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  1. Jonah Key より:

    I got a shiny butterfree wild spawn

  2. Izzy Fam より:

    I thought we were going to get lit wic for a community day.

  3. MariusS M より:

    I got 3 shiny Gangsta Sneasel

  4. MariusS M より:

    This year is meh

  5. Winterwolf2012 ! より:

    The little jungle gbl battle league is so cute bc the limit is 500

  6. Winterwolf2012 ! より:

    And darkai

  7. Winterwolf2012 ! より:

    Absol mega I cant wait!!

  8. david keizer より:

    So theyre really gonna release all genesect forms before they release the shiny again? What is the point of that

  9. Alexis Garcia より:

    I hate October 2021 community day!!!! It’s trash I just caught 3 shiny duskull on ultra unlock part 2

  10. jkor より:

    Mystic 7 galarian yamask go bye-bye
    Community: XD yooooooooooooooooooooooo this dude

  11. A Little Place Of Wonder より:

    So exided for Darkrai, I still don’t have the shiny.
    PS: Thank you Reece!

  12. Adrian Meza より:

    You need to get verified already!!!! ✅✅✅

  13. Chad Mabe より:

    We dont care bout the research y bc it will be another damn spiritomb which most of us dont really give a damn about smh

  14. Kenan Norbyekose より:

    So my first darkrai and first moltres where shiny

  15. Serèn van der Roest より:

    CD is Duskull, not ghastly 🙂

  16. Montblanc_Playz より:

    I got shiny Ditto

  17. jan salzmann より:

    2021 2226 1749

  18. Khalil Nadaf より:

    Hahahaha lol now only 100 comment pls change your channel topic like play other games noob

  19. Venl より:

    Yesterday in 1 day I got a shiny, shadow 3 star seedot. I also got my first meltan box from Pokemon home and I caugh a wild espeon. I’m soo happy

  20. Space Between より:

    There have been maybe a dozen worse breakthroughs haha. Chilllll.

  21. charlene Kenton より:

    Hey I’m kinda early

  22. Solemn Promise より:

    This energy is why I enjoy your content 👍🏻

  23. Pokémon Maya より:

    Dude I think Halloween and Christmas are the best months for pogo I mean the Halloween hats are so cool and the Christmas hats are pog everything is just brilliant in these months good Pokémon and raids lets go this is my first Pokémon Halloween and Christmas event

  24. Jake Jordan より:


  25. mythic warrior より:

    Do you have any tips for me im a new player that is level 27 and my strongest pokemon isba 2500 cp snorlax thats 1 star

  26. Its amy@ より:

    I need a shinx and i cant find em😢

  27. Saiyab Alam khan より:



    I have a shiny snorlax…and i dont how I got that🙁

  29. Kent Russell より:

    I got a shiny smoochum with a bow last yr in field task

  30. Manny Soto より:

    I so far I got one shiny from this event I got a shiny scyther yesterday and from raids a shiny azelf

  31. Jaclyn Overway より:

    shinx is in the eggs too

  32. Lucas Oliveira より:

    Man, the effort M7 adds to his vids even though we don’t have any good content is incredible. Like he said, he’s trying to be positive. This keeps the vibe! Nowadays I only watch his vids when Pokémon is the matter…

  33. Jeswin Raju より:

    Iam happy it is yamask not meowth or something

  34. Bradley Loria より:

    i recently got a shiny shadow sneasel

  35. Ray Cintron より:

    i got a shiny top hat shinx today from 7km egg

  36. Grifit より:

    Mystic7: welcome to the Spooky season in Pokémon go!!
    Me: like… instant like

    Spooky season Is here!!!!!! So excited

  37. Crew D.A.B より:

    15:40 “community day which is Gastly.”

  38. Zach Russell より:

    bro yamask isnt the worst box ever, remember when it was larvitar?? That sucked

  39. Hareb 97 より:

    Yesterday I got shiny top hat croagunk🤗

  40. Brock Isaacks より:

    Oh my god you are so cute my dude!! Keep up the fun videos

  41. Lo Bibi より:


  42. Howard Harrington より:

    Evolving my trapinch and it loses cp?

  43. Nicholas Bell より:

    I’m a little confused as to why they chose a movie event in the best season event. October should be October and nothing but spooky. Genesect, why r u gonna exist in this month? That being said I’m still excited but a little bummed spooky season can’t be the entirety of October. Feels like a hit and miss moment for October tbh.

  44. Money Chump より:

    there’s literally a shiny pokédex

  45. harambe836 より:

    I’m so excited for Mega Gengar, Giratina, & Darkrai to return!!! I also can’t wait for Mega Absol since I hatched a shundo the other day!!!

  46. Benjamin Sligh より:

    I caught three shinies today, but none of them were event shinies. It made me a little sad. Shiny spearow, whismur, and pikachu.

  47. Esteban Marcelo より:

    I got a shiny kirlya

  48. Rick Ricker より:

    The different drives in genesect aren’t different enough to warrant a non shiny release at this point

  49. ariel kreiner より:

    Im a returning player from when gen 2 started been playing for like 2 month now again and I hate it when all of the youtubers with a full pokedex complain about spawns or if something cant be shiny, there are players who dont have yamask or genecect at all so stop complaining and im sure there are more that dint have those then the ones who have

  50. Charlotte Mong より:

    Nice sept cause ~got shiny mythical celebi ~Halloween!!!
    ~ fashion week!!)~shiny pidove!!

  51. sLurp Clan より:

    I wish I could be at five star read but my Pokémon are pretty weak and I don’t have anybody to help me

  52. Fire 25 より:

    I’m really excited for garitina, it’s one of my favorite legendary Pokémon, so annoying that we have to wait 12 days for gensect tho

  53. Kameron Francis より:

    Duscknor? From ghastly lets goo

  54. TakpaRL より:

    Wait is glariarin yamask rare? Because I have one.

  55. Cheekis SekC より:

    I got a shinny ditto from my research box

  56. Tuffy より:

    Him spending his raid passes on butterfry me with only one spending is on a legendary raid that I loss

  57. Sara Hallberg-Penne より:

    I got 100% mewtwo and max it out

  58. Ked Playz より:

    ok but why is his search history censored😳😳😳😳

  59. Ryan VanPatten より:

    You said gastly com day

  60. Jose Tavarez より:

    yo need more pokemon friends only got 1

  61. Noel Mack より:

    06:40 hey good job on shiny bow smoochum. i was telling you about it on twitch chat. so you started incubating your eggs before the start of the event to clear out space. so good job. happy for you.

  62. enderman Khôi より:

    What you not scary covid

  63. Brandon's Toys より:

    What happened when you caught that Buterfree it was so weird

  64. Eevee and Dog lovers club!!! より:

    I do not get any Chinese in the Fashion Week

  65. Jaden Precil より:

    He said Gastly Evolves into Duclops

  66. Fabian FigueroA より:

    No cap mystic7 your awsome iam humble from your stream

  67. parkie96 より:

    Origin forme giratina should’ve been in the research box change my mind

  68. iiAlexIDKii より:

    Yamask is still decent bc like you said yamask is in the wild for halloween but yamask still cool and shiny and not all have genesect like me so its cool

  69. masify より:

    5:39 Buizel 🙂

  70. Phil Harris より:

    Duskull not Gastly for community day lol 😉

  71. Heze Ramirez より:

    The 1000th like 🤝

  72. Snyntakk404 より:

    i got a shiny croagunk

  73. oXAPHIANo DEMN より:

    8573 8402 6679

  74. Daniel Penitani より:

    Absol is here!

  75. AEIPassign より:

    Did this man straight face say gastly was the CD mon for oct then said it evolves into dusclops and dusknoire?? 😂 he knows it’s duskull for oct right?

  76. Emptyfolder より:

    I got a shiny shinx from a raid today, then I cracked my phone screen. Hmm, dunno if it was worth it

  77. Boston Graham より:

    Hey does anyone know if Giovanni is still encouterable

  78. Tamra McFadin より:

    I love you videos.

  79. TheBrandonGrose より:

    If you see this comment, someone please tell my mans to clean his camera lens. The OCD is killing me watching videos lol

  80. Talinth より:

    Thank you Reece!!!!

  81. Jeff Smalarz より:

    Why is genesect being released by its drives. They just introduced a form change feature. I don’t understand why genesect can’t be shiny.

  82. Keep it Gangsta より:

    Who dislikes pokemon videos bro like there just chill

  83. dino_under_construction より:

    WOW Buizel looks a lot like Blitzle

  84. nathan macdonald より:

    Absol is my favourite Pokémon so I’m really happy that its mega is coming to go

  85. Pogaas より:

    My biggest mistake is transferring a nundo shadow starly

  86. Brad Richards より:

    From The Research Breakthrough Box I Got A Shiny Ditto

  87. Oliver Hanzal より:

    The com day is duskull, not gastly.

  88. Anna Gutierrez より:


  89. Anna Gutierrez より:

    14:3 thx for the spotlights for October 🙂

  90. Seung Kim より:

    Do you think Zorua and Zoroark will make Pokémon Go debut this October?

  91. Seung Kim より:

    Santa Monica?

  92. Lucifer Sama より:

    reese isnt correcting u when needed smh

  93. CaraCal101 より:

    I remember that moment. Rip galarian yamask… 😭🤯🤬

  94. Creative Cobra98 より:

    Hopefully on October 26th I can finally get my shiny Murkrow I’m at 1345 encounters for it.

  95. George Trubshaw より:

    How many armoured mewtwo yall got ive got 3

  96. Chrisna Agenbag より:

    Tomoro is my bday

  97. Romeo Garcia より:

    bad news that i broke my phone so no Genesect 🙁

  98. Solo Luxury King87 より:


  99. Omer Goshen より:

    Mystic7: Buuttt

  100. Texan Cat より:

    time to grind some pokemon go
    i wish there was creator codes
    i would buy like $50 worth of remotes

  101. living karasu より:

    How Can people get extra mega candy’s these days

  102. living karasu より:

    The question is will Niantic have things fixed for the pokemon inkay so those of us that don’t want the phone thing will be able to evolve it

  103. DoggyPlayer11 より:

    Is furfrou a shiny?

  104. PokemonFan UwU より:

    2:23 WHAAAAT?!!!?!?!

  105. Ayaan Sawhney より:

    I got a shiny snesal

  106. Brad Akin より:

    I’m pretty excited about ghastly community day. Gangar used to be the power Pokémon when the game first came out.

  107. Griffin Lobley より:

    Halloween is easily the best time for events in pogo

  108. Ryan Henke より:

    Thank you reece

  109. Lube Miller より:

    Bro clean your camera lense

  110. Jay_Caution1 より:

    Love your vids ! You are AMAZING and keep up the good work

  111. Tyler Burbulak より:

    I literally just got a shiny buterfree

  112. GOTO UZAMAKI より:

    I’m in the vid I was the kid in the back oommmggg

  113. Sandervd1999 より:

    Forgot to mention darkrai gets the move sludge bomb

  114. CyberBlox より:


  115. Gcurles Berry より:

    He funked that statement up now ghastly evolves into dusclops

  116. Rycrafter より:

    I’m starting to get back into pogo, and his videos are still as good as they always have been

  117. Valentino より:

    All the 5 star raids I don’t have any of those Pokémon so this will be awesome

  118. Max Frede より:

    That end of the Pier Cluster seems like some real GTAV type Shit

  119. FriezYT- より:

    So no giratina origin ;-;

  120. Caileb Carey より:

    I. At cali

  121. Caileb Carey より:

    I have threshing butterflree and shiny crogunk butsadlyit was ditto

  122. Jafet Luna より:

    Com day is duskull not ghastly

  123. fatty bobby より:

    Whats up Mystic, let’s goo new vid!

  124. James Szczublewski より:

    I’m ready for my shiny Absol to mega evolve 😭😭

  125. Xander Chagnon より:


  126. Yellowear, the trashy enby furry より:

    My galerian yamask is 100% and i have a shiny one

  127. KnowWhatNot より:

    Mystic7: Is this month a Trick or Treat?
    Me: Well I mean I don’t have darkrai and I love Halloween so great if you ask me

  128. DABABY より:


  129. XDFnMontages より:

    i know i said it last video but i still cant get over it when it comes through and says “mystic7 has just uploaded”

  130. Sebastian Lopez より:


  131. Sheel より:

    Meanwhile me literally grinding Pokemon Unite, it’s been 5 days only for mobile release and I’m level 15 already

  132. Mohit Kelani より:

    Is that plant vs zombies music?😂

  133. jason isufi より:

    Can’t wait for Halloween 🎃 event I really want a shiny mega gengar it looks amazing love Ur content man!!!

  134. Terrance Thompson より:

    Always gatta love a mystic video

  135. Chris Weidmann より:

    If you guys are looking for nft there a new launch called ape ships

  136. Terrance Thompson より:

    I clicked so fast

  137. Tyler より:


  138. SONICGIRL G4M3R より:

    Pokémon go month events is coming near on

  139. Jonah Andrykovitch より:

    69th like💪😳

  140. Darian Charles より:


  141. Mr Anthony より:

    I love you

  142. Tyranitube 127 より:

    Great video!

  143. Kristupas Matulevicius より:


  144. Tyranitube 127 より:


  145. HOLOGRAM より:

    21st view

  146. E Gray より:


  147. Random Name より:

    My boiiiiiiii

  148. Tyranitube 127 より:


  149. シcoolbatboycb より:


  150. Erik Aguilar より:


  151. wishes より:

    Bro this game died years ago

  152. HoleBrotha02 より:

    Early let’s go

  153. The Carter Show より:


  154. Syd Price より:


  155. Rage Gauge より:

    Top 10 comment

  156. DmNx Slixx より:

    Not first

  157. GreenBoy15 より:


  158. Jayden Mangru より:

    Hello I’m so early

  159. Reuben Sampey より:


  160. Butterfly_Yt より:


  161. The Bristles より:


  162. Diego Torres より:

    Starbucks 🥳

  163. Lil man より:

    First 👀

  164. Henry Hutchinson より:


  165. Krazylil •_• より:


  166. ImmortalGamer より: