iOS 14.7.1 / 14.6 / 14.5 JAILBREAK Untethered NEWS: RELEASE Of 2 Untether Vulns & When To Expect It


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  1. Mihayy より:

    If i jailbreak my phone with an untethered jailbreak can i still disable it so i can use my bank app?

  2. Abyss 999 より:

    I would totally make out with you

  3. Teslaxeed より:

    Any info about pwnmy ? thx

  4. Karthik Kats より:

    14.6 Linus?

  5. RealityBeneathVeils より:

    Amazing…. What a time saver…

  6. LoSt より:

    Hello can u tell me plz if i buy ipad m1 how much time wait to jailbreak plz tell me😭😭😭🙏❤️

  7. XANXTION. より:

    When how much do you think the 14.8 jailbreak will release A13 Devices

  8. thevigilantpc より:

    Unfortunately my 12 Pro max came with 14.6 after upgrading from a xs max on 14.3 with 14.5.1 blobs saved. Wasn’t able to save the blobs for 12 pro max but I’ll just stay put until then.

  9. Arshad Nizamdin より:

    Can I go to 14.8? Based on this, iPhone XS Max

  10. Sun & Moon より:


  11. MEMEHOUSE_Productions より:

    Let’s freakin go

  12. Young Jacuzzi より:

    iOS 15 A15?? Anytime soon?

  13. SlippySkip より:

    I’m on A12 14.6 Linus Henze’s exploit won’t work for me correct?

  14. Xrki より:

    i was on 14.5.1 with my 12 pro max a couple of hours ago with automatic updates off and had a little sleep. just woke up to find im now on ios 15!! very annoying

  15. Yahabibi より:

    Jailbreak will be released by iPhone 14

  16. Brian Lera より:

    Wait. Does that mean I downgrade to iOS 14.5 for nothing? 😅

  17. Manny Martinez より:

    Thank you Geo for breaking it all down for us. As always, great info.

  18. The Real Mezzo より:


  19. Mihael Keehl より:

    It’s very sad we don’t know when jailbreak for 14.6-14.7 will out( I’m on 14.6(

  20. Jpapimunyanyo より:

    BRUH, i just updated to ios 15 after giving up on ios 14.7.1 jailbreak😮‍💨😫

  21. Voyage Despair より:


  22. Martin より:

    Me on 14.5.1 thanks guys

  23. ˌ より:

    very noice cant wait to be able to finally not have to wory about my battery ding overnight

  24. minipicc95 より:

    This can also mean that iOS 10, 11, 12, and 13 users can now have an untethered jailbreak since the untether supports from iOS 9 to iOS 14!!!

  25. Jessy Valdez より:

    IS THERE AN A12 14,6 jailbreak out!!??????

  26. HAYTAM DSO より:

    Unc0ver or taurine ?

  27. Android_WORLD より:

    You are very good at explaining things. Thank you.

  28. Chimp より:

    So this includes iOS 14.6 on iPhone 11?

  29. Non より:

    Hi 13.5?

  30. Dirk Kennstvllt より:

    lol i updated my iPhone 12 mini today to iOS 15.0 but i have another iPhone 8 staying at iOS 14.3 …but hey iOS 15 is awesome <3 thanks for the video as always 🙂

  31. zzz より:

    Dumb question but how do I use blobs? I already have them saved

  32. Chińskie Nightcory より:

    When IPhone se 2020 will be able to jailbreak? Pls response

  33. Chińskie Nightcory より:

    When IP se 2020 will be able to jailbreak?

  34. God . より:

    ios 14.4?

  35. Drip InReps より:

    Does this mean that we possibly don’t have to wait for the release of Linus’s Vuln? If so, can we see a jailbreak soon?

  36. Chanelle Yup より:

    “What’s going on yyoutube” I love say’s it:)

  37. AP より:

    So I will be able to jailbreak iOS 14.7.1 ?

  38. Ravin Kissoon より:

    Jailbreak for my iPhone XS on ios 14.7.1 🤔😀

  39. Lyle より:

    ETA for jailbreak for 15.0 for a15 iPhone 13 pro max?

  40. Curtis mark より:

    Thank you my Master

  41. Adam Hamed より:

    when do you think 14.8 will be available for a13 devices

  42. sid ford より:

    Hopefully jailbreak released soon thanks for the information

  43. Crankk より:

    Early 👌

  44. Omar Vargas より:

    I appreciate these videos. Theyre really informative and kept me up to speed with the iOS 14.3 jailbreak for A12 devices. But other than modifying the way your phones software looks, is there really any benefits to jailbreaking? I remember back when I had an iPod touch 4th gen with ios 5. Jailbreaking was a no brain decision and made the device so much better. But with current apps having jailbreak detections, is it really worth it? I jailbroke my iPhone 11 Pro back when the iOS 14.3 jailbreak came out but after a month, it wasn’t really worth it and restored my device. Idk it just seems like apple has crippled jailbreaking to the point where it’s not really worth it personally. Your thoughts?

  45. xLegehnd より:

    Ayeeeeeee lets get it!

  46. DatYTKat より:


  47. 35. NGUYỄN VĂN TRƯỜNG より:

    first like

  48. iDevice Central より:

    *If you have jailbreak questions or need help, you can find me on the forum: ***

  49. Mr. knuckles より:

    This is pretty fine👌

  50. Lumo Dox より:

    Nice vid bro