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  1. Montblanc_Playz より:

    Is hard to get continuously great catch

  2. Tony Evans より:

    You are the best Pokémon go Youtuber by far

  3. Jashwanth Balasubramanian より:

    Do u have melmetel

  4. Leo Johnson より:

    Can I add you mystic

  5. ThePokemonTrainer より:

    I had a Pupitar 1437 and I evolved it and my tyranitar was 3274😮

  6. rahul mallah より:


  7. OiPoisonGaming より:


  8. Buny_Senpai Stitch より:

    Hunting and fighting rocket grunts is my favourite thing to do in this game lol

  9. Sami Kämppi より:

    I got shiny diglett

  10. Blitz Fn より:

    I can’t get 5 great throws in a row

  11. jpnlvr より:

    4:21 I eonder whose Shundo King Aggron that is in the snapshot… 🤔🤔🤔😉

  12. Tin Perovic より:

    I dreamd about cacthing shinys in pokemon go

  13. Macayla andela gonzales より:

    I got my first ever shiny Larvitar! He’s so cute!

  14. Pain3 より:

    bro, my zarude was a hundo lmao

  15. Enna Choi より:

    Clean your camera lenses lol

  16. my moms account より:

    Got a shiny Magikarp

  17. Barox 2.0 より:

    12:57 is it normal?

  18. Hugi CZ より:

    I evolve shiny loated and I have shiny ludicolo. Why in raid can’t be shiny?

  19. Saku Nikkanen より:


  20. jackabob 365 より:

    I got a nice shiny oddish and evolved it max to the fink flower guy.and it’s super cute.

  21. Sophia Fang より:

    Same for me

  22. damnjosh! より:

    I got my first shiny gigalith yesterday

  23. Easton and Presley Wildlife outdoors より:

    I can’t find Jessie and James in go rocket ballon just grunts. 😫😫😫

  24. mythic warrior より:

    I’m stuck on the throw 5 great throws in a row

  25. Wyd_616 より:

    Love all your vids

  26. Aiden Long より:

    I caught a shiny sentret yesterday lol its pretty sick

  27. Said Quijada より:

    First time fighting Jesse I got a shadow shiny syther

  28. Dan Meek より:

    When you said something spicy is in this box I thought it was gunna be a lamb korma

  29. Akshay Parvathi より:

    I cath shiny ✨ dedo

  30. Joshua Hill より:

    Look at your text on Instagram

  31. Jaytheultimate gamer より:

    The first day of secret jungle event I got shiny roggenrola and shiny Debbie and shiny caterpie

  32. Goran Dubravic より:

    Last night, I saw Venom let there be carnage and today I caught a shiny wismur but it’s evolution line shiny is trash! One more thing, I failed to catch Genesect with a 1873 cp today! PS, congrats on getting a beautiful shiny Rufflet Mystic 7!

  33. Ryuiichi kune より:

    I will never understand the appeal of nfts

  34. Jodie Zoller より:

    Glitch on rocket research. Go into the battle with the grunt and let them win 4x and then you win the 5th time and then research is complete. I also got a shiny ditto out of the research box because I opened it b4 it switched 2 yamask

  35. Chan BAN CHING より:

    There are ways to save mega raid, one introduced free daily one mega raid pass higher rate shiny pokemon in bonus challenge, two temporary shut down legendary raid and only mega raid as the five star raid , within this time introduced more new mega pokemons, higher chances shiny pokemon in bonus challenge, players do more mega raid will have higher chances to get ex raid pass can be remotely raid that will lead legendary pokemon or mystical pokemon like Arceus, Volcanian, Eternatus…..
    Sadly Niantic won’t do it.

  36. Young Baleb より:

    I got shiny rufflet in my very first research for him, registered him in my Pokédex shiny

  37. John Patrick Albro より:

    I have a shiny hundo lucky ditto

  38. Raged Barbarian より:

    I caught a Victreebel in the wild 2400 cp and 94 percent

  39. VI3wtiful Jo3 より:

    Ik it’s a long shot but can anyone give me tips on how to get the 5 great throws in a row for the second part of the Zarude research I’ve been at it for days and I have to be doing something wrong please if anyone can help me leave a comment.

  40. Emptyfolder より:

    Just got a nundo explorer pikachu les goo

  41. Sean Tison より:

    I just caught a genesect!!!!!

  42. Just Some Guy Without A Mustache より:

    I was watching harry potter and a shiny dwebble showed up!
    Edit: it was a sweet 1 day after birthday surprise!

  43. drewww より:

    my Zarude was only 70IV 🙁

  44. The Gameknight より:

    I got shiny caterpie yesterday

  45. Grassy Sempai より:

    cant complete “get 5 great throws in a row” any tips?

  46. Pokemon Master Z より:

    Mystic7: i don’t want to do 5 rocket encounters
    Niantic: well too bad, you need to do 6 for zarude

  47. OpDerpinator より:

    I got a shiny Lapras, a lucky Pidgeot, and a hundo Nuzleaf all in one hour

  48. OpDerpinator より:

    Meloetta with Confusion and Thunderbolt does a lot of damage in GO Battle League

  49. Troytheboi69 Volt より:

    I got a wild salimance

  50. stinky lincy より:

    I got a first day 100% IV

  51. redwolf7yt より:

    tomarrow make a live on pokemon card pack’s i get mine tomarow

  52. Amy Brown より:

    I have zrude

  53. Ali Sahin より:

    where is that place?

  54. Ali Sahin より:

    can the same event happen everywhere or just in the same place

  55. Carson Campbell より:

    I got a day one shiny oddish

  56. Dan The Wolf より:

    What is that thing when it reflects the pokeball off the pokemon and hits it back onto it?

  57. Samid Persia より:

    Hey, @Mysticc7 Can you please suggest to me or tell me about s10 or S9 phones are still ok for pokemon go? I don’t want to spend $1k money on s20 or the s21. I just need an android phone for pokemon go which won’t lag

  58. Cyko より:

    I just watched your Ditto in a raid battle video and checked to see if you’re still making videos. Looks like you’re doing awesome. Wishing you much success in the future as well.

  59. Dan The Wolf より:

    I cant get 5 great throws in a row 🙁 please help with tips if you can 🙂

  60. Dom Paul より:

    Jessie and James give me the nostalgic vibes! 😊

  61. Megga203 より:

    I actually got myself a wild shiny ditto

  62. Matty Goodwin より:

    I got a shiny ruffet to from a special mission

  63. Trix より:

    I got a shiny rufflet from the research encounter

  64. Anthomy H より:

    I love your videos mystic7

  65. Spencatrob Nguyen shaw より:

    When are the live streams, thank you.

  66. Poke Mania より:

    Him saying I don’t know if I can show this but in the background shows us

  67. douglas nayar より:

    It is a little bit weird that i saw a slaking nearby yeasterday no 🧢

  68. Ben's Vlog より:

    Another vide other good day

  69. Roachbag より:

    Wait for the 7th dayto catch the monkey try to hit an excellent on it mad xp

  70. Ben Parsons より:

    I GOT SHINY DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😁😂

  71. Roachbag より:

    Whats the next game you’ll jump to then pogo dies like COC did 🤔 😏

  72. UltraPowered より:

    I got a day 1 shiny explorer pikachu!

  73. rob c より:

    Where’s the link to the new channel

  74. Ryan Miller より:

    You could have just lost to the same grunt 5 times then won the 6th time , and would count for all of them.

  75. Football Is life より:

    I am so stoked I got the hundo I can’t wait to be able to best buddy & max it out!!!

  76. SuperFreddyFilms より:

    yesterday, i got a shiny shadow pinsir from james

  77. mrchippychap より:

    I love your videos keep up the work

  78. Anni Renee より:

    I hatched a shiny rufflet months ago I had no idea they were so rare💀

  79. Nikki Smith より:

    Mystic plz stop swearing

  80. Robert Bartley より:

    I’m one of the guys who got a shiny rufflet from this search

  81. teed production より:

    Love your videos mistic

  82. Hyper Playz より:

    Mystic! On my 3rd account on lvl 4 I got a shiny caterpie

  83. FoxGames_YT より:

    How was there a regular pikachu at the end of the pier

  84. Slimshady Ince より:

    My zarude has 95% IVs

  85. Damien Reads より:

    Got the shiny dweeble and diglet

  86. Youalboi より:

    got a 96# zarude

  87. Tyler ??? より:

    I have shiny Ruflet

  88. Fortnite boy より:

    i got cherrim encountere 97 iv today i had 2 100 iv pokemon lucky and i have found a 100 iv feebas

  89. -_- Enforcer-_- より:

    I swear my luck it busted I got a shiny gengar from my first mega raid

  90. Cooper Twomey より:

    My friend caught a wild shiny ditto and it was hype

  91. venem より:

    why didnt anybody tell me i was featured in todays youtube vid Kappa

  92. AUDILEHAIL より:

    SN0W63936 to this day is still upset about that marbles game

  93. Mario Fnaf Fan より:

    I found the first evolution of slaking as a shiny you could find that??

  94. Levi MacLean より:

    I got a random shiny drowzee

  95. James David より:

    I got shiny caterpie but not zarude yet

  96. Brooklin Davenport より:

    I got a hundo ditto

  97. BB8vsKyloRen より:

    Love your video s

  98. Mightyminion08 より:

    I got a 93 zarude best mythical

  99. FrappeFizzy より:

    after you make and get settled into the new channel, can you please keep the NFT stuff there? i want to support your content , but i’m really not into what nfts are and what they stand for..

    keep up the good work, though !!

  100. Brian Jose より:

    Also slacking in the wild

  101. Caleb Hart より:

    There is a glitch with the grunts you can lose to the grunt and it still counts so you only need to battle 1

  102. Mrchunkyman1 より:

    I seen a wild nidoking in the wild! Sucky iv’s

  103. william0404 より:

    Got my darude 96% 13/15/15 and a shiny ruflet from the resertch

  104. Nickalous Cromer より:

    I saw a wild Ursaring

  105. TTAZombie2cool YT より:

    Still good content and I been watching your videos for about 3 or 4 years

  106. XD Marcus より:

    I got a 3 star shiny pinser from the event

  107. Ruben Nova より:

    When will they release Shiny Drilbur???!!!!!

  108. izuku Midoriya より:


  109. ulises orozco より:

    Got it yesterday

  110. Echo Owen より:

    I caught a shiny Eevee from research

  111. Mist Agar -ميستاجار より:

    Yo I love the content

  112. Assault Lefty より:

    my first shadow scyther check was a shiny i’m so happy

  113. AR Nickerson より:


  114. Krit1calz より:


  115. Krit1calz より:


  116. Shadow より:

    All that for a 2 star? I fell your pain.

  117. Venl より:

    How do u get 5 great throws in a row. I can’t do it :(??

  118. Katie H より:

    It might have been mentioned as I didn’t read all the comments, but you don’t have to defeat 5 grunts. You can let them beat you and it still counts.


    I caught my meloetta as a 98% I.V. and I caught my zarude with pinball pinap berry and red pokeball and it’s I.V. are 15/12/12 and I love and enjoy your videos please entertain us

  120. CHEEZEY IT より:

    dude yesterday i got three shines

  121. Jd_hutz より:

    Where’s the link fir will yo wonder???

  122. Connor Campos より:

    I love your vids mystic i got a shiny caterpie

  123. Connor Campos より:


  124. ilyasgames より:


  125. Gabriel W より:

    wow! every video, every surprise.

  126. Spencatrob Nguyen shaw より:

    How to get jessie and James to spawn?

  127. Its Hyper より:

    Gotta love when mystic7 uploads

  128. Team Nerd TV より:

    86th comment yeah not as fun as first but whatever 😂

  129. Sheila Monzon より:

    Ayeee the new Mythical
    Its also funny that I have a shadow hundo and he doesnt lol

  130. Hurricane 1_1 より:

    i got a shiny odish one of my favorite shiny so i was pretty happy

  131. James Thomson より:

    Got a shiny explorer pikachu

  132. Neil Fisher より:

    I guess I play this game too well, I literally so not need any of these shinies this event. Too much to ask for a new shiny? How about Hoothoot? Spinarak? Combee? Why no new shinies…

  133. Criston Furtado より:

    Like your videos a lot. Glad i started watching youtube vlogs 👍

  134. Krish Kadam より:

    Hey mystic.. Been watching your videos for sometime now and have recently just got back into the game. Any tips for improvement ?

  135. Shelly Laws より:

    Just caught shiny ditto, another awesome video. Have a good day!

  136. DarkLynx JB より:

    what autocatcher do u use

  137. Bren 513 より:

    Day 1 got a shiny cater pie. That’s it

  138. Głîtçh - Forced To Quit YT 👎 より:

    I haven’t got a shiny for 4 days- 🙁

  139. Ehtx より:

    I was watching one of your old videos after two years of searching for this Pokémon I finally found it and you said something about your brother getting a shadow shiny Pokémon in the middle of the video I was playing Pokémon I decided to use the thing that you get for the balloon and I finally got my first shadow shiny Pokémon

  140. DarkDog より:

    Hi mystic 7 I got a shiny rufflet first try!! It looks sick

  141. Tirtharaj Dasgupta より:

    Hope to see u visiting India some day ❤

  142. Libby's reading corner より:

    I am on task 4 right now hoping to finish it either today or tomorrow

  143. Eric より:

    I got a good morning shiny bellsprout yesterday lol

  144. Vexrella より:

    Every time I watch these It makes my day better

  145. SLAYER GAMING より:

    Hi mystic 7 pls help me to reach level 35

  146. DjHaLLy2K9 より:

    Got a wild shiny ditto today crazy 🤪

  147. AXV_Champion より:


  148. w_seljeson より:

    when r u marrying her? (:

  149. Ike_910 より:

    Love the vids

  150. Jorge M より:

    early ganggggg

  151. Turtle_King より:


  152. Jaden Precil より:

    Hi Mystic I hope you get probably hundo zarude

  153. Erin Mckenzie より:

    So far I’ve got my first shiny dwebble and second shiny oddish. Really hoping to get shiny roggenrola, only got 1 and it’s one of my favourite shiny families so I need more 😂

  154. cool boy より:

    Love ur vids keep on going

  155. turnip より:

    Best vids keep it up mystic!

  156. Papa より:

    Banger video mystic!

  157. Pokemon wolf より:

    Hi 61st

  158. Sharkzzz YT より:

    I got a shiny totodile while watching this video. Shiny luuuuuuck

  159. Big Chungus より:

    I love watching you play! It’s entertaining I just followed the twitch also! Keep it up!

  160. Woolf より:

    I got a hundo meloetta hopefully I get hundo zarude and so do you! Good luck!

  161. XDFnMontages より:

    less go more real content from actual youtubers

  162. MYSTIC7 より:

    Grab Malwarebytes for 20% off here:

  163. xxSUNDEVIL42xx より:

    I was in stream last night

  164. Chrissy Boi より:

    I got a shiny larvitar yesterday 😃

  165. BBhazel より:

    got a shiny oddish

  166. Star_Speed より:

    I got a 98% zarude

  167. Sidhant Sindhavad より:

    keep up the great videos

  168. Aaron Marttz より:

    This is my trainer code if anyone wants to add me

  169. Gusis より:

    Hi mystic!

  170. Carl Gaffney より:

    Here early

  171. Aaron Marttz より:

    I got a zarude before this vid 🙂

  172. Sweet Ninja より:

    Early ig

  173. Eian Lindsey より:

    fire vid

  174. You Don't Know Me より:

    I got a rufflet too

  175. MrPurpleYYT より:


  176. Playing with gaming より:


  177. goku saiyan より:


  178. mason l より:

    i live in canada its 3:10

  179. Aplie.✔ より:

    Another video, another great day!!

  180. TryHard_Playz228 より:


  181. Rebecca Davis より:

    Your videos are the best

  182. RISCHIT YT より:

    Bro pls I am your biggest fan subscribed to your all channel including shorts

  183. Djaylani より:

    Ayooo pokemonnn

  184. Rebecca Davis より:

    Im actually one of the first viewers

  185. mason l より:

    can you shout out my channel

  186. mason l より:

    omg hi

  187. Browhat_ _Seba より:


  188. Simon Bjørn Andersen より:


  189. Snjerra より:

    First love the vid

  190. Z2Gaming より:

    Here before viral

  191. Trevor Cunningham より:


  192. The lifetime recorders より:


  193. Poké.nerd.11 より:


  194. TZE_Blackjack より:

    Let’s gooo

  195. Browhat_ _Seba より:

    oh nvm

  196. Link Snowball より:


  197. מידן דמידוב より:


  198. Owen Rush より:

    Les goooooo

  199. RISCHIT YT より:

    Big fan pls shoutout

  200. Ekingnick より:


  201. HarryPutter1234 より:

    Thanks for the video!

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  205. Wajahat Ali より:


  206. Airpods Pro より:


  207. SpyNinjaWill より:

    1st. And hi Mystic love your videos and for me i had the best day. I got shiny gyarados and mew and zarude

  208. Random Name より:

    Let’s goooo new video

  209. Tyler Strazzulla より:


  210. RisingCarnage_ 25 より:

    You did it so late

  211. Psycho Lurzxy #road to250 より:

    I love your videos!
    Keep them up

  212. angel campos より: