Android SafetyNet ByPass & CTS Profile False Fix | Zygisk | NO Magisk Hide | Android 12 | Nov 2021


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  1. Prasanna Naik より:

    Hey deny list = magisk Hide please reply

  2. Errar 007 より:

    I tried all steps, but still getting CTS Profile Check error, other conditions are passed, help!

  3. MS Pathan より:

    This is really an insane technique. Thanks bro

  4. Harshvardhan より:

    Great 👍

  5. Thanish Rao より:

    Hey munchy, just wanted to confirm. So if i am on Magisk v23.0, I won’t be able to install safetynet-fix-v2.2.0 right? It only works with the latest canary build?

  6. aman barkhane より:

    CTS profile problem not solve

  7. Stuart Connell より:

    Strange, I followed everything as you showed and I passed all the Safetynet tests, but it still says the device is not certified in Play Protection certification. Will that be a problem?

  8. evansicaria より:

    Yesterday i installed pixel experience. I like it. But my device has not got magisc and it is not rooted. This is ok right? I don’t want rooted phone

  9. 704T3X より:

    im on android 12(sparkos) and it still fails(only cts)

  10. Ansar M N より:

    SBI card app not working

  11. ʀʝ ƈɦǟӄʀǟɖɦǟʀɨ より:

    A12 Working ??

  12. James Taftsiou より:

    On the money Munchy!

  13. Q Mini より:

    Munchy ,i already install zygis but it doesnt show up ..any solutions?

  14. Dark Vortex より:

    Thanks munchy, another awesome video, always looking out for us, as always, great content!😉😸

  15. Bagus Wijaya より:

    cts profile still not passed on custom roms android 12

  16. Manoj Sharma より:

    Magisk hide is now deny list

  17. Harsh Sharma より:

    Hey man I see that you are a big F1 fan from your past videos ! I just wanted to ask you whom do you support Lewis or Max ??

  18. Chisom Godswill より:

    Doesn’t work for Redmi note 8.🥺

  19. Tejapraveen Gummala より:

    Thanks man 😄 for spoon feeding 😊😊😊, very clear 👍👍👍

  20. Amrit Kumar Sahoo より:

    Zygisk name is dope 🔥🔥🔥

  21. Zain Ali より:

    Please make tutorial to install ported twrp in Tecno Spark 7.

  22. Anish katuwal より:

    mine magisk shows magisk installed: N/A.
    plz help

  23. Ayush Guleria より:

    Any alternative for recording video in 4k 60fps in poco x3 pro?
    Any good app or trick will be appreciated .

  24. Mr Anonymous より:


  25. Joban Virk より:

    My security patch is from april 2020 is it one of the reason no methods work for me ? Also my evaluation type is basic instead of hardware

  26. Uxtrom Tech より:

    I bypassed safety net by pixel 5 props magisk module 😎

  27. Uxtrom Tech より:

    Awesome 😎

  28. Dhruvil Patel より:

    can this pass safetynet in china beta?

  29. Rohit Konalikar より:

    Currently i am on pixelplus ui , I tried all custom roms thinking to go back to miui knowing it’s not good😅

  30. Julian Stephen より:

    Splendid … Thanks for the info Boss…just what I was looking for 😏

  31. Ashok S より:

    Bro i have Android 10.. magisk hide is still there for me.. safety net is passed for me.. do i have to update magisk app ?

  32. Nikk Swarnkar より:

    Can u please make video on custom rom available for realme x7 max

  33. Zark. より:

    Ninja always ahead of the crowd 👀

  34. Rohit Konalikar より:

    Munchy sir which Android version do you prefer more 11 / 12 for custom roms

  35. munchy より:

    *Join Munchy’s Telegram Channel (NOT a group)*

    *Follow me on Twitter for latest updates:-*

    *Other things to try?* Rename Magisk App from Magisk Settings
    *Will this work on xx rom/device/oem etc etc?* TRY, its FREE

  36. Nobin Pramanik [Prince] より:

    Love from Bangladesh

  37. Apoorva ✨ より:


  38. Avinash K より:

    1sttt 😁