【視聴数 1711】

【チャンネル名 JFARM】

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  1. Robbie D より:


  2. Esa Liikka より:

    What’s the name of the song used in the intro of the original video?

  3. Destruction 736 より:

    What happened with the old video I was in civics😔

  4. ghkgfu より:

    finally video of you guys playing, not just commenting some random guy…

  5. Gorje Giron より:

    It doesn’t feel the same I want the old intro back I demand justice!

  6. Nnutthowze 009 より:

    Flying would be neutral bro.. just sayin

  7. Hogi より:

    Thank god you removed the original video XD I could barely hear u in the intro haha

  8. Wojciech Krawiec より:

    Darkforce you dumdum, you fix this.

  9. numzy Num より:

    The old intro whas way better man should of kept it in man

  10. Logan10067 より:

    can the old intro be brought back as well

  11. Banntodile より:

    Noooooo should’ve kept it like that smh

  12. julioalmaraz09 より:

    Didn’t I just watched this video earlier? Just kidding, awesome video guys.

  13. Tommy Young より:

    I miss the classic loud edm intro 🙁 bring back the old intro guys!

  14. Shawn John より:

    Everyone running empoleom lead lol

  15. Gourav Dokania より:

    All sorted now 😌

  16. Joseph Mangano より:

    It’s-a me, Lucario!

  17. Bernard Yes より:

    Good to hear the intro this time, but that LOUD intro in the last video gave me a good laugh, as if your content wasn’t already great enough lads! 💪

  18. José Explosion より:

    I legit thought this video was removed because of Dustin’s nasty ass comments 😂😂😂

  19. Daz Dee より:

    Should of embraced the meme and x10 bass boosted the original lol

  20. Ceng より:

    what happened to my fav intro 🙁

  21. Gurnoor Singh Bedi より:

    Only real ones know that this is not the original version of the vid…..Lol

  22. Enrique Díaz Montes より:

    Should’ve left the loud intro vid too 🤣

  23. Daniel Rodriguez より:

    Great video keep it up

  24. Young Quagmire より:


  25. Byron Corella より:

    This sounds good, only commenting for the YouTube algorithm

  26. Dr. Drunkenstein より:

    why uploaded this video again?

  27. Jimmy Le より:

    RIP the old EDM intro: April 28, 2021 – April 28, 2021

  28. måns rönnlund より:

    first intro was better

  29. DanOttawa POGO より:

    I miss the opening intro music.

    I also have a lucario so will have to try with a team and upload too.

  30. Phoenix より:

    Why was the intro bad in the last one anyway?

  31. Jesse VG より:

    L O U D E R

  32. Kekker より:

    Oh now the intro it’s fine

  33. V2 Masters より:

    Sorry for the reupload guys


  34. DarkForce07 より:

    That’s better ❤