Google Log In PGSHARP | New PGSharp Update With Google LogIn Support – Use Google Account In PGSharp


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  1. Sadia Ramzan より:

    Ok i just watched your update on pgsharp/Google. Why do you feel more safer using fb login rather than Google? Is there higher chances of getting a ban or nitanic detecting spoofing more easier than fb login..if nitantic detect spoofing via Google, will the fb account be flagged up too???

  2. S56 Yashwanth S より:

    It’s very useful signing in with google but risk factor is high compared to Facebook login. 👏👏👏… Nice information


    Pg sharp key bay vido ms game Plz

  4. Christian Worrell より:

    This update brought us nothing but text updates in the loading screen, already emailed them a month ago telling em to bring auto catch to Sharp like SX for iphone have.🤞🏾💯

  5. Senthil Nathan より:

    NOW i,ll use pokewalk
    who like this update give like 2 ths message

  6. ᴩᴏᴋᴇ ɢᴏ ᴛʀᴀɪɴᴇʀ より:

    Ya it is usefull for me because i ‘m using pg by facebook account at 32nd level .my google’s non pg level is 17 .so I upgrade my google’ account. , Thanks for the information bro

  7. Senthil Nathan より:

    thanks boooooooooooooo

  8. mega vaayurai より:

    Bro you hundred percent sure it is safe

  9. Alisha dianah より:

    *OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–i got Free Gift Cards from 💜 **MEDGEN.XYZ** 💜*

  10. AJAY PRASAD より:

    so happy now i will be able to use defit

  11. Savita Joshi より:

    So can we now buy pokecoins by pg sharp??

  12. DV Gaming より:

    Let’s freakin goooo

  13. KingArtoriusTV より:

    Damn, Is Niantic losing control, or don’t care anymore, or these Pg guys really good..
    (Or is this a trap by Niantic)
    Im worried about this game now. as much as I like Pgsharp and used it a lot duing lockdown,
    this is pushing boundries.. Some of us are too excited we not not even thinking.. LOL

  14. viswanath peeta より:

    This update was very use full when compared to last two updates (pgsharp language changer and remember pokeball)

  15. Shantanu Yadav より:

    Now I can Spoof in my all alt account 🙃

  16. wilmar Lorelei より:

  17. Pokemon Dreams より:

    Bro waiting for your video for long time 😭and I think you will release video giritina about 🔥tips 🔥💯and waited and in 7 raid I got my✨ shiny✨ giritina😉 please heart♥️

  18. Mevengers より:

    It will help for new players

  19. Raj Shekhar Mahali より:

    Now it’s end for PGSHARP google sign in bad for spoofing 🥺

  20. Imagine Pokemons より:

    So no Need Of 🔥🎉😂Samsung Galaxy Pogo Apk😂🎉🔥

  21. Wanbhalang Haiong より:

    This will be useful for us

  22. Indian gamer1234 より:

    Best update for pgsharp

  23. Mukesh Kumar より:

    Exited for using defit in pg sharp

  24. Akma Mulya YT より:

    So we can connect to adventure sync?

  25. அ#MR TAMIL WORLD#ஃ より:

    This is not working for me

  26. Itzfaroff より:


  27. Sadia Ramzan より:

    Yesssss google link. Now account no 5 can come out to play .finally yessss
    I also hit level 50 with main
    Level 48 Alt
    My others are ptc login . Level 35’s

  28. T.nikhil より:

    Soooo use fulllllllllll broooooooooooooooo


    Wow super bro🤩
    Thx for the information 🥰
    Bro,you said that now we can use defit in pgsharp,will you make a vedio of you,using it😇

  30. Shawn Escobar より:

    Yes finally google support💥

  31. Srikar Korlam より:

    This means can we use defit along with pgsharp app???

  32. Matei Rusu より:

    That means we can connect to Adventure Sync?

  33. Pokemany0987 より:


  34. Narasayya Vajja より:

    Bro Is It Safe To Log In With Google Account?

  35. Rudraksh Chauhan より:

    Congo bro on 40 k subs I knw I m late 😭cause of weddings

  36. P.M.Deepak Venkatesh より:

    Does beta version has any gains for us?

  37. அபிஷேக் சேனல் より:

    Hi bro

  38. Prince Sahil より:

    Op bro

  39. Prakash Sadhukhan より:


  40. Rashmi Dhiman より:

    Bro agar aa bhi gaya to kya hoga kyunki isme ham account to shift kar nahi sakte

  41. Lmfao より:


  42. Subhakanta Mohapatra より:


  43. The Savior Blader より:

    A heart😅?

  44. Siva Rajan より:

    Bro ❤️ in my comment

  45. MR. Poke Gamer より:


  46. SYED JAFFAR01 より:

  47. VINCENZGO より:


  48. Nafis Tareque より:

    Lets gooooooooo. This will be sooo useful

  49. 😈 Imagine Pokemons 😈 より:

    After a long time

  50. Lakshay Baskotra より:

    First 😇☘️

  51. Raj Aryan より:

    First view