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【チャンネル名 The Trainer Club】

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  1. aspookyfox より:

    That is not squirtle-squad squirtle…

  2. aspookyfox より:

    They did my dood Feraligatr dirty. SMH

  3. Krish Patel より:

    Got shiny mudkip and piplup

  4. Chandan Kar より:

    I have exam

  5. Joe Nolan より:

    Piplup I’m abit short along with Toto but oshawott I got all the XLs on com day so I’m grinding those 2

  6. Joe Nolan より:

    Got over 450 XLs for froakie lol

  7. Joe Nolan より:

    Been grinding these mudkip like crazy! Have over 350 XLs so far! Lol

  8. Phu Vet より:

    Crazy Legendary raids coming…in the next week we will get 6 legendary raids

  9. T より:

    Very excited 🙂 thanks for the video

  10. King Leo より:

    Man I’ve caught over 300 squirtle. Not one shiny.

  11. Parth Bhatia より:

    This is what we need. Not a gerat event, yeat Pokemon can evolve!!! Why does Niantic forget that every pokemon that evolves is as good as 1000 XP per evolution. Hope Niantic had added hydrocannon for this event but we can get those in future anyway at some point.

  12. My Kitten Is A Black Belt より:

    Does anyone have a pokemon with 0 defense 0 attack 0 hit points and 0 stars

  13. jamesbx2222 より:

    👆😏It’s the Nature for me

  14. The Pimp President より:

    I caught a 98percent mudkip:)

  15. Hemanth Kumar より:

    Really appreciate bro! 🤜👊

  16. ssalvi92 より:

    I thought it would be only water types kinda disappointed I live inland so I’m still have for the 3 water spaws🤣

  17. Varis Liepins より:

    You definitely need a merch that says 296 XL with rare candy XL on it. That would be awesome. And maybe a shadow version with 360 🙂

  18. BLK SHEEP より:

    I’m still a bit upset about the egg event. Didn’t get anything relevant or shiny, that’s the nature of the game though. So trying to look up

  19. Henry Stith より:

    Got a shiny murkrow

  20. Baseball Wyatt より:

    I have the 2018 squirtle with glasses so not going to need it as much but Mudkip is a different story need those candies

  21. Juan Coronado より:

    I just wished the spawns would be more frequent. Like I’ve seen like 3 squirtles and like 3 mubkips and piplups but that’s it. Almost all the spawns are normal

  22. Chelsea dyana より:

    Excited for the shinyyy ✨

  23. Vic_bee より:

    Never had a squirtle with sunglasses. Definitely getting at it 😎

  24. Josh Kelley より:

    I have a friend with a old shiny one from 2018 they are trading me 🙂

  25. Robyn Ahern より:

    what can i do to stay involved in PoGo it has been too expensive and boring. any tips

  26. Michael Breaks より:

    Froakie is low key something to go after too. Greninja has its own “mega” called Ash-Greninja. It’s attack stat is insane. With form changing now with Furfrou and Hoopa, I can see us form changing Greninja to Ash-Greninja in the future. Maybe on its comm day?

  27. Sangram Dutta より:

    I saved up a lot of pinap berry to pipnap Mudkip and Sunglass Turtle 🔥

  28. Cameron Harrington より:

    Yeaaa I only care about this event for the Squirtle, Mudkip, and Froakie XL. I do want 296 XL for Piplup just because it’s one of my favorites.

  29. David Johnston より:

    Here we go!!

  30. The Trainer Club より:
  31. Jeremy Pudder より:

    Early gang 🤝

  32. Brian Edmundson より:

    Super excited for squirtle!! And mudkip candy!

  33. Skull_webber Maker より:


  34. JOhn Doe より:

    Got my shirt…. So?

  35. Asadullah Haider 263 より:

    Thired 😎

  36. lilriceboii_mp4 より:

    Let’s go!!