Shadow Scizor DESTROYS TEAMS in Halloween Cup! Pokémon Go Battle League!


【視聴数 2007】

【チャンネル名 ThoTechtical】

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  1. Lex Raven より:

    16:29 the best part !!!! :V

  2. iGotAux より:

    How did you unlearn frustration?

  3. Jaun Mirza より:

    Where scizor is squishy dont trust pvpoke gang at
    King scizor ruling Gbl
    Love running it in ultra league too
    Venusaur,fairies,dragon,poison gone plus night slash boost.. scizor is insane

  4. thegreatgambeeno より:

    I went 27-3 yesterday, two of three losses had Scizor in it. I’m running Goon-Azu-Wormadam. It just gets in and breaks up my team. A Drapion in the lead is my top left con XD

  5. matty J より:

    @14:45 There are 2 bugs that i really want fixed. Quite frustrating.

    – The Charge Move Refund (clicking a move when your opponent swops but doesn’t register)
    – Charge Move Buttons not appearing fast enough when swopping in a energy loaded Pokemon. (My Meganium loses CMP to EVERYTHING. Bastiodon, Azumaril, Umbreon, Jellicent. Just not fair

  6. Joshofalltradez より:

    This team is toxic and fun but it definitely makes people rage quit 😂

  7. GodzillaPGO より:

    I push up 270+ points today with Shadow Golbat, Crustle and Psychic umbreon hitting Veteran with 2.6k elo,i recomend that team it worked for me on all my sets

  8. Lukas el papi より:

    I have a cp 1500 rank 7 shadow scizor

  9. Realoc Pokefar より:

    Juist een 5 – 0 gedaan met Queen lead en mandi en drapion in the back.

  10. Txmxn より:

    Can I also use shadow Drapion cuz i have no regular? 🙂

  11. Jules Lou より:

    With my best buddies mawile i killed lot of shadow scizor and very quickly

  12. luvFinesse より:

    14:39 ThoRefundical

  13. FeelFrenk 008 より:

    Is there an eltarnative for sabeye? Thanks

  14. Alvin Whitehead より:

    Well u got a shadow Pokémon that I didn’t have, how much money did u spend on the game to get it, 200.00 dollars or did they have it for free?

  15. Alvin Whitehead より:

    Lucky u, I can’t even the first win!!!!!!

  16. john caleb より:

    i got into ace after a million years running anine queen and scrafty shessshhh

  17. BrijSheeeesh より:

    I’ve got Shiny Shadow Scizor, but just need a few more candies to second move it 😼

  18. JonkusPKMN より:

    He didn’t only steal my Scizor he also stole my 12 game win streak🌚
    It’s funny how often we do the same thing haha

  19. Kouna re-formed より:

    Tho, is there an alternative for drapion? I have my shadow build but it still has frustration

  20. Benjamin Schuck より:

    Okay fine I’ll build my shadow scizor (:

  21. Unlawful Pancakes より:

    I kept seeing this red bug of steel today.

  22. Papier より:

    I’ve got rank 6 shadow scizor but it so expensive

  23. Crepuscular より:

    I have a 15/14/15 shadow scyther. You think it’s worth it to evolve to scizor for great league?

  24. Jorge Lopes より:

    Great team migth try it myself.
    Great vids 😃😉

  25. Ратмир Шульга より:


  26. Matt Freeman より:

    Any alternative to Sabelye?

  27. Glazing Shadow より:

    what can i use instead of scizor?

  28. Pasta Gaming より:

    Just built my shadow scizor & was finding teams with it from an hour
    Finally got one team thanks. Lol

  29. James Matson より:

    I have a rank 1shadow scizor