*NEW* Galarian Slowking In Halloween Cup GO Battle League for Pokemon GO


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【チャンネル名 Poké AK】

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  1. YokaiByte より:

    Be aware of the random glitch if you catch 30 poison and 30 psychic Pokemon.

    When evolving g-slow it will be a random g-bro and not the one you may want.

    Water Gun would have maybe been I deal for G-King.

  2. _Wordy_ より:

    Okay what the f*** is with GBL today. First two sets – 4/5 wins. Then the little circle in the corner started spinning. I was tapping on charge moves meanwhile my opones did like 4 more fast moves. Last battle I had mirror match froslass (both full healths). When my oponent threw shadow ball I wasn’t even half way on reaching mine. So i won just 3/15 remaining battles 🙂 so great

  3. Roki Asano より:

    I feel you. Ever since I reached expert, most of my matches are hard countered 🙁 I dropped at 2180+ haha

  4. Jesse 2raw より:

    Love the videos keep up the great work 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Kazuto Kirigaya より:

    Welcome back trainers ‘❤️ never gets old

  6. Hydrazilla98 より:

    Arbok and Seviper have been absolute joys to use. Arbok’s Dragon Tail digging into everything followed up with an Acid Spray and Seviper just jabbing and biting things to kingdom come. Love that I’m able to use my snake children

  7. Adam Williams より:

    I got 2 shiny Gtina from GBL followed by an old research task shiny sudawudo . 3 in a row i was pretty happy with that 👌

  8. Wesnile IS SICKAF より:

    I got a shundo Giratina the other day

  9. Bob Barker より:

    You know I luv ya bro, but you have to let us know the bad teams you trash so we don’t ide them

  10. Tolik Toblerone より:

    I went for Galarian Slowbro beacuse of focus blast and kicked some arses of Mandibuzz, Umbreon and Obstagoon 😁😁

  11. nelson celis より:

    Please trade me shiny giratina !!!

  12. FdR NGM より:

    Great stuff, I’ve been having a little difficulty getting my foot in. PS: umbreon in the back pulls double charm users. Its atrocious!

    I got upset and went for my 151212 shadow granbull … And it couldn’t have gotten any easier, that thing eats away life force.. Its charming 😅 pun intended

  13. TheSYNC7 より:

    Hey AK keep up the good work. I love the drive to be your best and just have fun

  14. HugaPugGamer より:

    Great vid hope you hit legend soon🤞🤞

  15. PhantomlordGiratina より:

    Just finished powering up a 14/15/15 azu to 1496 cp. Holy crap its disgusting

  16. Dominic1011 - CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE 🏆🏆 より:

    Yeah my slowpoke evolved into slowbro instead of slowking -.-

  17. FixTheLag YouPOS より:

    I gotta be honest. This is a terrible design. Ugliest Pokemon by far.

  18. jesus himself より:

    Damn good timing to check your channel for a new vid lmfao

  19. Raghav Gupta より:

    *Sludge Wave

  20. Doof is GREAT より:

    Did you always refresh your game data before entering gbl?

  21. Vishal Kumar より:

    It’s like zombie

  22. Optimus Prime より:

    Hello bro btw I got lucky yesterday and the day before. The day before I got a shiny Zubat full odds and yesterday I got a shiny tentacool

  23. SNM Bullet より:

    i open up yt and see your vid lol

  24. Đình Anh Nguyễn より:

    Hi bro

  25. Ramont Leo Wesley-Williams より: