Pokémon GO | January 2020 Ban Wave | iSpoofer Red Warnings | Shadow Ban Explained


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  1. George Dimas より:

    He restored my account back *ALLONTOOLS* on *IG* is real and legit, I highly recommend him for account reaction services

  2. Chris M より:

    So is it safe to use again?

  3. Ricky Formosa より:

    can you still find shiny pokemon such as heatran while still in shadow ban? as i have done around 23 raids and still no shiny

  4. Jonathan Shearon より:

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  5. joey heckler より:

    “3:23” guys for working version I’m only using this: 𝐇𝐚𝐱𝐌𝐨𝐳.𝐂𝐨𝐦
    ඕනම කෙනකුට බොහෝ සම්පත ලබා ගත හැකිය

  6. dagmar winbush より:

    “1:49” I’m super excited after hours trying this works for me 🅷🅰🆇🅼🅾🆉.🅲🅾🅼
    ඕනම කෙනකුට බොහෝ සම්පත ලබා ගත හැකිය

  7. Julio Ortega より:

    I got hit the Saturday

  8. Ugly outlaw より:

    Hey guys I got my first warning on my account and the com day is less than 7 days away can I still get shinies

  9. Nick より:

    I play on my other account and trade the shinys to my main account.

  10. Ben Patterson より:

    Just down loaded the spoofer 3 days ago……I utilize the buddy and all aspects of it….Following the recommended cool down protocol. Within a day myself and a friend that showed me the app and how to use it got the red flag warning. That is as of March 31st.FYI….Yea it really sucks.
    I use an Auto walker ( Phone Rocker) and a duel account go catch. I like the game and spend money on it for box’s eat. Its kind of BS that their imposed limitations still allow you to spend your money on their crap.

  11. R BR より:

    You guys all deserve it.

  12. XKillSwitchX - より:

    So if we play legit after rw can we avoid any ban??

  13. Ghost Penguin より:

    Got it last night. After I tried to get my buddy out for some Candy.

  14. Darren Parkton より:

    Anymore know if you would be able to encounter giratina in the battle league with a softban?

  15. Kane Callaway より:

    can u still get shinys from raids on first rw

  16. Alex より:

    Got hit with a 7 day warning last Wednesday. Deleted spoofer and played legit for a week. Today got hit with another RW. Not spoofing at all. So confused

  17. Passit2wes より:

    Both of my accounts got banned today. And I have been using the buddy system for a while now.

  18. Frank より:

    i.am going to try ITOOLS i heard that is safe

  19. Jose Hernandez より:

    They do get whipped out after a year. Cuz I had 2 strikes a year ago and now I just got the first strike.

  20. Haruto より:

    Is ispoofer stealing users data?

  21. ItsKennyy より:

    Brad I need help. If I used the buddy system like my buddy is out running on the map because I feed it 3 berrys will I get a rw or I’m safe? Please answer

  22. Notice Me Onii-Chan より:

    I mainly spoof because the area I am in there’s only like two spins and three jeans and a little further down you have to walk a good distance I mean a very good long distance to reach these nine spins and two gyms I know some people have it worse but that’s just why some of us Spoof and I have to even do it on my man sometimes I’m rarely ever in the city area because when I’m working I mainly in the area that’s dead and I’m usually working inside of a building up to over 12 hours a night I barely have time to play so I play on my break while I’m spoofing

  23. Matt Raymond より:

    banhammer hit gyms in my area lost several even in parks. game is harder to play raid flash mobs arnt appreciated. they need to embrace spoofing. sad time for legit play too.

  24. Fallecent より:

    I got my first 7 day ban last week I spoofed once while on my ban to do an ex raid. after my 7 day ban I got another 7 day ban on the same account really confused

  25. CRUZ VLOGS より:

    Got mine today😢

  26. Orbslmao より:

    I got one today and I re downloaded it today

  27. Vivi Donner より:

    Can I get right away permanently banned when my main acc is into the same IP address as my 2nd account on with iSpoofer? I just wanted to try it out and now I‘m very scared. Can they find out my main acc with the device ID from the 2nd account and permanently ban my main account?

  28. MidnightCry7 より:

    I got hit last week Monday. Got back on it last Tuesday.

  29. PepeHoeYourBitch より:

    I got 30 day banned 😔

  30. Jacob S より:

    Sunny SF? That’s first time i’ve heard that.

  31. MSTYoshi より:

    If you read their discord and others that are included in IS you can clearly see what happened here the evidence for this keeps building …IS clearly wants us to pay more to download their Alt link or IPA store so they made 3.4.6 RW trigger for this on DD links for all to push sales ….read into it the IS mods will not release a formal announcement cause they know their customers will be pissed and it’s bad for buisness … anyone who challenges this get banned from their sever ….the buddy system has nothing to do with the RW as I have accounts that haven’t touched it and still got RW wake up folks …need eveidence I have stacks

  32. theycallmeskinny より:

    Two of five accounts got the hammer

  33. Apollo より:

    I got one this morning for 7 days

  34. Master Jobra より:

    Is having Poké Genie a problem? I’m hearing/reading so many conflicting reports. Any help would be appreciated.

  35. kirby encalada より:

    Yea … I have 2 accounts . My main account got the rw on the first wave my second 1 came in today b4 community day … I don’t think it has anything to do with the buddy system … I only used the buddy system on my second account when it first came out ..I think it’s the amount of time you stay in a place after spoofing ..

  36. Delta より:

    Can you still trade and not get a RW?

  37. Jude Hawthorne より:

    My main got hit with the red warning. I’ve only been spoofing for a couple of months, always careful about cooldowns. The baby account I also spoofed with is still fine. The only difference between the accounts is that buddy system. Could be a coincidence, but idk.

  38. The Disco Timelord より:

    My iPad account got hit with the 5 day ban.
    The next day they 5 day banned my sons iPad account.

    My android account is fine.

    All 3 accounts have been logged into ispoofer at some point so I have no idea why the account logged into my android phone has not been 5 day banned as well.

    I’m assuming they are not checking an accounts history, just what it is doing now.

    Just thought I’d share my experience with spoofing and a non spoofing account.

  39. D Van peer より:

    I have iT a weak ago and it stays on ‘1 more day What does this mean iT Goes not Away

  40. Miss Natalie Babii より:

    Omg I just realized it’s YOU!! Omg I totally just came across your channel by coincidence last night! I was literally going to ping you right after I finished watching this video because you’re my guru lol!! I totally just realized it’s you! Lol I’m so excited I’ve been watching some of your videos and I just put it together 😅 lol!!
    I’m so happy I found your channel. #SUBSCRIBED🎉😘❤️

  41. Patti Bennett より:

    They’re still handing out warnings. 1/18/20 I just got one tonight. I deleted ispoofer and installed the legit game as soon as I heard about the ban wave around 5 days ago. It’s not over yet.
    Edited to add that I only spoof locally, cooldowns generally less than 30 seconds, I don’t take pictures or use the buddy system on spoof accounts.

  42. terro1990 より:

    I think too it is the AR system, i use 4 phones w/ ispoofer and the 2 that gor red warnings were those with AR symstem, the old telephones skip the AR so for them was OK

  43. CROB923 TESNO より:

    Just got my first one ever since the beginning of the game and spoofing availability 💔 I’m at 37 live in a community where as most who spot have 1 stop miles away fml

  44. Damian Cross より:

    what about latios latias raid?

  45. The So Pro Artist より:

    I’ve been testing it and it does feel like geo tags on pics. I was using two accounts to test. 1 used the buddy system with pics and the other without taking pics. The one without pics is still fine. I walked with both, fed both, battled etc n, just didn’t take pics on the second one. I WAS still on the old version of Ispoofer in the beginning though so that could also be a thing. This is my first shadow ban tho so I’m just gonna give it the day to wear off (6 days have passed)

  46. mandee88 より:

    I haven’t gotten a rw but I’m going to take a break to be safe. 2 of my friends got the warnings. I’d love to know why them and not me? They do constantly hop around from region to region and I tend to stay in one place for a decent amount of time.

  47. Ibearound より:

    Everybody’s not getting red warnings & since I’m not the type to snitch on myself. That’s all I’m say.

  48. Unown user より:

    iPogo users aren’t receiving Red Warnings, they’re just getting permabanned.

  49. Drakil Pogo より:

    only 1 accounts Hit by RW out of 9 accounts only what i did i catched a Shiny and lay it away so i logged out i quit spoofing when i had second strike and play legit on it

  50. Dylan Laverty ASMR より:

    Got it this morning. Kudos from Oshawa

  51. killingerk より:

    I don’t know how you have so many sub your voice doesn’t even match up

  52. Brandon1267 より:

    Where should I look to see if ispoofer is safe after I take a break?

  53. Brandon1267 より:

    Might just stop playing after getting the rw.. it’s too cold to walk around long enough to get anything done here and I get bad service inside malls and etc…

  54. Delta Fox より:

    thing about legit players getting hit even if you use any third party app that isn’t linked to Niantic or pokemon Co. It will stike you. My friends that are legit use an iv checker and other stuff (not to sure haven’t seen them since dec com day), and they got hit and I didn’t but I never use iv checkers, maps, or spoofed soooo idk. Neither do my friends ive had since day one of pogo, and none of them have been hit either so idk.

  55. Andrew Coxwell より:

    Me and my girlfriend have a theory about this wave. Everyone is getting first strikes even if they had strikes prior. What we think is that Niantic is trying to collect data on how much money would be lost if they stop spoofing entirely. They give everyone a one week ban right before community day, which is when they make the most money. By comparing it to last community day they’ll be able to see what percentage of revenue is legit and what percent is from spoofers.

  56. Ti Tra より:

    I dont use the buddy system at all and still got banned

  57. Matthew Adams より:

    So you said delete ispoofer when you get a rw I haven’t gotten a warning should I delete it and redownload it again?

  58. koen bloeme より:

    I got hit by the red warning, the strange thing is, i dont spoof and i never did before😅

  59. keyair123 より:

    I got hit this morning. The strange thing about it is that I had initiated the buddy play system for the first time 10 minutes prior.
    fkn niantic..they like my money..but they’re handing out bans like candy