I Caught Shiny Virizion, Cobalion & Terrakion Before This Video Even Started – Pokemon GO


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  1. Chandan Kar より:

    Terrakion is top 1 in fighting type raid attecker now excluding shadow

  2. Ali Zubair より:

    How come you didn’t play the safari zone?

  3. Arceus より:


  4. miffychansey Wel より:

    Hi Brandon. Try pronouncing it : the-there-nay ( dedenne)😀😀😀😀

  5. Xx_Bones 𖤐 より:

    I’m not bothering catching these waiting for Giovanni to return!!

  6. FdR NGM より:

    Dee-Den-Nae … Say it with me, Dedenne

  7. Francis Mendoza より:

    I got a hundred percent blitzel and a hundred percent litwick to during this event congrats man

  8. Manish Rawat より:

    Bro please your id

  9. Krishnamohan Tiwary より:


  10. Sachu Gaming より:

    i caught cobalion in my first raid

  11. GBLmystic より:

    *_it is pronounced dead-en_*

  12. AlexBoiYuh より:

    my dad got a hundo virizion and i don’t even have any hundo

  13. Noxious より:

    My first virizion is a hundo

  14. Pokemon by Aman より:

    Watching after 20 min after uploading

  15. Hyper-_- duck69 より:


  16. Hyper-_- duck69 より:

    Why do u say it so weird it deddyen

  17. Shubhodeep Chattopadhyay より:

    I was in a Cobalion raid with you today! Shout out from India 🇮🇳

  18. Stijn Vandenberghe より:

    I got in the morning a shiny terakion

  19. Sangram Dutta より:

    Yesterday Got shiny Cobalion from GBL rewards just after completing a Cobalion raid ✌️😀

  20. menego-btw_ より:

    New iPad? 👀👀

  21. Jan Ďurk. より:

    3:17 Max level 20 terrakion is actually 2113cp

  22. Isszzc Harrison より:

    The little rat pokemon I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced “deh-den-ay”

  23. NishantPro08 より:

    I got my first Shundo from task ❤️❤️

  24. NishantPro08 より:

    How to get your trainer code please tell me sir

  25. Ka Lee より:

    Saw you putting 3 snow lures at Dhoby just now ☺️

  26. King Leo より:

    96% shiny terrakian yesterday! Good enough for me

  27. Zayed Al Ali より:

    That is wrong info dude
    Terrakion 100iv is 2113 not 2026

  28. krty hau より:

    brandon the screen is a bit blur

  29. Dominik Marx より:

    #Swordofjustice #SOJ

  30. sheena icay より:

    if you can not pronouce the name of pikemon, watch the anime you can learn how to pday it

  31. PG より:

    the video quality is much better with this new camera but it seems to have worse preamps for the audio. the audio in the latest videos have been a bit worse. Hope you can fix it otherwise i might be able to help you out 😀 great content otherwise and keep up the grind 🙂

  32. Giovanni2020 より:

    Looks good here

  33. joginder Malik より:

    we are crazy Still not found Shiny

  34. Sathis Waren より:

    I got myself a shiny cobalion in first try in gbl

  35. Kira より:

    Why not make a discord server?

  36. Dani より:

    can you do a Q&A video?

  37. Shrishant Talwar より:

    Sir ur looking lean, are you on diet

  38. Jak John より:

    Does anyone know why charizard mega evolutions are glitched for me not to be able to mega evolve even tho it says I have more than enough candy? Been like this for a while for everyone in my house pls help

  39. Dani より:

    video stabilization is way way better now and quality is so good. love the new camera

  40. 0shianGo より:

    I got like 2 shiny terrakion in a row

  41. Krishna より:

    Please upload GBL videos
    also GBL videos on your channel get much more views than normal videos
    So plz make GBL videos daily

  42. Bruh Moment より:

    got a shiny 98% iv virizion in my first virizion raid

  43. TOP "SMK" LEL より:

    it’s the-deh-ney (dedenne)

  44. Abdullah Irfan より:

    woah for you guys who didn’t get the tag bit I think its that he got a new hundo shadow mon

  45. Drip Monke より:

    I got my first terrakion and it was a weather boosted hundo 😀

  46. The Fallen One より:

    Yesterday I got my first and only shiny legendary (excluding celebi cause its a mythical) which is coballion. Pretty glad cause its my fav among the swords of justice. Worth sprinting for 3min to get to the raid

  47. Dedhia Sidhanth より:

    Was the mike picking up the car noise too much this time ? Or actually there was more background noise nearby ?

  48. TM AllBest より:


  49. Mike Poploski より:

    Don’t sleep on Terakion. If you watched the latest video from the Trainer Club, Sacred Sword has boosted Terakion big time.

  50. Dani より:

    hey brandon, can you make Pikmin Bloom videos?


    ❤️❤️ from India

  52. alexander medina より:


  53. Shanth Hastir より:

    I got back to back shiny terrekion and colbalion and back to back slaps from my friends i was raiding with

  54. Navin T より:

    Thalapathy vijay 🔥

  55. Rajib Kandel より:

    The pogo no.1 player,brandontan91

  56. meowcom07 より:

    power up video coming!!

  57. David Pinto より:

    That’s because where you live. Not because you are a good player. Anyone who lives where you live could make a living of doing Pokémon go videos. Meanwhile in Florida we have no Poké stops or gyms for about a mile from where we live. Totally unfair game.

  58. Steve Serio より:

    Hey all! I need a new friend for the hoopa research. TC 6209 4951 5598. Thanks Brandon for the amazing content! Happy Hunting.

  59. Ghosty FN より:


  60. Crazy Expert より:

    Will you use them in the ultra league ?
    I am eagerly waiting to see how they perform

  61. Pokémon go ANAND より:

    Bro can you please keep your coordinates in Singapore. Correct coordinates please 🥺🥺

  62. Faizan TA より:


  63. Shayden より:

    Can you show your pokedex sometime?

  64. Shubh Pandey より:

    Hi Brandon can you tell me your coordinates please reply please

  65. Brad Amor より:

    woooooooooooooh-ohhhhhhhhhhh nice one Brandon… PIKACHU fan here


    dedeanne= duh-da-nay

  67. Camden Gambrell より:

    I so happy because I caught a terrakion, 2 verizions, and a cobalion in that in go battle league.You can only imagine how excited I was😭

  68. drax より:


  69. Poke-chan より:

    Please pin this comment ❤️

  70. Maharshi Dalwadi より:

    Can you please make videos on how to make new friends for this game?

  71. hey woah より:

    My friend caught a shundo virizion yesterday

  72. Ralph Daniel より:


  73. Jammy ofc より:


  74. Rafat Hassan より:

    Got my first hundo legendary in my first cobalion raid yesterday 😌🤭

  75. Cartoon gamerz より:


  76. Boof 710 より:


  77. Sayan Saha より:


  78. PlayBoiBacon より:

    First and also love your vids!

  79. T-rex より:


  80. ASTON 618 より:


  81. Samurai _Axe より:


  82. meowcom07 より: