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    Someone put the coordinates here

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    Yep I just find out u need to be level 30 to snipe stuff

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    I was level 26 and I was literally crying because every Pokémon I clicked it wasn’t what it said

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    Imagine spoofing in a game that requires walking…cringe

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    Bro make a video about how to hatch a riolu from an egg for spoofers or make a video about how to complete the weekly 50km walk record to hatch a riolu for spoofers

  12. Eric Thompson より:

    I’ve never spoofed. If I did would I get banned from the game or something?

  13. II - Micco - II より:

    Hello! I was wondering, i see that all of your spoofing videos are for IOS, have you thought about doing something for us Android bois? (or Girls.)

  14. mahmoud abboud より:

    💎 I got so many pokemons by just using *spoofer.us* Always works for me and my bros.

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    you suck

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    “2019…? was OKAY!”
    “2020…? I’m Positive will be Better!”
    “I finally got to Spoof using only:” fightcorona.best/SpooferfromHome ⭐
    I’m now enjoying pokemon!

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    Great vid really useful info thanx

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    The apps evoked

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    Pls for android

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    How do I buy poke coins in ispoofer it says I can’t because it’s a sandbox

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    Great explains! Very helpful for a newbie!

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    How can you spoof for Android because I’m a level 30

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    None of them are working I’m getting errors please like for us to get this fixed

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    When I try to download it, says that try to download later

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    I need more knowledge about Pokemon spoofer tnx for info.

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    I got the app and everything but when I travel out of my state when teleport far away I can catch pokimon they will just flee and I cant get pokistops and everything

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    ‪9511 6928 6775 add me trying to do the challenge ‬

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    Uhm The best tutorial to have 𝒔𝒑𝒐𝒐𝒇𝒆𝒓 is from *TRIXHAX. NET* (remove-the-spaces) *the v.4.24 * genuinely works.*

  32. A Bansal より:

    I am not able to catch a Pokemon when I spoof to other places

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    I’m brain dead
    Can someone explain how to level up faster for me?

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    Please post again I need more help 😔

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    How come you don’t make videos anymore?

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    Can i get ispoofer for Android

  37. Dylan Gonzalez より:

    I just hit level 30 and I’m about level 30.5 but I still don’t get the 100iv’s when I teleport to them on my coordinates feed. They are always lower than 100, anyone know maybe why?

  38. Shan 165 より:

    Do you need to have the pogo spoofer app running while waiting for cooldown or can i close it

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    This channel would be a hit if they uploaded more 😔

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    Never ask about what your followers want to see, make what you want to make.

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    The app is not on the website anymore in order to install it with cydia impactos

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    Anyone explain how to get 30 the vid not open for me

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    you are awesome man! Learned quit a few tips!

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    Heyy the download link is down I know you guys are doing your best but FIX IT ASAP

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    i cann’t to downloads Ispoofer

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    I need help I can’t download pokemon go spoofer

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    ispoofer will die?

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    video starts @ 3 minutes

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    Hey I was also thinking a fourth way would be upgrading your friends

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    I have a bag I can’t catch Pokémon at all

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    Why does the new update say”Use it on ALT account ONLY”????

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    We luv u man

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    Any update on why it’s not working doesn’t even show up to download on iOS or Android

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    Whos That Pokemon


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    hey the ispoofer POGO tab is missing … any idea whats up?

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    I’m lvl 32 and the iv’s are still wrong…why is that?

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    This channel already dead

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    Help, I accidentally hid my spoofer options how do I bring them back out to where I can use them

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    Can you make a Video for raidin

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    Do you use pro of the free version also how do you get shinys

  68. Notice Me Onii-Chan より:

    So how do you pay for this can I just buy an iTunes card and just pay it that way?


    When i teleport the pokemon always flees

  70. Pedro Moreira より:

    I am level 32.. when I go to the coordinates feed and see 100 IV and xxx CP.. it’s not the same.. it has lower CP and IV.. and like i said I am already level 32….
    It’s showing me the wrong location of the pokemon.. it says 1k or 1.9 km away.. and the Pokémon is right next to me.. but when it says 0.2km or 0.4km away (That I’m supposed to be literally right next to the Pokémon) it’s not there.. it’s somewhere else..
    PLEASE… help me

  71. David Smith より:

    I tried emailing ispoofer for help as i am new to spoofing as i want a subscription but have not heard anything back in over 3 days. Is ispoofer still available?

  72. Jonas Kuhny より:

    Thanks so much. I love spoofing.
    You brought that so great to me. Thanks

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    I cant go in the Pokemon go app now

  74. Harmless より:

    none of my eggs are hatching using the spoofer why is this

  75. Williamx420 より:

    When I log in and try to get in the game the loading bar always stays at half someone please help me

  76. Funny memes より:

    I cant get into the app is the hack pached

  77. davnovel より:

    Is there a way to exploit the daily events through spoofing, like using different time zones to enable more than one task research stamp per day? Or getting more free raid passes, getting the first PokéStop and catch of the day? If so, a tutorial would be great on it! Just a suggestion 🙂

  78. Jake Rose より:

    Do you have discord so I can get ahold of you??

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    I would get the pro version but i do NOT want to pay monthly /: wish it was a one and done payment

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    key for ispoofer?

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    You can you do a video on how to snipe pokemans

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    The Pokemon Go Spoofer
    U Have Android Version?

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    Are you going to make It for Android?

  84. Red Panda より:

    Question the pokemon radar cooldown what does that mean and how do I use that it’ll say 30 seconds for a shiny and I wait and click on it and it’s not a shiny

  85. That One guy より:

    Ispoofer doesn’t work

  86. Juan A Mejia82 より:

    I have a 117 hp magikarp should I wait if i find a stronger or that one good

  87. Mason Mcgee より:

    what if it wont let me use the 100 iv filter even with the paid version

  88. Vajboy_Peter より:

    ispoofer not working bc of update

  89. David K より:

    Do I have to worry because the ispoofer Site is down? Are there any indicators that they closed their service?

  90. Gabriel Dom より:

    Can you advise a good smartphone to spoof? or iphone

  91. Marek hajdukovich より:

    I’m having a problem I spoofed once and then every time I try to spoof after that it soft band me I even try re downloading it and it still bands me and every time I wait for the cool down but it still does not work can you tell me what to do

  92. Jiahui Chen より:

    Can you do another vid. I can’t download Pokemon go

  93. Jake Musie より:

    Is teleporting to Pokemon still going to cost money even if you are level 30? Pls let me know

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  95. lanneh より:

    Hey, I spoofed from the UK to San Francisco, how long is my Soft Ban going to be? Does anybody know that?

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    Thanks again so all your help! Keep it up!

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