I Went to Lavender Town to Catch Some Ghost Pokemon, Walk & Talk – Pokemon GO


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  1. Henrique Leitao より:

    keep it going man.halloween is beeing a little annoying

  2. RavenRealEstate より:

    I really love your contents and all, every night its like in my schedule to watch your videos!

  3. Oi Baba Yaga より:

    Is there a way to remove your Pokémon from a gym . Mines been in one for over 2 months i want him back lol

  4. Borni より:

    I will save some Pokemon till the XL CDay in November. Then I have high chances to gain XL Candy for good Pokemon, primary for my shadow 96% Weavile and Machamps. I hope my storage doesnt explode

  5. Borni より:

    My target was 296 Gastly XL for my 100 IV Gengar/Mega Gengar. I try to grind some more. Right now I have 384 so its okay I think.

  6. Björn より:

    Helllllllo guyyyys I enjoy watching the video just for this beginning. Greetings from Germany

  7. Poké Maniac より:

    Tirtharaj Da did give a good tip…He is a hard grinder and am lucky that he is my friend in POGO.😁

  8. Danny Swash より:

    Good to see you happier mate ❤️

  9. Vilonis より:

    trevanent is a beast in ultra league

  10. Ichiban Aries より:

    Man my most biggest problem is running out of revive stones

  11. KAVEH08 より:

    bruh i need that gastly iv caught like 400 so far without one!

  12. Penny Coco より:

    Wow, I really envy that you can just walk around at that time of the morning. I miss that about Singapore.

  13. Sho ken Rip より:

    any1 trade me some legendary pokemon or shiny I want it n I don’t have any thing to offer 😅

  14. WizE Eddy より:

    I really wonder why you’re using the Pokeball Plus over the other accessories for PoGo. I have a feeling its beause, its the only one that you can make autocatching (That is legally made) from the DEVs, but i have no clue :S

  15. Haley Zachary より:

    Should definitely do more walk and talks

  16. FdR NGM より:

    Hand prints are always on the car, people going in and out, touch the windows etc.. The fog just helped them became visible.

    But that was an interesting story. Ghostly presence of P. O. Ws is Lavender ‘Town’ at 3am in the morning 😱

  17. Jeff Smalarz より:

    the event has been good for me. Shinies caught: 2 spinarak, 2 yamask, spiritomb, costume drifblim, snorlax, zubat, tangela, and shuckle. Hundos: stunky, purrloin, snubbull. I still haven’t gotten a shiny giratina or darkrai though.

  18. deci623 より:

    I have a 0-15-14 phantrump should I evolve

  19. Daniel より:

    I also love playing at night but you never explained why you were playing at 3am lol usually there’s a reason lol

  20. POKE AD より:

    You are the best!

  21. _BROKEN_HEART _🖤✨ より:

    Hi bro can we play together

  22. Coco より:

    I really love this kind of video

  23. smaery より:

    I love your intro in this video OoOoOoOoOoOoO!!!

  24. PebbleLiege より:

    Here after I just caught Hoopa

  25. Adrian B より:

    That Spinarak won the raid for you 🤣

  26. Krish Patel より:


  27. Luan X より:

    Goddamit Brandon… Seeing you burning caxis on those gym Pokemons HURTs!

  28. Hyperion より:

    Always love the walk and talk! I’ve had multiple spooky things happen to me when I was younger as well as my mom when she was younger. We love this time of year so we can tell our ghost stories!

  29. JCL より:

    got all the 3 new event hat pokemons, including shundo drifblim and a 96 iv darkrai


    Can’t wait for the camer/new iPad video 🎃😍😍😍

  31. Shravan Subramanian より:

    Brandon, why don’t you go live on twitch?

  32. David Pinto より:

    What a shit ass event

  33. Van Sulli より:

    Hope holloween day maybe grind and history story at Har Par Villa 👍👍

  34. Gio Garcia より:

    yo brandon these walk and talks are for sure a nice touch the channel. good stuff bro

  35. Hal Snate より:

    If i was walking around at 3am i would be looking back the whole video 🤣🤣

  36. Some Random Dude より:

    Nice perspective

  37. The Willow より:

    Its 3 am and hes soaked. So glad I dont live there lol

  38. Charlie Birch より:

    I use lavender air freshener to block out my farts 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Dragapult V MAX より:

    i loved the halloween event

  40. Miles Dehner より:

    0409 2516 2248

  41. TiTO より:

    I have the exact same rank 2 phantum 😂

  42. Abhinav S より:

    There is a thing called spoofing 😂

  43. Ruslan Ostafiichuk より:

    You can filter out Super size with &!xxl

  44. Matt Bridges より:

    Event was ok, obviosly the ability to boost the ghost medal for those who need it was good, alongside some useful spawns (Gastly, Litwick).
    Felt there was yet another severe lack of diversity. Also think that the two new ghosts should have been present for the two weeks, though maybe that’s just me.
    Then we come back to the most pertinent issue, is that bar a few very rogue events, we’ll have to wait another year for these pokemon again, especially the Kalos ghosts.

  45. PEWGAMING より:


  46. Dominik Marx より:

    Thats nice

  47. Kiddo Monkou より:

    Omegalul on the creepy “oOoOoOoO” 😆

  48. Dominik Marx より:


  49. ncode03 より:

    Thank you for taking suggestions and sharing the story. I can see you got spooked a bit even after the finishing the story haha. The story was the best part of the video. Cheers dude

  50. Anthony Fok より:

    Lavender town is the place where all of the spirits’ of Brandon’s shiny pokemons lies when Brandon transferred them to Professor Willow XD

  51. Loraine Lynch より:


  52. MiracleStar07 より:

    First time seeing Brandon has not spinned some pokestop of Singapore

  53. Udajan Barua より:

    Why do you don’t raid nowadays in car.It looks more interesting when you play the game with your friends. The game looks more interactive with your friends . Hope you view my comment .

  54. OverDriveVGC より:

    I have i was playing basketball in a school courtyard with friends when i was in high school and it was pitch black there was a window next to the hoop and a doll looking out of the window we looked at it because we was curious the doll twisted his head around the freeky part is there was no hands touching it we could see the doll that was it

  55. Kevin Galloway より:

    Eh, Nobody cares what tour doing

  56. Dawid Reutt より:


  57. Benjamin Houchens より:

    Ooooooooo I love the intro always 😎💪

  58. IND KUNAL より:

    If anyone wants to sell account, do tell me, best prices 🔥

  59. Daniel Moreira より:

    Also you can check the size in height of the Pumpkaboo
    Small -> XS
    Average -> Nothing
    Large -> XL
    Super -> XXL

  60. shaquayquay より:

    Love the walk and talk videos

  61. GenerationXPvP より:

    These story time videos are the literal best.

  62. pokemon unity&pokemon go shorts より:

    U are really great Brandon tan 91

  63. Queen Nidi より:

    Can you give your trianer code pls sir

  64. Speck より:

    Nice idea, really loved watching the Video 👍❤️

  65. 🗡️Jeong insolence より:

    Que genial Brandon

  66. White Tiger より:

    Its the Halloween addition OOOOOOOOOO

  67. Tirtharaj Dasgupta より:

    Thanks Brandon sir for speaking about my comment ❤ I hope my tip was useful.. By the way, my name is pronounced in a different way 😅😅 But you mentioned about me.. It means a lot 🥰🥰🥰🥰
    Love from India 🇮🇳

  68. Lisa Mills より:

    Wow. I envy that you can walk around your country at that time of the morning and feel safe. There is no way in hell I would venture out alone like this where I live.

  69. ChrisThePokeguy より:

    did you have some sleep at all?

  70. Jevan danielle Goh より:

    I am earlyy finally

  71. Star Espeon 100 より:

    Yay. Brandon is from Singapore 🇸🇬. Can you guess what is my fav Pokemon. What is your fav

  72. 16 - Ekayan Ghosh より:

    In 3 mins

  73. Udajan Barua より:

    See you active looks good

  74. Phantom S2E より:

    The lavender town music hits nostalgic

  75. MNF より:

    Hey Brandon!
    I would love to do a raid with you, i always watch your videos to be up to date.
    If it‘s possible, just for 1 raid, pls send me a friend request 🙏🏼
    2272 1191 7983 – AshKetchumMNF
    Thanks! ☺️

  76. Calvin R. Johnson Jr. より:

    You have a pokemon town for real? You lucky man you

  77. Omer Mazor より:


  78. kjorvestad2345 Roblox より:

    I love how Brandon started the OOOOOOO

  79. VenesChin Hui Fun より:

    Did… You… Catch… Some… Ghost… Pokemon…?

  80. dank boi より:

    It’s all fun and games until the lavender town music hits

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