How to login PGSharp with Google account | PokemonGo Spoof with PGSharp via Facebook | PGSharp 1.2.0


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  1. chanda huske より:

    Please anyone tell what do I do, I accidentally made a Facebook account instead I already have a google account of level 52

  2. Jonas より:

    The invatation is invalid any body know why?

  3. Denis Schimkus より:

    huhu a question where do I get this code from, do I get it even if I use the free version?

  4. Nefertum Penza より:

    how to do it without facebook

  5. tyler より:

    how can you get a free key

  6. Awp Requires no skill より:

    Does this work on iPhone?

  7. 嫌いHate より:

    thank u!

  8. Simonee s. より:

    Thank you very much

  9. Zyalve より:

    Why did Zyalve#6969 get banned on ur discord server?

  10. Mistic 7 より:

    Bro tell a promo code for remote raid pass

  11. Ayaan Mallick より:

    Please join me in discord

  12. StrikerZ より:

    Please tell me a easier (free) way, i subscribed and turn on the notifications

  13. Lasy より:

    Heyy mate i use pgsharp..
    What should i do when i teleport to the coordinates on the discord.. Should i rest my phone for 2h in the catch screen or are there any wasy to avoid the softban?

  14. ZyroxZr より:

    Guys u get ban

  15. Scaramouche より:

    Whats ur discord can i join

  16. Mobile Legends 2k19 より:

    Ilove you

  17. gaming kingdom より:

    Bhai tumne mujhe ban kyu kiya maine to kuch nahi kiya tha galti se link kya share ho gaya tumne ban kar diya gautam naam hai mera

  18. Insanetman83 That is my epic より:

    I love your vid can u do one on iOS tho

  19. SalmonKing より:

    Is it safe

  20. Sean Anthony Blackwell より:

    Ive sent you 4.50 on your PayPal my email address is I just forgot too put that sorry I sent u 4.50 on your PayPal account for pgsharp key thanks sean can u send the code pg sharp key too my email address please thank u

  21. SolarDamian より:


  22. Mir-Celal Ferzeliyev より:

    When did you new free keys for pgsharp because i have your discord channel but i dont see new keys

  23. nyroxシ より:

    I dont have a key code can you give me one pls

  24. Jacob Pando より:

    Can you help me find the codes

  25. salik shah より:

    I already make account with my fb how to delete it

  26. Pokemon go or free fire より:

    Thanks bro

  27. Sean Anthony Blackwell より:

    My version doesn’t work 😕 😔 thanks for the video thou mate

  28. Weetabix RL より:

    Staff in ur discord 🙂

  29. Ram Sajiwan より:

    First comment