Rooting Any Android Without PC/Only 5 Minute Safe iroot Best Rooted App Magic Supersu Mtkeasysu 2021


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  1. tanim ¥ より:

    Vi Samsung m02 2 .32 rooting video please

  2. MskFinn より:

    Work in Poco M3 Pro?

  3. PANDA より:

    How to Vivo v9 root bro?

  4. GILL Tv より:

    Redmi note 8 mai hoga

  5. TankMan より:

    I want to root my phone this root method is it safe?

  6. hưu phu より:

    Oppo a9 ar11

  7. Gila Lu より:

    Is it safe no spyware ?

  8. It's Drakko より:

    worst video on whole YouTube

  9. It's Drakko より:

    SuperSu can’t use because root undetected

  10. টপ হিরো より:

    opp a 37 fw

  11. টপ হিরো より:

    আমার ফন রুট হয়না

  12. RED ZONE より:

    It’s fake video waste data ishne pehle see phone root hai faltu fake apk dikhake ke karta hai Abe sun Bhai agar Terr ko root video banana hai na to eshi device la jo ki non rooted ho aur usko root karke dikha nibeee😂😂😂

  13. ASWINARYT より:

    Fake this channel all video don’t watch

  14. Tiyasa Ojha より:

    Bhai oppo a83 root process dakhan pls

  15. muskan nishad より:


  16. Village Fishing 42 より:

    বাহ অাপনি খুব অাকর্ষনীয় ভিডিও তৈরি করেছেন। প্রিয় খুব সুন্দর ভিডিও, অামি নতুন সাব……অামি সম্পূর্ন দেখেছি, অাপনি এত অাকর্ষনীয় ভিডিও~~~~~~~-~~~~~-~

  17. YouTubeBishal より:

    does it work in oppo f9?

  18. Milan Bariha より:

    Infinix smart hd x612b nehi horahe bhaiya

  19. ꧁༻SatanGaming༺꧂ より:

    Root Realms Android 10 🙏

  20. elmer sarita より:

    what’s the 2nd song title bro? thank you hope you notice.

  21. RANDOM POST より:

    which is your device and which Android version?

  22. Wahidur Rahman より:

    Please make a video on 1 app using 🙏🙏🙏

  23. YouTube YT より:

    Bahi thanks Apko tumhe shotout

  24. Mattshadow Mattshadow より:

    Today I’m early hope this time work