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【視聴数 690】

【チャンネル名 MAGICIAN TV 18】

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  1. Shivaprasad Malage より:

    I got shando houndour yesterday

  2. bharat shirke より:

    i got yesterday shiny drifloon 🤩

  3. The Surprise? より:

    Hello you have a great video and a Pokémon channel that I like. A big Like goes to you and a warm greeting from Pokémon Youtuber to Pokémon Youtuber 😀

  4. gaming pro x より:

    Ohh wow

  5. Anand Kumar より:

    Thanks 😊😊

  6. akil より:

    Bro I caught shiney Drifloon,and shiny Yamask 🤩

  7. akil より:

    Bhai aap video kyu nahi bana rahe the etne dino se🤔

  8. MAGICIAN TV 18 より:

    Don’t forget to like share and subscribe 👍

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  10. Pokeband より:

    Second 😂

  11. Asha Thul より: