Full Ghost Team & Halloween Cup Timed Research in Go Battle League in Pokemon GO


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【チャンネル名 BrandonTan91】

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  1. Shreedik Poudyal より:

    I got a shiny sableye

  2. Yuvraj CODM より:

    Best trio is golbat slurpuff and umbreon

  3. Souhardya's channel より:

    I caught 4 Giratina from go battle league of which 3 were shiny.

  4. VILACE16 より:

    I got a yamask shiny from the research rewards!

  5. Shazwan より:

    Why have return when u can change it like frustration

  6. Littlebird より:

    No shiny for me 🙁

  7. Kartickeswar Behera より:

    Please give your friends code please
    And why you like a cool person don’t reply comments .
    I am commenting on each and every battle that you do

  8. markieee より:

    my halloween go battle league party is alolan ninetales, qwilfish, and beedrill!

  9. SparkyFister より:

    Is scraggy viable?

  10. Moonlight3301 より:

    Well for me I struggle in Halloween Cup cause of the one pokemon called azumarill. Since I am running Crobat double dark (Mandibuzz and Goon) Crobat is my only answer to azu, and that is if it doesn’t have ice beam.

  11. ParthivPlayz より:

    This Intro never gets old.

  12. Chua Yu Jien より:

    Brandon, u should have wear a “ghost” shirt so it will be more suitable for this video😂

  13. Yuvaraj Visvanathan より:

    I love your shirt tho!

  14. Sanjeeth Kumar より:

    I got shiny yanmask

  15. Raghav Gupta より:

    The Most Anticipation Video ever Of Brandon tan

  16. Bikash Ranjan Biswas より:

    Bro opopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopiest video and opopopopopopopopooopoopooopopopopiest gameplay

  17. SparkyFister より:

    Why, tho?


    Brandon sir has more shiny than my all pokemons 😂

  19. Anas Abbasi より:

    i used sylveon , venusaur and weavile and won all 7 battles in a row

  20. Garett Friesen より:

    20:15 for the rewards

  21. Skanda Samarth.M より:

    Niantic in ultra unlock event : 10x xp for visiting the pokestop for the first time
    Brandon : This is useless , there is no pokestop that I have not visited in singapore


  22. jelle kooistra より:

    How much xp have you

  23. jo3. より:

    I’ve been doing a bunch of the challenges for the halloween event challenges!

  24. JCL より:

    Nice ghostly team. Would wanna see a triple dark team!
    (Obstagoon, drapion and sableye)

  25. Vhyncent Alvarado より:

    Can you do dark

  26. Garett Friesen より:

    Hundo unova yamask from the timed research

  27. CNE INSANE OP より:

    Hello brandon …. Lots of love from india…. Today is my birthday…. Can I get a shoutout?

  28. O P• R I C K Y _! より:

    I have got shiny gitatina just now 😍😍😍😍❤️
    First raid of the day

  29. yash9735 より:


  30. gaming world より:

    Brandon pls help me to reach one thousands subscribers it will help mw too much pls

  31. Jaheda Shaik より:

    Lol every opponent has a dark type😂😂 brandon you better use triple charm team and ruin the dark types

  32. VenesChin Hui Fun より:

    I just got A 100 IV giratina on first raid

  33. Ossian Rimner より:

    Spooky 👻

  34. Kage より:

    Happy Halloween Brandon 🎃

  35. ItzMeMarco より:


  36. Lucas Lim より:


  37. Karunya Ganesh より:

    how to get brandontan sir trainer code?

  38. Marsh より:


  39. Mr_FIERCE より:


  40. M Yasmin より:

    Nice video brandon keep it up