iPogo Menu/ Settings explained. Pokémon Go Spoofing


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  1. Lord Speks より:

    9.5 movement speed is best for hatching eggs hatches the 7km eggs in 10 minutes

  2. Ansel Malven より:

    Does anyone now how to fix it

  3. Ansel Malven より:

    It always says “ this app cannot be installed because integrity could not be verified

  4. Monika Lopez より:

    Thank you for the explanation! Greatly appreciate it! Also used the computer method to get the app. Worked perfectly. Still got nervous downloading that little program to my computer but so far no random virus 😆 Also gonna download this to my iPad so my niece can play with me. That’s exciting. We can finally play and I dont have to ask permission to take her out poke hunting.. now we can do it in the comfort of our home 🙂

  5. LightFireGr より:

    Nice vid

  6. cookieBeHot より:

    how do you find the spoofers without pc?

  7. Simon Albrecht より:

    Whenever I try to download the IPA it says “this file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action” any ideas on what to do there?

  8. Gavincrowley1 より:

    Hey just doing the pc method the device won’t register after I’ve dragged ipogo into the ipa

  9. Omar Rodas より:

    I cant put anything on the idevice in sideloadly pls help

  10. Cameron Merrill より:

    Please find a spoof that works currently

  11. HDog09 より:

    I spoof in spain theres so many pokestop clusters of like 40 then like 30 gyms and always atleast 20 have raids with max players aswell and all pokestops have lures 24/7

  12. cookieBeHot より:

    please link me to your spoofer