squirtle I encountered was also a shiny!!

  57. Maria Di Mascio より:

    You talk too fast.

  58. Daniel Plasencia より:

    Why don’t you have merchandise that says ” I love Aurora Illinois “

  59. Abby Galphin より:

    So if we have already completed all the research we get it for free or do we have to do something?

  60. Mathijs Kapteijn より:

    If only we could reroll Pokémon. There is no real looking forward to Hoopa unbound when the regular one has horrible iv’s

  61. Leader Spike5571 より:

    I Have The Research Done

  62. NOM4D Miggz より:

    Man I hope we get to re roll the IV’s for hoopa because mines are trash.😩

  63. WV Curls より:

    So are those raid bosses only available on those days from 6-7? They won’t be available all day long, just during the designated hour.

  64. joshua spade より:

    So do we get another hoopa or are we stuck with the crap one we got allready

  65. Poopfromcat より:

    Omgsh! Form changing Hoopa would be awesome!
    He was the first Mythical I’ve gotten with decent IVs,
    Hoping this will apply to him directly!
    Also, this might mean Zen modes will be coming soon!
    Ready for more form changing updates!

  66. Josean より:

    I need to catch ghosts and there are no ghosts. They removed them on purpose

  67. Tricia McIntosh より:

    Add me for Articuno raids

  68. Jonathan Vail より:

    Thanks billy

  69. Jonathan Vail より:

    I need help with new friends for newer and farther pokemon

  70. SA より:

    I’m not even half way done with the “Catch 30 dark type pokemon” task

  71. Jonathan Vail より:

    I am ready

  72. TreFKennedy より:

    Need that Hundo Moltres too 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  73. TreFKennedy より:

    Something tells me Zekrom and Reshiram are gonna be back for Christmas 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  74. Veronique Stone より:

    Woohoo I’m excited for raid hour

  75. Ashley White より:

    I have been playing fortnite instead of Pokemon Go

  76. casper daghost より:

    Holy crap that’s gonna b some raids

  77. Harley Harris より:

    Did u hear that anyone that trades in pokemon home GTS 😂😂 so many searching for Heart trim furfuo

  78. Jeff Smalarz より:

    I like hoppa unbounded but my hoopa sucks. All the hype for what? Raids and spotlight hours of crappy pokemon. Niantic must be trying to turn pokemon go into that harry Potter game they made.

  79. Hentie Artist より:

    Damn, kinda sucks for those who got bad ivs

  80. Golden Golem Gaming より:

    Why is beldum spotlight hour during school…

  81. Flobie より:

    In total I think this is very disapointing. I might be alone with this opinion but thats what I think about the whole Hoopa story

  82. Cecilia Ramos より:

    Love the energy

  83. Joe S より:

    Oh good. So glad I get to change the form of my crappy IV Hoopa. Definitely didn’t want another chance at catching a better one.

  84. timmy le より:

    They need to let us change forms for giratina

  85. DuckSquidBat より:

    My hoopa is 10/10/12…


  86. Stian Asle より:

    Beldum spotlight on a Monday during work hours, great 🤬

  87. TimmyPlayz より:

    Noooo. I only have 1 beldum and want a meta cross. But on Nov 29 I hv school 🥲

  88. Santana 89 より:

    Whats the research task for squirtlez?

  89. Sean Griesheimer より:

    Also, Sableye will give a ton of stardust for that hour.

  90. BLK SHEEP より:

    My Hoopa is a 14-11-14 so I guess it’s time to make it a buddy. That being said, not everyone was as lucky as I was. Sucks for everyone that got theirs with terrible IV’S. For many it’ll be just a dex entry and that’s all

  91. MoLiEG89 より:

    Really? 50 candies to change Hoopa to Unbound? That’s a lot of resources.

  92. madness111 より:

    Why not just give HU as separate pokemon?

  93. Bold Follower より:


  94. Fabian Fave より:

    8597 3300 8010

    For Raids and Daily Gifts

  95. Adrian B より:

    As a new-ish player, this is Heaven, lol!!!! I’m legit going nuts on raids and Beldum!!!!!

  96. Redvexer より:

    inb4 hoppa is better then hjoppa unbound…….

  97. Donny Words より:

    That brown hoody 🔥🔥🔥

  98. And Rew より:

    There should be form changes with castform

  99. Frynze Gaming より:

    Kinda disappointed on the legendary raids but should still be a very fun event

  100. Jose Flores より:

    Thank god cause the Hoopa research quest suck all that waiting just to get Dusknoir with horrible ivs

  101. Eric Perez より:

    Awesome 👏👏

  102. Frost x Apache より:

    I feel like once Pokémon Legend’s of Arceus drops, they are going to have a release for Arceus. It just makes sense.

  103. Everardo Torres より:

    Bro my iv on my HOOPA suck 🤦‍♂️

  104. Jonytobi より:

    So everyone that got a bad iv Hoopa is stuck with that one? Jikes i had hopes we could capture another Hoopa

  105. Jason Metcalfe より:

    wish I got a better hoopa, mines not really worth the investment

  106. Asseyez-vous より:

    The hoopa is a bummer for me, bc mine is 10-10-10 😞 I was hoping to get a chance at catching another one. Dunno if I’m that bothered to change it to unbound with those ridiculous stats.

  107. Leira Alvarado より:

    Great raid hours he said 😂😂😂

  108. Hugo Sävström より:

    I’m very excited for hoopa unbound!!! I’ve been stacking up on candies. I suppose I can power it up now already, as long as I have 50 candies saved?

  109. Nathan Gray より:

    I want to get the unbound hoopa. it looks so cool

  110. Siem van der Made より:

    i like that niantic gave us beldum spotlight hour but i just think that the time just isnt a good time

  111. Cradleofpain 696 より:

    you look tired
    5 min in the videonand you ask for to watch 3 + videos

    do you need money and/or views

  112. Didyxxz より:

    yay it starts on my bday

  113. Disney Mom Rachel より:

    Holy crap, Imma get me some Beldum Xl candy!!!!! this is gonna be an intense weekend.

  114. Parth Bhatia より:

    Can the two hoopa forms be at different levels? I want to keep using the current form as a GL pokemon, while I’d prefer using unbound in ML. How does that works?

  115. MegaZzZeux より:

    Wowee can’t wait to make my 2* Hoopa slightly less useless!

  116. TransparentEscapist より:


  117. milan-hoi より:

    Yeeesh, I caught a 100% metagross and considered getting the candy from raids… glad I waited since there will be a beldum hour on the 29th. Imma actually do a walk for once.

  118. Parth Bhatia より:

    Is the transformation cost one time? If I transform my hoopa with 50k dust to unbound and then transform it back to regular form with 10k dust to use in GBL, do I need to pay 50 dust again if I want to use it as Unbound against a raid boss?

  119. JB JB より:

    This sound like A recycled bunch of garbage .. how r u excited

  120. Kobk Reaper より:

    When are we gonna get a new legendary Pokémon for raid boss I’m tired of raiding previous legendary bosses.

  121. shisui uchiha より:

    Is hoopa gonna be worth changing form if it sucks? Mine was bad lol

  122. Fasareste より:

    Why is Beldum on a Monday?! I have work!!

  123. Dwayne Davis より:

    Been had all mines done and have hoopa maxed

  124. petrolhead-RB より:

    No flipping way. Beldum spotlight on my birthday. Thanks Niantic for the b day gift.

  125. abhay shukla より:

    Billy ur good than brandantan

  126. metara ve karıncalar より:


  127. Logan Glover より:

    Spotlight hours at noon, and two being during weekdays? Bleh.

  128. Carter Wells より:

    My hoopa is literal trash. It should just be in raids😑

  129. Jade Sands より:

    So…..I’m stuck with a trashed IV Hoopa🙄🙄🙄🙄?! Damn

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  131. Dawson Rivers より:

    Helpful info 👌 thank you

  132. Cesar "Kaiser" Sanchez より:

    Was hoping we would get another Hoopa because mine has bad IVs

  133. some guy on the internet より:

    Early gang

  134. Maverick Lunar より:

    Just a form change….. Gotta love my 2* hoopa….. q.q

  135. abhay shukla より:


  136. Johan Noel Alcantara より:

    Les goo!!

  137. koolcolli より:

    Finally I’m so happy for hoopa unbound!!!

  138. Ghost Wolf より:


    Oh Baby !!!

    I completed it all set

  139. Nicroc121 より:

    Here we gooooooo

  140. Second Chancexotics より:

    So ready!!!

  141. Daniel reynolds より:

    Great video as always.

  142. Spongekoala 27 より:


  143. Josue Garcia より:

    Oh yeah!!!!!!!

  144. Jedi knight より:


  145. Little_Totoro_ より:


  146. Toxicツ より:


  147. Xavier Wilson より:


  148. HypeBeast101 より:

    I’m first?

  149. Janggoose Draws より:


  150. Toxicツ より: