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  1. angel より:

    it says that i need an internet connection so i’m assuming that i’m blacklisted. could you tell me how to fix it? or link me to a video where youve already said it?

  2. SBUK69 より:

    Zinitevi is down, any news ya Gooner 🥺😆x

  3. MJ Made in a factory より:

    Any update for ZiniTevi please

  4. claude blair より:

    Any news on zin tevi?

  5. J-Funk より:

    Do you know how to manually put the iPod Touch 7G into safe mode?

    When I downloaded Xen HTML it made my ipod permanently freeze. I had to reboot it. I can jailbreak it again but Xen HTML will still appear and mention to me that I have to download it from the official repo.

    When I apply the jailbreak again the ipod will automatically be frozen because of Xen HTML. I am not blaming you. I love your channel.

  6. J-Funk より:

    Best ios channel

  7. Zeeshan C より:

    can u find a movie app can’t find one anywhere, zini can’t fink a link just takes me to appstore and says not available

  8. Jamil A より:

    Dropped to say hi 🤚 everyone

  9. LuDi 1878 upthetoffees より:

    why is every app on every one of ur vids always blacklisted for me lmao

    ty tho

  10. Marko より:

    Tysm, but when i open the app, it crashes. Do u have a fix 4 that

  11. B Lt より:

    App open close super fast doesn’t work mate

  12. Thom より:

    It loads then crashes what should I do? (Not jailbrocken)

  13. Crystal Marie より:

    I was just about to look for a new pokemon go spoofer and this was at the top of my video subscription list! thank you!

  14. LusiWasTaken より:

    What’s the best emulator

  15. Hasan23 より:

    The pokemon app just doesn’t show after I’ve installed it and verified. It isn’t anywhere on my phone

  16. Samantha Memory-Brooks より:


  17. waleed707ksa より:

    I am in iOS 15.1 and the app crashes is there a reason (never jailbroken)?

  18. DAVID FARLEY より:

    Is it safe for me to jailbreak using the untested mode, partially jailbroken for 14.7 on iphone 8 plus?

  19. LusiWasTaken より:

    Will this do anything to my phone

  20. Sonny Howe より:

    The pokemon app crashes every time I open it what do I do

  21. KingAceto より:

    I’m not jailbroken and I haven’t been downloading tweaked apps since Apple started blacklisting apps but the Pokémon go app logo isn’t there and whenever I click on it it just closes out. Does this mean that iPoGo is blacklisted for me? I certified everything as well

  22. youneskh より:

    It need internet… verify… etc… im not blacklisted right ?

  23. Micah A より:

    It just downloads a Zeus config file? For me anyway

  24. Caaz より:

    Ipogo doesn’t work!, it says the internet connection is requried.

  25. Schmxk より:

    Dino, any news on jailbreak for 14.7.1 – 15.1? It’s been a while since you said anything about it, any news would be greatly appreciated just so we’re kept in the loop too, thanks in adavance bud! 🙂

  26. krazyman c より:

    hi what about zini

  27. sharafaddin Jaly より:

    Ive Been blacklisted.

  28. Quinntillion より:

    It’s telling about the internet required stuff but I also forgot to delete the new tutubox in a 50 hour period could that be the case?

  29. sharafaddin Jaly より:

    Cashes on iPhone 11

  30. Big Uce より:

    Ty bruh 🙏🏼😊

  31. Lord Atlas より:

    Any news about a no computer Fugu14?

  32. BigBoyBean より:

    Since I’m early I’ve been wanting to ask you so basically I’m jailbroken and I’ve been trying to play CSR Racing 2 but it crashes and I don’t know which jailbreak bypass im supposed to get

  33. Bryan Cool Acosta より:

    Is revoked

  34. Dana Jacksi より:

    what happened to omega project?

  35. steven diaz より:

    When is coming out the app for the free movie iPhone13 Promax ?

  36. senspirit より:

    also thanks man! it worked

  37. UnKnown より:

    Bro if I download the ipogo it kicks me out

  38. KillJoyLemonUwU より:

    Any way to do it for Pikmin ?

  39. Umair Zamir より:

    Finna try rn, better not not work

  40. UnKnown より:


  41. User より:

    *Fun Fact: You can’t breathe while smiling*
    Just kidding i wanted u to smile 💕

  42. Mighty Mike より:

    Been waiting this for ages 🙏🏻

  43. TK TK より:

    Thank you so much

  44. senspirit より:

    nice n early 😉

  45. Olti.pubgmobile より:

    hello dino

  46. Yousouf Hussain より:

    Love your videos.

  47. DinoZambas2 より:

    Thanks for watching :”) NEW Videos
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