What? Luxray Causes People to Quit Battle in Go Battle Great League in Pokemon Go


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  1. Karl West より:

    Nice battles, wanna see more!! Watching your battles, you seem strongest in Master League with your level 50’s, could easily crush the Master League and get to Legend. Let’s go Brandon, Legend push next season!! 😎

  2. Saar Arya Adi より:

    GL is 0/15/12

  3. Freddie Barnham より:

    I would love to see this video: use the worst gbl Pokémon you have used in a vid to make a full team and try to win a game.

  4. Atharva Srivastava より:

    I used luxray in ultra league and it is pretty strong

  5. Hunter Hardridge より:

    Do these Pokémon go youtubers chose apartments with poke stops on them bc jeez this guy has 6 at home LOL

  6. My Kitten Is A Black Belt より:

    I got a squirtle with glasses that has 0 defense 0 attack 0 hit points and no stars

  7. Yashoneel Vairagi より:

    I am gonna use this team as well now 😂

  8. Wyatt Dismukes より:


  9. Tejas S より:

    Luxury with psychic fangs is a monster

  10. Ayush 024 より:

    Hello guys please add me in freinds and get me gifts
    I want eggs toh hatch riolu
    My id

  11. l ICE C0LD l より:

    Trevenant is lowkey op

  12. mario bros より:

    I use LUGIA LUXRAY and CHARIZARD and it’s very awesome team. I won 80% of battle with this team.

  13. William Li より:

    Brandon’s previous self listening to songs: I’m In love with the shape of you~
    Brandon now: Pokémon, gotta catch em’ all!

  14. Graffix より:

    I have a random question…how or where can you get the outfit that his Pokemon Go character is wearing currently? It looks like an Adidas sweatshirt and sweatpants.

  15. TheGamingCat より:

    The “oOOoooooooOoooooOOOoooooOo” is priceless 😂

  16. Mike Poploski より:

    What is your thoughts on Mega Steelix coming out in December

  17. Lukáš Lesonický より:

    use it in ultra league

  18. HyperDragon より:

    Will jemand mir mir raid machen meine id: 3877 7091 2554

  19. Tkz27596 より:

    “Shinx comm day Ended a few day ago”
    Literally ended less than 24 hours

  20. Taylor Duncan より:

    I got a 0atk 15 Def 15 hp how ultra league and only a 98 iv and no good Shiny buy over all great day

  21. Dedhia Sidhanth より:

    Your reactions are Hilarious 👌

  22. Dedhia Sidhanth より:

    Nice 😆

  23. Neem より:

    Nice haircut

  24. Mil0jii より:

    hi love your vidz

  25. t より:

    i used luxray in two sets in MLPC yesterday and it was sooo good. 4-1, 5-0. if MLPC comes back, i highly recommend running it with shadow snorlax and DT milotic.

  26. James PoGo より:

    Battle 3: even if Azu had ice beam, BT91’s trevenant would have reached seed bomb first. Also BT91 could shield trevenant against ice beam and finish Azu with a 2nd seed bomb
    Battle 5: 14:25 BOOOOOOOOOM!

  27. Hlk_Arais より:

    Luxaray can be game sweeper lol

  28. keron yu より:

    i love go batle league videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Pradeep Sarola より:

    I think luxray is quite underrated…. I have a 100% for UL and it’s doing quite nice with my trevenant and lugia team…. I’m winning almost every match and I’m veteran… So i think it’s pretty cool if used properly

  30. KayGrinder08 より:

    I needed more better meta Pokémon for Great League, so my stardust went from 1.2ml to 500k. Following your path Brandon?

  31. MrVortex より:

    I am on page 5 in misunderstood mischief and I have nothing around mr

  32. William Kriska より:

    I won quite a bit actually.

  33. William Kriska より:

    Not me Brandon, I made YouTube videos of the great league battling.

  34. Chahal Gamer より:

    Bro make video on luxray in master league does it worth all my 500,000k Stardust for level 50 for master league

  35. Aaron Kanappilly より:

    Could I have your trainer code Brandon? Pls reply!

  36. Manoshi Borthakur より:

    Op awesome video

  37. Lai Hao Ting より:

    I got shiny shinx

  38. Thurga Jeyanthan より:

    I got a really good pvp ivs luxray 0 attack and around 80 defense and hp and it’s cp is 1499 I only use it for great league lol

  39. Jonathan Ho より:


  40. JonkusPKMN より:

    Luxra yactually looks pretty nice, I think it could have play in no XL Ultra League again 😀

  41. Tara Brawl Stars!! より:

    @everyone Guyz If You Want Shundo Darkrai Then Reply Me For Shiny Giratina Ok!!🙂😊🙃😉🙂😗❤❤❤🧡❤💛❤❤💛

  42. Adrian TANKW より:


  43. VenesChin Hui Fun より:

    Didn’t you power up to level 50
    You know I powered up my shiny Luxray
    And I spent my stardust -88,000

  44. Varad より:

    Oooo I am fast today

  45. The Savior Blader より:

    What?Brandon Makes me got his video again! In 1 Second…

  46. Supriya Singh より:

    How are you

  47. lmao より:

    *”Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment!”🏆*

  48. Supriya Singh より:


  49. Minhazul Islam より:

    Yes my Hundo luxray makes people quit XD

  50. Supriya Singh より:


  51. Arkin Antonio より:

    I Caught 5 Shiny Shinx And I Transfer 69🤣🤣🤣

  52. HEA TH より:

    Oiiiii second

  53. Josten Bundy より:

    You the 🐐 Brandon

  54. Jake Ng より:


  55. Bhatt Dev より:


  56. GAMER ALONE ☆♡ より:

    First pls like