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【チャンネル名 The Trainer Club】

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  1. Luis Estrada より:

    I’ll be in Fairmont Park Friday. I live in Philly so hopefully see yall there.

  2. Bigpappa 420 より:

    I in joy your show and to let u know that and have some questions u can answer for me to understand them thank u have a great day

  3. ellobo1314 より:

    I completely forgot about this… I better check my ticket

  4. Matthew Mossa より:

    can you play anywhere? and how do i get the ticket?

  5. Nikolaos Spathis より:

    I don’t understand why we can’t buy a ticket even if we want to.

  6. Zahiri Muroki より:

    🤑Niantic hides shinnies behind a paywall😥In 2021 we only have 3 available Halloween costumes Pokémon🥱In 2020 we have like 6 and were better😡Go battle league matchmaking sucks👾Full of errors & cheaters😖FOMO🥶Shiny gambling scam🤮🎟️& sponsors is enough😱#FreeRaids #FreeHome

  7. Starcoffin より:

    4:34 – Me too kid!

  8. Erik Elston より:

    Billy, I was only able to play the Liverpool event for the one day that my original ticket was for. Do you know anything about why this would have happened?

  9. Jamie Obando より:

    I know is the second time for this event. But I do hope we have boosted shiny rates! Going hard on the grind!

  10. Mason500 より:

    Can i still buy a ticket?

  11. jimbea より:

    See you Fri

  12. Zebstrika Girl より:

    Sadly can’t go. But we have tickets so we will play at home. The event times just didn’t work out for us to get off work

  13. Mario Zamudio より:

    BILLY! You are the Fn MAN! Love the content always giving us the best tips. Thanx for elevating all of our gameplay! COME TO FRESNO!! You’ll be good with us don’t gotta worry about getting robbed🤣🤣

  14. Fishgills より:

    I really like the spawns but I can’t travel

  15. Fishgills より:

    I need to be In Philadelphia?

  16. Duncan Kelly より:

    Moved out of philly at the wrong time😭

  17. Chris Topher より:

    I really hope they change the spawns for the STL one cause right now its boring.

  18. Jonathan Vail より:

    Im not going to this one. But hope you would invite to raids

  19. Masham Gaming YT より:

    Bro you forgot about wingull into peliper good for GL

  20. ShadowDeath Gaming より:

    Are there spawns for non tickets holders

  21. Haunter HD ! より:

    Canceling only play it in Philadelphia?

  22. Disney Mom Rachel より:

    So stoked! I’m flying out tomorrow. Hopefully I can finally get my shiny krabby!!!!

  23. Cameron Harrington より:

    What confuses me is I remember last year during my ticket time I was only seeing regular field research tasks like the spinda quest, curveballs for pokeballs, 3 great throws for Lileep, Anorith, etc. I did do a regular 5 nice throws quest which was voltorb at the time.. And it was shiny because of the boosted rates lmao.

  24. Andy Biz より:

    I was so pumped to go to this when it originally was scheduled, and this year I can’t go 🙁

  25. Cosplay Candy Land より:

    We moved to another part of the US recently, seeing Philly in the background is so nice haha the only thing I heard at the beginning was all shiny except litwick 🤣 wondering if I’ll see my hardcore pogo friends in vlogs again 🧐

  26. FanaticFlow より:

    There were only 2 photobomb encounters for Rufflet last year, not from field research

  27. The Trainer Club より:

    Last Years Safari Zone Vlog: https://youtu.be/pasKDRJfHOc

  28. Jupiter Blitz より:

    If you don’t have a ticket, but you’re in Philly. Do you get anything from the safari or just Halloween spawns?

  29. PokemonTom215 より:

    Can all the unowns b shiny??

  30. PokemonTom215 より:

    I’ll be there Sat …im.from philly…

  31. Chelsea dyana より:

    Awesome I’m ready!!!

  32. Josh Kelley より:

    Let me know if it works I’ll take the drive up from nh to play with you

  33. DEADEYEVX より: