how to download and install pgsharp on android


【視聴数 2719】

【チャンネル名 assault clip】

【タグ 動画,ビデオ,共有,カメラ付き携帯電話,動画機能付き携帯電話,無料,アップロード,チャンネル,コミュニティ,YouTube,ユーチューブ】


  1. Alora より:

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  11. Daichi より:

    I was having probleme with the downloading now it worked with your help thx bro!! Your a life saver


    My has a white line in the way?

  13. Havran231 より:

    Nice GREAT WAR wallpaper

  14. ariq sayfiyy より:


  15. Chance Zimmerman より:

    That helped but now it won’t let me link my fb it says make sure I clicked existing user and I do

  16. Brayden Liu より:

    “There was a problem parsing the package.” how do I fix this?

  17. Ze Zeng より:

    can i assk how do you guys solve for downloading pg sharp
    my app doesnt get installed
    is it involved with gmail and fb account linked?

  18. Marko On GFUEL より:

    When you teleport in pgsharp and you’re linked with you’re main when you go to the real pokemon go does it put you somewhere else?And can you download the real pokemon go app again after you downloaded pgsharp?

  19. Tu Jefa より:

    bro was that easy? Thanks Hahaha

  20. Absøl より:

    Why does it keep saying “app not installed”

  21. vinay Mishra より:

    Bro where is link