Pokemon You’ll NEED For LITTLE JUNGLE CUP! | Pokémon GO Battle League


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【チャンネル名 JFARM】

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  1. Keith Smith より:

    Sounds like a horrible cup

  2. thegreatgambeeno より:


  3. Becky Smith より:

    Video starts at 00:55

  4. Willie333b(目標199訂閱) より:

    Videos not aligned

  5. Aaron Shorts より:

    Not excited for this one tbh. I’m gonna do some normal battles before this kicks off. 😒

  6. Enrique Díaz Montes より:

    I only have 3 Pikachu Libre and they’re all above 500 CP 💔

  7. Petronilla lamar より:


  8. Tom plays Games より:

    Little cup for the little leagues XD
    Jokes aside will you both ever cover Level 50 Master league?

  9. XfrenkynatorX より:

    Rather want to use firefang than ember on litleo?

  10. Ice Nova より:

    complains about jungle cup, yet is still investing stardust on it.

  11. AndiPlays より:

    I was thinking of going skarmory double grass but then I saw littleo

  12. LeeHokWang97 より:


  13. ATV より:

    Wth 😂😂? Just got notification from Brandon Tan, JFarm, The Trainer club and Pokedaxi 😂😂!!

  14. Jordan B より:

    Pika Libre and a sub-500 CP Talonflame w/ Incinerate

  15. Sahibpreet Singh より:

    Wow second viewier

  16. ATV より: