Focus Blast Mew, You’ve been Warned! Kanto Cup Team in Pokémon GO Battle League!


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  1. Marcio Marques より:

    This was great, nice video! Now tell us, how many TMs did you burn to achieve Mew’s moveset? 😅😅
    Kanto Cup got me tanking badly the first week, now I’m back to 2650, almost getting to my highest ELO of 2720. Just trying to think of a team that could take me to Legend for the 1st time in my 3rd Season.

  2. Shashank Subramaniam より:

    Right from the start! I can hardly remember seeing anything ever 1-shot a snorlax, and lo and behold the flame charge-boosted focus blast in the first battle had me clutching my pearls :O

  3. Ujayer Ahmed より:

    u ran out if charge tms didn’t you xd. Mew eats teams for days 🤣

  4. Albert Johnson より:

    11:08 The hexes of the A-Wak took so long like confusions

  5. Magan Hassan より:

    Congrats dude I’m stuck on rank 20 I hate the ratings system lol

  6. JoltyJon13 より:

    So glad I got to have fun with Focus Blast Mew before Zyonik outed it 😅

  7. SinxerelyJack より:

    6:08 you really had me there. I thought that was an L

  8. TheBest Ever より:

    I went up so much, then right down because I got hard countered:(

  9. Heber G より:

    Great vid bro🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. EinenMomentNoch より:

    Oh Boy this Video is gonna be BOOMING

  11. ThAxBest より:

    I’m shocked you didn’t see a single hypno or nidoqueen lead. That’s 80% of what I see

  12. Samuel Brass より:

    It’s funny you should say most Kanto Cup teams are weak to Machamp in one way or another. My team (Mew, Nidoqueen, Pidgeot) stomps Machamp.

  13. MyGaming Den より:

    Kanto cup is an absolute cancer. I curse everyone that picked this cup

  14. Prasenjit Mondal より:

    Everytime I use machamp in the lead…. Opponent ready with their Hypno or Nidoqueen😒😒😒

  15. Mattiaskeinnn より:

    Dewd dont overboom the booms when they really not BOOM😉

  16. Pangchoak より:

    Shesh double Boosted focus blast 😆 loved the video

  17. victor p より:

    sad that in the Ace ranks hypnos and nidos are everywhere; my machamp has almost no play

  18. Mattiaskeinnn より:

    That double boosted focus blast on chansey was S.A.T.I.S.F.Y.I.N.G

  19. Mattiaskeinnn より:

    Hello, I just wanted you guys to know that im one of the dumbasses who powered up my mew… I WANT IT!!

  20. Vince LeJeune より:

    You are the ultimate strategist. These are so satisfying to watch

  21. Mayur More より:

    06:08 that sike 😂 machamp to mew : sike that’s a wrong number 😂 I’ll survive and will get cross chop 😂😎

  22. Ryan Helm より:

    Sad to see kanto cup go bc I love the kanto region as I am an OG pokemon fan from the late 90s/early 2000s and I have much more attachment to these pokemon, loved running some spicy picks like shadow drag, magneton or even Kangaskan, which I actually ran quite alot with only a single charge move and surprisingly had alot of success with it at expert ranking picking up several 5/5 sets 😅

  23. Freshewok101 より:

    Been loving the podcasts, love to see them more regularly if you two can find the time for it

  24. PSN: TonsOfRock NOR より:

    Your videos are great man. I’m fairly new to PoGo, but i’m getting better at this all the time. Getting stuck at 17-1800 rating, but i do have braggingrights to my 12 winstreak 😊 keep it up man 🙋🏼‍♂️

  25. bacon38805 より:

    I’ve been running FB mew all Kanto cup and 1 shoting everything, no one expects it. Nice to see other recognized it’s potential for this meta

  26. strw_skll より:

    Great idea running fighting moves, i was using focus blast on hypno, but to be honest, mew looks like a better option for that role.

  27. Heitor Alves より:

    Showcase BOOOOM !! Today

  28. Collin Blank より:

    I like how the person with the Lickitung and the Chansey decided to surrender. Because god forbid you waste their time.

  29. Reunicls より:

    Here it comesss… BOOOOOOOM!

  30. Mayur More より:

    Zyonik booms are stressbuster always ❤ love from India brother 🇮🇳 ❤️

  31. Flynn Walker より:

    Seriously wish they’d stop forcing me to catch all the legendary Pokémon from rewards and give a flee option it’s just a colossal waste of resources if you don’t want it

  32. Jordani より:

    So many booms!

  33. Call800MyGamer より:

    6:08…me:oh no
    Zyonik: SIKE!
    ME: 👀👀

  34. UnderATallTree より:

    Love those opponents that just use up their shields immediately like they’re rocket grunts 😆

  35. Rampaged Garchomp より:

    Imagine Mew getting Giga Impact 🙂

  36. Taka より:

    How are you in great league

  37. petrolhead-RB より:

    Finally someone else uses this moveset. I have been running it for months and have been having fun.

  38. Matthew Bellis より:

    I can confirm Primeape is a beast with this team! Just got a 4 -1, would have been a 5 – 0 but I messed up a switch!

  39. Jason Tillack より:


  40. queno Dorst より:

    Mey is cute then thinks normal types that is a normal mew and then BOOM!!!!

  41. yung goon より:

    i hate that u can’t freestyle ur team in this game. somehow the games algorithm works against u; pairing u up in EXACT counters of what ur using. also hundreds of pokémon & we see the same 10 amirite

  42. TheFunkytownGotcha より:

    got a few wins this morning with this team. thanks. I had a Shadow Lapras instead though.

  43. Mario Frare より:

    The machamp hanging on with 1 hp against the mew in the third battle got me shook

  44. XolentGaming より:

    Keep the videos coming Z

  45. Trapz - Blob より:

    If I ran this team would lapras better off shadow and having shadow Hypno in the back instead of mew would it be better?

  46. stay positive より:

    1:41 nononono 😉

  47. Maria Fulgen より:

    In 3 days I went from 2175 to 2534 .7 days left and have the best team for great league when it returns tomorrow hopefully I’ll hit a record of hitting legend in least days from ace ranking

  48. Speedy より:

    6:06 Machamp with the CLUTCH!

  49. URThePro より:

    I loved your excitement and happiness after that boom 💥

  50. GhostShock より:

    Glad this terrible cup is over, I had very little motivation to do Go battle day. I guess if you have tons of TMs and shadows you could pimp out your mew any way you wanted haha

  51. Ratnakar Sunny より:

    Shadow Claw For Ghost Type
    And Flame Charge Fpr Bug Tyoe
    And Focus blast for Dark Type

    So mew can counter its 3 Weakness it will be op

  52. Kenny Xu より:

    chansey is too broken. a double boosted super effective focus blast is not even close to killing it

  53. Jonathan Orr より:

    BOOOM and SIIIIKE!!!

  54. Nolan より:

    Just gave FB Mew a battle. Got a nice vocal boom against an A-Muk with two shields. Absolutely flipped the match. Led with Payback Champ and Voltorb as a safe swap.

  55. Eddie Morrison より:

    You wrecked my team this morning as I was not prepared for that flame charge haha. Watch all of your videos so nice to actually play you for once, GG!

  56. Shane Daniel より:

    What’s the new pvp league today?

  57. URThePro より:

    When you said boom 💥, it’s awesome 👍 btw like your video.

  58. BrijSheeeesh より:

    06:08 that SIKE 🤣👌. Too many booms today lol

  59. unknown.pl1 より:

    Your no no no no no 😂🤣👌

  60. Black joker より:

    Bro what is the basic moveset of mew. Is it surf and wild charge or flame charge and wild charge.

  61. Francesco Rosa より:

    I played a game against you this morning and I lost but it was fun

  62. Aditya Nautiyal より:

    Feels very good after seeing your video

  63. Andor Fe より:

    School Bash

  64. Razor Sharp より:

    I’ve been using Focus Blast as well, along with Rock Slide, Surf or Overheat. Such a fun moveset to use, including in UItra and Great leagues.

  65. Gregendary Gamerz より:

    Every boom of yours , fills me with Adrenaline !!!!

  66. Mitchel Moller より:

    Lmao you absolutely love to see it 👊🏽💥

  67. Sione Vimahi より:

    Sike!!! 😂

  68. Judge Morris より:

    Was able to climb with a similar team but Pidgeot instead of Mew and Pidgeot on the lead. Good luck to everyone still fighting to become a legend!

  69. D3ad Again より:

    6:07 Machamp cheating with Focus Sash technology..

  70. DrakyZw より:


  71. JimmaBanks より:

    GGs Z 🥳

  72. Robert L Alexander より:

    I ran into a Focus Blast Darmanitan in MLPC

  73. Brian Silva より:

    You’re the goat Z

  74. Jay P.A. より:

    I’ve been running XL Sandshrew and OMG I love him so much

  75. Bradley Glover より:

    I got all the way up to 2950 but had a HARD losing streak. Just kept getting hard countered so maybe legend next season

  76. sraavan k より:

    I am a big fan of urs

  77. sraavan k より:

    Hi man how to submit battles

  78. Shaurya より:

    Ahaha bye bye snorlax

  79. Sangita Ch より:

    Focus blast hypno, you’ve been warned! Vibes again less go

  80. Cristhian Enríquez より:

    1:51 Boom!

  81. Jandhyala Krishna Sandilya より:

    7th this time. Love u bro

  82. Justin Bertram より:

    How was your community day Z?
    I got my second ever shlundo!

  83. SFC POKEMON GO より:


  84. BAJ 2018 より:

    Bittersweet about JFarm Zyonik, but I get it. I thank your GOAT for working with me to get Legend Yesterday in the Kanto Cup.

  85. BlazeAlphx より: