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  1. 東京中田 より:


  2. Desserts Domain より:

    I feel bad to JT…the wild Salamence spawn was boosted to a ‘whopping’ 1-50 chance for every pokestop for a limited few days…I even got one aswell, a few actually.

  3. almog leizerman より:

    i got 51 cp salamence in the wild and it has better iv than yours lol

  4. Kaden Wallaker より:

    I got a salamence at my house the other day 2700 it was ny first time getting one

  5. Legend_mwn より:

    I got a hundo kirlia from duo raid so thats lit no shinys but idc

  6. Tech That Matters より:

    12 raids for Shiny Mesprit 24 raids for Shiny azelf and freaking 41 raids for shiny uxie… I am never raiding another lake trio ever in pogo

  7. Almighty Pull より:

    $20 worth of remote raid passes is looking real beautiful next month

  8. MrSHAWARMA より:

    I caught yesterday shiny blitzle from a research task

  9. Hoover_nose より:

    I found 2 event shinies and 2 slakings

  10. james Cruz より:

    I got a shiny venonat from graunt

  11. Gerry Stein より:

    Cliff cant leave xD

  12. Jack より:

    I was walking some where and u decided to load i up p Pokémon go, and there was a wild salemance.? But I knew if I got it I would be very late :(((( I’ve also never owned a salemance…

  13. Aaron Johnson より:

    I feel you about the shadow shinies, I haven’t gotten one and I’m currently at 700+ tgr battles:( started buying rocket radars lol

  14. Trusion より:

    My rarest spawn was a weedle

  15. Daniel Barajas より:

    Sludge bomb helps against fairy types in pvp. This guy 😂

  16. livechaoschaoskid9 より:

    My rarest spawn was probably a 2700 dragonite that spawned at my work..or a 3600 slaking that also spawned at my work a few days ago…crazy…

    I do have a friend that caught a wild hundo blastoise a few weeks ago…and another of my friends caught a wild azelf near Chicago when they visited.

  17. Joel Kim より:

    I caught a WILD HUNDO salamence no joke

  18. onesmartdoge より:

    11:28 anyone hear that voice???

  19. Cecilia Ramos より:

    Thank you for the shiny luck 🙏

  20. N.L.K GAMER より:

    I got two-two 4* mesprite

  21. FdR NGM より:

    May the shadow shiny gods bless you with a shiny shady sneasel. That’s the one i really want and it be awesome if that’s what u get

  22. Alex Vibeing より:

    I got a wild unknown a while back is that rare?

  23. Kasandra Nieves より:

    Don’t give up on the shady pokemon. I went over a year between my last 2 shady pokemon. I rarely missed a balloon and I went after the grunts and leaders at pokestops when I saw them. I even did the help messaging to see if they were turned off for me.

  24. Lisa Mills より:

    I got back to back shiny hat Kirlia followed by shiny hat Croagunk. Was crazy!

  25. Oliver Lytle より:

    I got a wild slaking a few weeks ago

  26. Platypus750 より:

    I’m not joking I got 100 iv salamence

  27. Adnan Melhem より:

    Gily, if u want to hunt shadys, then buy a million rocket radars from the shop

  28. Xd Krispy より:

    my 2nd ever shiny was a shadow seedot lol

  29. parkie96 より:

    I got the exact same shiny azelf on my first raid

  30. The Only Dupree より:

    I got 3 Shiny Azelf in 14 raids, I haven’t been the luckiest with the costumes tho, but it ain’t over yet!

  31. Matthew Swan より:

    Got a shiny costume kirlia on my street twice in the same spot at the same time almost. Same day of I had wild Salamance house spawn.

  32. alex bailey より:

    i found a shiny costume butterfree but my wifi wnt out before i could catch it

  33. Ghost Wolf より:

    October is going to be 🔥

  34. poke Nate より:

    My rarest over all is a normal Lapras or a normal charizard 😞

  35. Isaiah より:

    I got a shundo mesprit yesterday! so happy

  36. Disgustibum Bum より:

    My favourite Pokémon go YouTuber! I love coming home from school and watching your videos!

  37. prstnlrnt より:

    i’ve got two wild encounter shiny hat kirlias so far

  38. Lucy Davies より:

    I’ve got shiny Kirlia x2 & shiny Butterfree x2 as well no shiny shinx, Sneasel or Blitzle.

  39. Dabot Bruh より:

    I got two shiny azelf if someone wants one

  40. Debbie Moore より:

    I finally got my 1st shiny shinx costume this event. I am so hyped about mega absol, I got the shiny for that

  41. Luis Torres より:

    These dudes be hacking how the F? You guys don’t have a Real Job?

  42. smitherz8 より:

    Found a noibat in the wild today. And i still dont have a shiny shadow simce they came out

  43. Matt C より:

    I also caught a wild salamance lol, just got it 2 weeks ago, 2107 CP, also caught a typhlosion and nidoqueen 2-3 weeks ago. Was just riding the bus to school and saw the salamance and felt my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I also got a shadow shiny sneasle (first shadow shiny ever) and a shadow, 100% IV shadow machop (now a machamp made perfect for GBL)

  44. Karthik Ratnakaram より:

    I got a wild salamance and shiny shadow (sneasel) both on the same day🤩

  45. Rylee Flowers より:

    i got a shiny wild azelf yesterday

  46. bibi ong より:

    my rarest is a shiny beedrill catch in the wild

  47. Spencatrob Nguyen shaw より:

    You guys getting shines?

  48. Jdynn808 より:

    2 shiny kirlas n a shiny croagunk

  49. Cappi Ivy より:

    Bro I also caught a salamence today

  50. Ohhsvaldo より:

    Bro I swear I left a like in this video and another one and I got shiny geodude and kirlia. Good Luck to anyone reading this !

  51. That Habs Fan 12 より:

    Happy to get my shiny Kirlia after like ten encounters, stopped checking anything after that

  52. Diesel Darlin より:

    I got a hundo Furfrou 😂

  53. ERKhayat より:

    i would like a one handed quick catch tutorial

  54. Natee より:

    Havent gotten any costume shinies until 15 mins ago i got a shundo costume butterfree level 35 right off rip

  55. Machaela Stone より:

    Have a hundo Azelf and 2 shinies, only did about 20 raids… 😅

  56. Superior より:

    I found a shiny shadow venonet

  57. Superior より:

    Im seeing a Salamanca’s ever where

  58. Tony Evans より:

    If took three azelf raids and I got shiny

  59. Nicole Doig より:

    Yeah I saw a slamance

  60. Bubblegum Lightsaber より:

    So far I’ve GoTcha’d a shiny Brogunk while at the store, and my first shiny Azelf (approx. 25 raids) was a 98%. I still! don’t have shiny Kirlia or Butterfree though :/

  61. Moonpie the Cat 🐈‍⬛ より:

    I got shiny costumed butterfree and kirlia, and also a shiny skitty!

  62. Adam Townsend より:

    Gilly give me your luck, the only shiny I have is from Eevee CommunityDay😔

  63. EEhcoYT より:

    Like about 2-3 weeks ago I got my first shadow shiny Sneasel and it was 4 star

  64. Joel Valiente より:

    yo I caught a Salamence and I yelled so loud it had 3110 cp but ivs where bad

  65. A Human より:

    best spawn i got was flygon 100iv at like 1600 cp, i caught a 98% vibrava earlier too

  66. Savage gr_twisted Bonnie より:

    There’s only 4 days left

  67. Savage gr_twisted Bonnie より:

    The charg attack is not that good from it

  68. Ebony De より:

    So far I’ve gotten a Shiny Kirlia and 2 shiny Butterfree. I NEED that shiny blitzle!

  69. Mandy l より:

    i got a 3* salamancein in the wild and a shiny Gyarados

  70. koki taylor より:

    my second azelf raid was a hundo although the first ran away tho

  71. DDizzle88 より:

    Sludge bomb helps with his main weakness….Fairy👍😁

  72. Its Guzzy より:

    11:27 did y’all hear how he hit that high note tho 😮‍💨

  73. Ethan Liang より:

    there was one in my nearby

  74. Tim A より:

    Your videos are awesome. I try to watch them all.

  75. JM_ Games より:

    Since you live in SF one pretty good spot I know is golden gate park, it’s got good spawns and I’ve seen a wild charizard blastoise and dragonite there.

  76. Bobby Jones より:

    I got shiny mespirit, azelf, and uxie on the first try each

  77. Venom 0902 より:

    Even I found a salamence but it fled 😢

  78. UmDevin より:

    I’ve gotten 2 shiny Azelfs from go battle league rewards, within first 3 times getting azelf as the reward 🤣

  79. cookie FN より:

    Dude I can’t wait I better get a shiny my birthday is October 15

  80. battery より:

    I call the sneasel Dripsel 😂

  81. Frankie medina より:

    Got all three shiny lake guardians and a hundo mesprit. Mesprit was the hardest one for me. Took my 38 raids to get the shiny

  82. Ryan Hazardous より:

    i just got a shiny costume butterfree and it was one of my favorite shinies from the event

  83. Aaron Trujillo より:

    Idk if this is a thing but I also got a wild salamace the next check was a shiny tentecool

  84. ✨Henry Glynn✨ より:

    I got a shiny glameow. Can’t complain but I’m not happy the he doesn’t have a costume.

  85. Sereena より:

    You’re luck is crazy!
    I got a Shiny costume Kirlia so far & I’m hype about it. Still grinding for some more though. I would love the shiny costume Butterfree ✨

  86. Clerkp より:

    I’ve seen so many people been getting salamance in the wilid recently

  87. Irber より:

    My latest crazy catch was a 3398cp slaking. my rarest catch by far

  88. Czarbubba41 より:

    Love that salamence gily keep up the great work

  89. mrchippychap より:

    Your content is so good love it gily

  90. Sas- Sik より:

    I have seen a salamence twice on the near by but i was on a bus both times, 🥲🥲🥲

  91. Jayden Thurston より:

    Gily I completely logged in to pokemon go and then got a shiny fashion butterfree

  92. D Gharghi より:

    That back to back is slick gilly good luck witht he october event!

  93. Grant B より:

    Congrats Gily on the shiny blitz, im so happy because i got shiny shinx on my second raid

  94. Brendon Curry より:

    I actually managed to get my shiny Azelf as a PvP reward. I’m honestly not sure if those odds are worse than the raids but hey I’ll take it. And so far I’ve only gotten the shiny kirlia and Butterfree for this event.

  95. fatty bobby より:

    Congrats on the shiny blitzle and the salamance man! I still don’t have any of my own : (

  96. Abdullah Irfan より:

    give me this luck 😅

  97. Laskey74 より:

    11:29 did you use autotune on that or have you got a voice of a god XD

  98. Tritronix Gaming より:

    11:36 that pitch tho

  99. Never Give Up より:

    I Currently Have Shundo Costume Kirlia and Butterfree, I’m so Happy

  100. NotFer27 より:

    In brazil, at least where i live, spawns r trash

  101. the tech rando より:

    Your content is SO good! keep it up 😀

  102. Bird_III より:


  103. AC130gunnrr より:

    i need it so bad but good job gily

  104. XPatatas より:

    its the ”right hEEeEeEeaRr” for me

  105. Aliston Rebello より:

    I have all costume shiny pokemon

  106. Jayden100 00 より:

    i’ve had a selemance in the wild and it 2.5k and a garodos that was 2.4k and a salking in the wild

  107. Aaron Trujillo より:

    Can someone invite me to a uxie raid

  108. Nickalous Cromer より:

    I call it Croa-punk

  109. Marble The Cat より:

    shiny wild triple evolution i forget what it was. also do you have a shiny lucky 98% moltres? its horrible looking at it and seeing 14/15 on attack

  110. FAT MOOSE より:

    i got 2 shiny blitzle and a shiny butterfree

  111. Trebor Hogg より:

    Lately I’ve seen, machamp, and slaking

  112. david erickson より:

    My rarest spawn so far would be a wild slaking.

  113. deadmanfan1000 より:

    I got all 3 shiny lake guardians!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩
    Uxie took me the longest.

  114. deadmanfan1000 より:

    I need Shinx, Blitzle, and Kirlia.

  115. Villum Vonsek より:

    1 raid = 1 shiny mispiret

  116. a13ry より:

    Hey jt gily people say that pokemon go is dead what should i tell them

  117. Just a shrimp より:

    Hyped for darkrai just to get candy to lv 50 my shundo, but it having sludge bomb while dark void was datamined last year. Feels like a big love/hate for me

    And wild spawn I remember that’s rare, was a metagross. Story behind it though, it was neither snowy or windy (I live where it hasnt snowed in years. was well before i was born) I was right at the stop the metagross was, but my back was hurting so I had to rest for a bit. And the moment I almost had some strength back, it despawned 🙁

  118. o k より:

    my friend started the event with a shiny in the first hour i was kinda jealous but the next day i got 3 costume shinies and one normal shiny

  119. Nathan van der meulen より:

    fun fact: i am lvl 23 within 13 days and i only walked a total of 1.4 kilometers

  120. Nick Tedone より:

    Latley my rarest wild spawn was a Garyados recently but back in the day I got a Dragonite off an incense back in 2017.

  121. Meliodasさん より:

    Ive caught a salamence, typhlosion and 2 tyranitar

  122. Villum Vonsek より:

    slaking 2948

  123. Patrick Reis より:

    Just had a salamance the other day too pop up I was hyped but had crappy iv

  124. Mohamud Zakaria より:

    Did Get a salamence in the wild to but the cp was 156😭😭

  125. Jacques Prinsloo より:

    That krisp shundo ralts

  126. Kappa より:

    12:44 thats ne «kristia» in the chat lol

  127. cosmxq より:

    52nd lol

  128. leo adams より:

    i got a salamnce from a insence the other day too but it was like 1200 cp😂

  129. Enteien より:

    I love your video:)

  130. deadmanfan1000 より:

    I’m hyped for Mega Absol, I have a shiny 98% Absol!!!!!!!!!

  131. pizzalife2423 より:

    My rarest spawn was a slaking

  132. fluffy より:

    i got a shiny brogunk today lol i was so happy

  133. Random Stuff より:

    I’ve got a shiny butterfree on my first check of fashion week

  134. Phantom より:

    Gily are you from the bay area ? I am from the bay myself and I found a Salamanca in corte madera, marin

  135. FireVFX より:

    I was so jealous of my friends when they got costume shines and I didn’t have one. When I logged on to pogo around 12 hours later, first check was a shiny costumed kirlia at my house!

  136. FilipJ Fakta 123 より:

    I got shiny kirlia

  137. Luis Felix より:

    Another daily blessing from the boy Gily

  138. Jakub Kysel より:

    lucky you. I got shiny Butterfree after all days of walking

  139. Covex. より:

    I got 0 lake gardian trio and I did 100 raids lol

  140. jaykemon0810 _ より:

    Got a shiny venonat from a rocket leader today so thanks fun have a good one yall

  141. Covex. より:

    I am going to raid darkrai mega gengar and giratina only because its not worth raiding genesect

  142. Parth Bhatia より:

    12 days of Genesect is way better than the 3 weeks of useless lake trio. At least genesect is great in PvP and can be used in raids as a bug type attacker against all the psychic and dark type pokemon but lake trio are useless no matter what. I would have preferred even genies over these lake guardian pokemon!!!

  143. dreamdivaDH より:

    Haven’t got a shadow shiny since February. it’s terrible. . .

  144. deadmanfan1000 より:

    Lucky!!!!!! I can’t get a shiny Blitzle!!!!!!

  145. Rich Sady より:

    I got a Hundo Yamask 2 years ago during the October Event! It was my first ever Hundo!

  146. Boxy Brown より:

    Getting that hundo Frillish never seemed so disheartening. At least you got the Azelf before he went away.

  147. Redline Motors より:

    I got three shiny butterfree and a shiny kirlia in 4 hours

  148. Elias Garcia より:

    I got a shiny crogunk and a 98 cottonee and a 98 roselia

  149. Dashing star Light より:

    Also congrats ♡

  150. Reverse_ Neon より:

    Nice vid!

  151. HarviK より:

    I got hundo furfrou today

  152. Henry T より:

    Lmao I got a Hundo meloetta

  153. Roman Shrumm より:

    I got super lucky and got a shiny kirlia and a shiny butterfree in the same day

  154. Jacob RLZ より:


  155. Sister Toy Collectors より:


  156. Venl より:

    I got a hundo buterfree

  157. Taha Anaswala より:

    I got shiny costume butterfree and sneasel also

  158. Koopa Koon より:


  159. Pokémon Maya より:

    I want a shiny grogrunk so bad it the only shiny I wang

  160. The PvP Pig より:

    Wow you are …. LUCKY 🍀!

  161. Cozomrh より:


  162. King Ston より:

    My bad third

  163. Vidar Lirar より:


  164. Ashley Hunt より:


  165. Challenger Pikachu より:

    That’s luck

  166. King Ston より:


  167. jayleen sup より:


  168. Kerozilla より:


  169. Chicken wings より:


  170. Vidar Lirar より:


  171. DannyFlash215 より:


  172. deniz yeşilyurt より:


  173. Psycho on switch より:


  174. Robbob258 より: